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Star Trek Enterprise Sushi Set!!!!! £32 delivered at Think Geek
Found 10th Jun 2016Found 10th Jun 2016
Star Trek Enterprise Sushi Set!!!!! £32 delivered at Think Geek
It's pretty hard to think of a reason NOT to buy this! It's about £32 including delivery! £40 on Amazon!… Read more

Bream me up, Scotty!


Sounds fishy


nice find


He is called Fishmaster so where better for him to be?


Nerd... your knowledge on this is not welcome here. Lol

Useless Box Kit - Turn it on, so it can turn itself off! what fun! £24.60 @ Think Geek
Found 15th Jun 2014Found 15th Jun 2014
Useless Box Kit - Turn it on, so it can turn itself off! what fun! £24.60 @ Think Geek
I've always wanted to play around with one of these! now this is basically half Price..for what they usually go for but I duno about the Import tax? if it qualify's? but it's like … Read more
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I would like to think so, but I still doubt it, this kinda thing is just unique & so far under the radar, but if you do find one for as cheap as £10 let us know! :)


Maybe not with this exact item, but something similar will turn up, if it doesn't exist already.


Me too, but sadly Richard Matheson died about a year ago.,_Button_%28The_Twilight_Zone%29


I like it but can't vote hot as its too expensive. nice idea though!


lol unfortunately that won't happen

HexBright FLEX - 500 Lumen Open Source Flashlight - ThinkGeek - £33.50
Found 29th May 2014Found 29th May 2014
HexBright FLEX - 500 Lumen Open Source Flashlight - ThinkGeek - £33.50
I impulse bought this last night - it's a very powerful 500 Luman pocket torch, solidly built with good operating times and rechargable battery. It has some gimmicks, like it's pr… Read more

You not getting much of a flashlight in terms of power for your money .I bought a 2000 lumen flashlight/torch last year for just over £7.00 and its a very power full ,well made torch that has a zoom facility ,flashes on and off and flashes morse code in a emergency . I certainly wouldn't want to pay extra to link it up to a USB port for whatever reason . My torch has the adapter for 3 AAA batterys but I also bought 2 of those special 3.7volt batterys [18650] and charger . The torch is brilliant and a must to have if your in the dark . check it out at :


How is 400 lumens better than 500 lumens ?? Granted it might be a lot cheaper, but there are vast differences, this one being rechargeable, Multi mode, USB programmable etc ...


Much cheaper, much the same if not better


From the US do you have to pay VAT import duty?


Programmable? Exactly what operating modes can you influence given that the only input will be (I'm guessing) an on/off switch? Program the brightness levels via USB in steps of 1% ? Programmable Morse Code sequences? Aside from USB Charging which could be useful, this seems a bit gimmicky to me.

iCade 8-Bitty - Retro Wireless Game Controller $9.99 + shipping (67% off) approx £12.50 shipped
Found 10th Oct 2013Found 10th Oct 2013
iCade 8-Bitty - Retro Wireless Game Controller $9.99 + shipping (67% off) approx £12.50 shipped
Quick review: Looks like an awesome retro pad. Product Features Classic retro-styled game controller fits in your pocket and works wit… Read more

ordered 2, works out to £10 each!


Also works with android :-)


It's made by the same people as the iCade - ThinkGeek: "Mini version of larger size iCade cabinet invented and designed by ThinkGeek" The £12.50ish is including shipping and converted in pounds.


Shipping is $9.64


Suprsied they can get away with this as there is already a product called iCade, its a mini arcade cabinet for iPads. iCade - iPad arcade. Regards Flea

Aperture Science Water Bottles - £6.72 -
Found 9th Jul 2013Found 9th Jul 2013
Aperture Science Water Bottles - £6.72 -
Two different types both same price in sale on Glass - Metal -
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Does anyone remember the cake mix they did? Haha. So many raged customers when it arrived and it was empty! The cake was indeed a lie. Check out some of the the reviews Cake Mix linky


cool but way too pricey


Cheapest appears to be $18.63 so almost twice the price of the actual item !!!!


How much is postage for these to the uk ?


Amazing iCade Jr controller for iPhone just $9.99 plus shipping from
Found 31st Dec 2013Found 31st Dec 2013
Amazing iCade Jr controller for iPhone just $9.99 plus shipping from
This is a bit of a bargain, a miniature arcade cabinet for your iPhone that connects via Bluetooth to enable digital controls for hundreds of apps. There is also massive support fr… Read more
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I saw that this was on sale a few days ago but never looked into how much it would cost delivered. £12.46 delivered using paypal and I'm very happy with that. Thanks to the OP !


Bought one too. Love these old games. Looks better than the arcadie too as it uses the whole iphone screen.


The arcadie is very cool. Got one for Xmas. Not much compatible with it which is why I was looking at alternatives. Most icade type controllers are mega bucks. if only mame worked with arcadie as it looks great as a mini arcade machine. Both these things are awesome and oh so geeky!


10 times the price unfortunately :(


Here's an alternative for anyone interested; Arcadie on sale at £9.99 right now. If you have a store near you you can avoid the delivery cost and it's even cheaper as they're doing 25% off everything at the moment.

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USB Pregnancy Test - £11.20 @ Think Geeks
Found 1st Apr 2011Found 1st Apr 2011
USB Pregnancy Test - £11.20 @ Think Geeks
*******Note: We recommend the use of horizontal USB drives for this product to prevent accidental moisture transference.******** * No batteries required - draws power from US… Read more
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I WANT a usb pet rock! (Although I'm a bit worried about how much exercise it'll need!)


Is this for after cyber sex?


They put anything on usb these days.


This is like sooo 2008!!



I Heart ISO 8879  T shirt from thinkgeek $9.99
Found 15th Jan 2009Found 15th Jan 2009
I Heart ISO 8879 T shirt from thinkgeek $9.99
quote from the website We're All Special Characters We love us some ISO 8879. In addition to setting the groundwork for XML, it also allowed us to insert silly characters into o… Read more

Voted hot for making me smile! Great site. I actually lol at there's no place like, I so need a t-shirt saying that:thinking::-D


I have ordered from ThinkGeek before. Cool stuff, but you WILL get clobbered with customs fees at some extortianate rate due to a spat between the Eu and the US over clothing quotas or some such. ".... they charge Customs duties of 12% for "fabric" clothing made from cotton... ", but this is on the "end cost" which includes carriage. THEN... "After adding the customs duty to the total cost of the clothing, they then add V.A.T.@ 17 1/2% on the after Customs duty figure". For 17.5% read 15% for the time being, but it is still a double whammy. Maybe they won't bother on a single item, but when I bought everal shirts I had to pay about £8.00 to HM revenue....


Cheapest available shipping for this t-shirt to the UK would seem to be $22.45.....


this is from the website


I like ThinkGeek's stuff (I used to buy my Penny Arcade books from them), but I thought HUKD had a policy against posting foreign deals?

TV-B-Gone - Turn Any TV Off - Approx. £9.50 ($18.99)
Found 18th Apr 2008Found 18th Apr 2008
TV-B-Gone - Turn Any TV Off - Approx. £9.50 ($18.99)
Safe. Fun. Effective. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 250 million television sets in the U.S. and we can guess that the majority of them are turned on a lot o… Read more
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Just checked my past orders, it was actually £3.99 and called "TV OFF"


These were £1.99 at not long ago.......


It was meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :p


Actually you are right its not the same thing...........the dealextreme one does more!!! As you cant switch channels on the OP one. Oh yeah and as someone said, get em in poundland, surely making this ridiculously overpriced?


waaay overpriced imo, all it is is a universal remote, the dealextreme one is also a universal remote and auto scans til it finds the code of the tv you are trying it on.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt @ around £15.00 think geek
Found 17th Apr 2008Found 17th Apr 2008
Wi-Fi Detector Shirt @ around £15.00 think geek
Here at ThinkGeek we're pretty lazy when it comes to technology. We expect our gadgets to do all the busywork while we focus on the high level important tasks like reading blogs. T… Read more

Is This An American Website Tho It Says Free Shipping But Then You Could Get Stung On Taxes


fab i want one for my geeky IT brother :) nic xxx (who's a geeky It sister)


This is a weird t-shirt ! Not my sort of thing but quite cool anyways !


Definitely one for the geeks on here :geek:


LOL ^^^^^^ Very good. :-D