Third Watch: Complete Season 1: 6 DVD Boxset £6.87 (when added to basket) + Free Delivery/Quidco @ Asda

Third Watch: Complete Season 1: 6 DVD Boxset £6.87 (when added to basket) + Free Delivery/Quidco @ Asda

Found 27th Feb 2009
Every second counts. Every detail matters. Every 3-11p.m. Third Watch shift brings a rush of risk, fear and lives in the balance. From multi-award winning creators of ER and The West Wing comes this action-packed drama about the brave and dedicated people who serve as police, paramedics and firefighters. For them, keeping the streets safe and answering cries for help is all in a day's work.

The 22-episode Emmy Award-winning Third Watch rolls out in a 6 disc set capturing all the intense, highly kinetic, highly praised moments from Season 1.

Special Features
Contains All 22 Episodes On 6DVDs
Fullscreen 1.33:1
Dolby Digital 2.0
Languages - English
Subtitles - English
Region 2 / PAL / Colour
Running Time 45 Minutes Per Episode
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well worth it great series

well worth it great series

Definately. Although it's a shame you can only get Series 1 when they made 6. Something to do with not having the rights to the music.

One of my favourite programmes of all time. Bosco rules :oops:
all 6 seasons are on torrents.

fantastic series and will watch again in a few years

great price. HOT!
Yes, a really gritty series but butchered, again, by Channel 4 even when it was repeated in the early hours. They even managed to play it out of sequence. As usual their help desk....weren't. There were so many quality episodes, the Russian mafia storyline was good, Roy Schieder, the 'Renko' revival as well and the Henry Winkler story was superb. It was a stand out series. Have been watching Hill St Blues, on 4, hence the Renko mention and there are strong parallels, proper story telling without relying on cheap explosions and gory sequences.
Hot. I used to love watching this. I gave up trying to watch this on channel 4 and just downloaded the whole series.
Great series
Good stuff,,,
i bought this from the hut about a year ago for similar price, great series, i gave up trying to watch it on C4 as they kept on putting it on at 3-4am,
This was oneof the best dramas tv has ever produced.

Until the end of series two tho!!

Every other series was terrible and the russian mafia/ sully drunk/ druggie sister things were meant purely to get more viewers.

Such a waste!
I have been recommended this. Thought the deal was for all 6 seasons woops!

But good price! Voted hot!
Outstanding show. And yes, quite agree, channel 4 ruined it. I complained too, but their help desk just ignored me.

They made it unwatchable, some episodes just... geezus. Channel 4 should be ashamed. It was possibly even as bad as the great Angel fiasco.
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