Thing / Vampires / Village of the Damned (3 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £6.59

Thing / Vampires / Village of the Damned (3 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £6.59

Found 28th Jan 2008
Three features. In 'The Thing', a group of weary scientists enduring the winter in an isolated camp deep in Antarctica chance upon an alien spacecraft buried in the ice. Near the strange craft is the body of an alien being, frozen solid. Thinking they have made the find of a lifetime, the scientists bring the alien body back to camp and thaw it out. The alien awakens, not in the best of moods, and proceeds to take over the identities of the scientists, one by one, body and all. Helicopter pilot MacCready (Kurt Russell) must lead the surviving men in discovering who among them is human and who is not and how they can destroy the thing before it takes them all and moves on to the heavily populated mainland and the rest of humanity. Also includes 'Vampires' and 'Village Of The Damned'.

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Looks like a good deal to me. Ordered and heat given. (I fail to see how this can be cold)
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