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Thief Simulator (Nintendo Switch) for £1.79 @ Nintendo eShop

Thief Simulator (Nintendo Switch) for £1.79 @ Nintendo eShop

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Expert (Beta)
Posted 14th MayEdited by:"idontflycathay"
Good low price offer.

Available until 10/06

Become the thief. Steal in free roam sandbox neighborhoods. Observe your target and gather information that will help you with the burglary. Take the challenge and rob the best secured houses. Buy some hi-tech burglar equipment and learn new thief tricks. Sell stolen goods to the passers.

A good thief always observes his target. Find out when the house is empty and does it have nosy neighbours. Choose from lots of possible approaches to prepare the best plan. Many modern devices available in Thief Simulator might come in handy with gathering intel about your target and it's neighbourhood.

Find and steal as many valuables as possible in the shortest time possible. Infinite backpacks don't exist. In every house you'll find tons of useless stuff. If you're not sure that you can take some serious money for it, maybe a good idea would be to leave it behind and save space for some expensive goods. Worthless items, will waste your time. Be careful, cause some things can draw police attention to you!

A real, experienced thief can spot places where there's most probability of finding some valuables on the fly. Use the flashlight at night to highlight all the valuables in sight and places where you can expect them to be.

Disassemble a stolen car and sell parts on the internet. Prepare phones and tablets before selling them in a pawn shop by removing their security.

Look around for any useful items. They will save you some time on lockpicking or hacking. Those things can make life of an aspiring thief so much easier and reduce your burglary time even by a half. Of course many of them are just useless trash... Or maybe they aren't?

Be careful! In some houses you can meet unexpected guests. If they catch you in the act, they will call the police. In this case hide and wait till they stop looking for you or you can always leave the loot and run away as fast as possible.

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This must be how thieves work at home
Nice price!!
This is gonna be useful training for when the Corona economic meltdown apocalypse hits.
Nice find op!

QQ.... Does this play like toilet on the switch?
This must be how thieves work at home
Worth a punt
Looks quite good
Shak514/05/2020 15:24

This must be how thieves work at home

It's ok but not an amazing game 4/10
An absolute steal at this price.
Would make some people know it's not an easy road so could save a few lives.
Nice, had enough points on my account so "free"
Id avoid it on Switch. Runs like hot garbage.
Surely the best way to get this game given its theme would be to pirate it?
Nice one 🏻
I got this last time it was on offer, played around 2-3 hours however I'd highly recommend at this price if you don't mind simulation games!
Cheers op was waiting on a good price this is amazing!!
Ok played bout ten minutes I think it’s worth it for 1.79 vinnie is getting very annoying tho!
Mega_egg14/05/2020 16:14

Surely the best way to get this game given its theme would be to pirate it?

You can only do that on 19th September.
Arggggghhh me hearty.
Just bought this for 1.60 as I has 19p credit,lol.Good find for the price.Cheers.
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