Thirst Pockets High School Musical 3 Kitchen Roll - 2 pack £0.87 @ Tesco

Thirst Pockets High School Musical 3 Kitchen Roll - 2 pack £0.87 @ Tesco

Found 30th Jan 2009Made hot 30th Jan 2009
Thirst Pockets HSM3 endorsed kitchen roll (2 pack) is reduced to 87p at Tesco in store - can't see the product online so i assume it's only instore.
Maybe not the deal of the century but a good deal if you're in the habit of buying kitchen roll and don't mind the novelty branding - or perhaps your kids love the film.
It's cheaper than the Tesco Value stuff which is £1.12 and this stufff is much better quality as it's by Thirst Pockets.
Also works out cheaper than the Bounty 6 pack deal at Asda which is £3 for 6 rolls or £1 per 2 rolls.
First post so hope everything is alright, i'm sure someone will shout up if not.


I know it's hsm, but u get 3 plain thirst pockets from homebargains for £1.09. It's just going 2 b thrown away!

Voted hot, would still be a good deal for plain, but I love the HSM branding on it!
Bought some yesterday and Tesco in Surrey Quays (South East London baby) had it stacked to the ceiling so plenty left.

Still available online, just checked. I ordered 2 packs on Wednesday for delivery last night.

I bought some earlier today. Good deal for tesco's i guess but even my daughter thought they were way cheesy.

came with my online shop yesterday ,fabby !

Couldn't think of anything better to blow my nose on

Weirdest branding ever

These were a pound each in asda the other week - bargain for what they are

WTF? or, in other words - 'Why?'

Good value - heat added

You need to use 3 sheets of this stuff as with bounty you will only need to use 1 sheet so not very good when you add up the cost.

i think high school musical is sh1t, does this make this toilet paper?
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