Thierry & Guy Fat **** Brut Sparkling Wine 750ml £7.50 @ Iceland

Thierry & Guy Fat **** Brut Sparkling Wine 750ml £7.50 @ Iceland

Found 22nd Dec 2016
Thierry & Guy Fat **** Brut Sparkling Wine 750ml

THIERRY (renowned French winemaker) & GUY (British wine industry rebel) created FAT **** almost by accident. After tasting the wine, THIERRY used the very British expression 'FAT ****' to describe its wonderfully rich colour and complex aromas. Alcohol information: 10.5% ABV, 7.9 units.
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10.5% ABV sounds like a thin wimpy streak of p!ss
Classy. Sounds about right for Iceland; reminds me of those "good Red" and "good White" bottles they trialled.
I've had these wines and I have to say they're very nice, especially the reds. Definitely recommend these, some wines taste better if they're not as strong. The higher the volume the more the taste can go, especially whites. Glug away boys and girls.
Already posted.
It was posted last week, and went cold then too. Not sure why as the cheapest online price for these seems to be £10. Our local one had a cabernet, a syrah, another red, but none of the whites.
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