Thirst DVD (Released 25/01/10) only £7 in Tesco.

Thirst DVD (Released 25/01/10) only £7 in Tesco.

Found 3rd Feb 2010
Cheapest online is £9.98 at Amazon.

A bargain for a new release not to mention a world cinema new release!

Director Park Chan-Wook (OLDBOY) and his SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE star Kang-ho Song reunite for this thriller about a young priest who turns into a vampire. When the highly religious Sang-Hyun volunteers himself to be a test subject for a new vaccine, the procedure turns him into a vampire with little regard for his previous beliefs, meaning that his childhood friend's wife--and her neck-- are no longer off limits. The acclaimed Korean director has expressed that THIRST is more than just a simple horror film, but an 'illicit love story' with dark undertones. And at a time when broody chaste vampires are the new hot ticket, it's also a refreshingly bloody return to the creatures' Gothic roots.


Glad to see such a film posted here :-)

I'm a fan of asian movie blogs and seen so many good asian films (Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc..,) just a shame that so few get a R2 release so a welcome suprise.

Good price for a good film, voting hot.

great stuff, looking forward to seeing this. Might be better in entertainment section.

good film, Much better than the hollywood crap thats released constantly

Yes yes, am buying this! Nice spot, thanks
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