Thief: The Complete Collection (PC) - £3.99 @ Amazon

Thief: The Complete Collection (PC) - £3.99 @ Amazon

Found 15th Mar 2011Made hot 15th Mar 2011
Back in stock after selling out yet again

3 games for less then £4 inc del

And yes it works on Vista and Windows 7 now

Product Features
Thief: The Dark Project PC Gamer 90%
Thief II: The Metal Age PC Gamer 89%
Thief: Deadly Shadows PC Gamer 91%


Great games and hopefully Thief 4 may be released in October but that may change.

Ahh...those were the days!

These games take me back... good price for some quality games!

Brilliant games, used to scare me shitless when I was younger and I hadn't released someone had spotted me and clobbered me from behind(no pun intended)

Great games but pretty old now. They really need to get on and finish Thief 4

Though I can't confirm it from the website I think this is in GAME as part of their 3 fo £10 or £4.99 each deal.

on amazon it only list xp and vista? anyone confirm win 7?


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Works fine on W7


on amazon it only list xp and vista? anyone confirm win 7?thanks

If they've been patched or whatever up to Vista, there's a fair chance they'll work on 7 as well.
I didn't play these games upon release, I only got around to them a few years ago and played all three back to back under XP. Had a terrible time getting the first two to work - they had serious problems with hyperthreading and multi-core processors, it involved numerous patches, mods and tweaks, but it was worth the effort because they are fantastic games. So it's nice to see an updated release that gets them working on modern systems.

Dammit, brought this for a tenner a few months back. Can't say I like the games, probably because they're outdated.

Back in the day these were the best games.

Really, really really good.

However...I have such good memories I don't think I would go back to them now, they'd just be a little too outdated.

I mean, 2D games on the likes of the SNES can liver forver, but things life THIEF show age badly.

Thief 1 will always be my favourite. I got it after I played the demo when it came out, just so brilliant in its day. I thought Thief 2 was good, but didn't impress me like the first game. Thief 3 was good also but never completed it.

I think the only way to play the first two games properly and appreciate them for what they are is to play them with an older PC. CRT monitor, lights off, older graphics card for less graphical problems, and an older OS for less bugs - awesome!

Can't wait to hear about Thief 4.

Reasonable deal for the first 2 games - they were brilliant. Thief 3 however was terrible terrible terrible, came out just when developers started to take brilliant PC Franchises (Theif, Deus Ex etc) and dumb them down for consoles. They ruined it

Still, for the first 2 games it's a really good deal, hot.
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