This Cant be right??? Packard Bell PC was £9,999.99 Now £664.94 Delivered????
This Cant be right??? Packard Bell PC was £9,999.99 Now £664.94 Delivered????

This Cant be right??? Packard Bell PC was £9,999.99 Now £664.94 Delivered????

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£9,999.99 for this?????

This product will be dispatched after the launch of Microsoft® Windows Vista - 30th January 2007

Intel Pentium D915 Processor

2.8GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB Cache

Microsoft Windows Vista Basic


80GB Hard Disk

Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD RW Drive

128MB ATI X1100 Graphics

4 PCI Slots

Onboard Sound Card

17" Philips TFT Monitor


The 9,999.99 must be a misprice. Even for the price of 664.94, the computer is considered to be expensive looking at the spec. You can easily get a faster computer with a Core 2 Duo processor at that price.

Hope that is useful.

Looks more like £999.99 to me, though you never can tell with PC World's prices........Still looks a little pricey at £665 actually, but someone more knowledgeable will be along soon, I'm sure

I could see this being almost 1K... five years ago but an 80GB Hard Disk and only 512MB DDR RAM this machine is a very poor price!

Way way over priced! no way would this be £999.99....more like £299.99 :roll: that Pentium 4 looks old now ;-) and the memory and HD are too small for a system at that price

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Thats what i was thinking. The £664 is even too pricey

You could build that for less than 400GBP!

Someone over at PCWorld doesnt know a thing about computers. Trust me, it goes waaay beyond marketing.

PC builders like myself will only ever touch PC World if we needed a no-name brand part there and then. Anything with a brand name at PC World is way way too expensive, and the service is poor. Last time I went in they were charging 60GBP for a keyboard and mouse set I saw online for 15GBP, and a PC 'tune up' from their PC repair section was 50GBP. 50GBP!!!! For what, a defrag and empty recycle bin??!!?!

I never use PC World....I feel sorry for those that have to tho :roll: their adverts make me cringe...so chessy and always wrong :giggle:

it is right...a right rip off!

i used to borrow some parts while mine are on repair

Yeah...bit pricey even at £665!


For a Packard Bell, £66.49 would be closer :whistling:

Way overpriced... You even only get Vista Basic nothing special and one to avoid!


get a better spec dell for £470

19inc tft
160gb hard drive
1gb ram
vista premium upgrade



I bet there are those out there that see the huge saving and buy it anyway thinking theve got a great deal.

£9,999.99 means that the item is not to be sold at that time. Usually on items that are about to be released or recalled items.
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