thief the complete collection PC £9.99 @ game

thief the complete collection PC £9.99 @ game

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three fantastic games for under a tenner. Some of if not the best stealth games ever made at a bargain price.

Slip into the world of Garrett, the greatest thief the world has never seen. Thief The Complete Collection contains all three of the genre-defining stealth adventures, including the ultra-rare Gold edition of the first Thief game.
You'll need a whole new level of stealth, cunning, strategy and skill to survive!


Absolute bargain. voted hot. These games are classics, which you may have overlooked the first time round, check out the reviews. The critics loved these games but at the time a lot of gamers just did not get them.…rch

OOh will pick this up.

I remember at the time the first one came out my PC was horribly outdated and wouldn't play it

Not going to vote hot or cold but its cheaper at Play (£7.99), although not in stock yet.…tml

This is the best PC game ever in IMO and the fact that this includes the rare Thief Gold makes it even more of a bargain. Oh and once you've completed the official missions why try the Fan made Missions, some of which are stunning!…ase


Yahtzee's favourite game?

I'll think you'll find it's a toss-up between the Thief games and Fantasy World Dizzy ;-)

Thief 2 was the first game I played on the PC. I remember being totally immersed in it.

The other two games in the series are excellent too.

Nothing but heat from me...

EDIT: Worth getting for Thief Gold alone. Been looking to get that for ages!

OMG, Thief is the best stealth game available, people would be stupid to miss out if they haven't played this game.

There's few stealth games I can tolerate but the thief series are some of my favourite games out of all genres.

Just checked wiki and they're making a forth. :w00t:

Thief 3 contains the scariest level in any game ever made, The it in the dark with the sound up and you will soil yourself silly.

superb games
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