this life serails 1 and 2 = 8 disks 4 only #19.99

this life serails 1 and 2 = 8 disks 4 only #19.99

Found 13th Jun 2008
First aired on British television in 1996, This Life chronicles the lives of a group of house-sharing twentysomething professionals as they try to make sense of life, love and each other.

Providing a timely shake-up of TV drama conventions, This Life's refusal to conform was its key to success. While critics deemed it 'immoral', for its graphic depictions of homosexuality and blase attitude to drug-taking, fans revelled in its honest and objective portrayal of contemporary life. It quickly became blatantly obvious that the friends of the series vastly outnumbered the foes; when production of This Life ended, national outcry for its continuation ensued.

The series follows the burgeoning careers of five newly qualified solicitors, who share a house in South London. Anna and Miles can't ignore the attraction between them but the problem is neither will admit to it and seem intent on winding each other up as much as they can. Milly and Egg are deeply in love but their relationship is put under stress as Egg realises that he doesn't want to be a solicitor and Milly begins an affair with her boss. Warren is gay and in therapy to help him come to terms with his sexuality. He is terrified of letting his family know, as they wouldn't understand.

Series 1 Episode Index:

Coming Together
Happy Families
Living Dangerously
Sex, Lies and Muesli Yoghurt
Fantasy Football
Family Outing
Brief Encounter
Cheap Thrills
Just Sex
Father Figure
Let's Get It On
This Life: Series 2. This time around, life is even more complicated: Egg is having serious problems with money and direction; Milly enters an affair with her boss, O'Donnell; Anna is still in love with Miles, but having a hard time accepting it; meanwhile, Miles gets engaged, despite his feelings for Anna; Warren gets arrested for 'cruising' in the local park and decides to leave the UK for Australia; and Ferdy meets a new lover in the form of Lenny, a Scottish plumber. The lives of these twenty-something solicitors are, as ever, an emotional minefield, always threatening to explode. The trials and tribulations in both their personal and professional lives are completely engrossing, full of fights, arguments, sex and alcohol. Find out why everyone was raving about This Life and check out all the episodes from the second series

Series 2 Episode Index:

Last Tango In Southwark
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
The Bi Who Came In From The Cold
How To Get In Bed By Advertising
Small Town Boys
Unusual Suspect
He's Leaving Home
Room With A Queue Men
Behaving Sadly
When The Dope Comes In
She's Gotta Get It
The Plumber Always Rings Twice
Wish You Were Queer
Who's That Girl?
From Here To Maternity
One Bedding And A Funeral
The Secret Of My Excess
Diet Hard Milly Liar
Secrets and Wives
Apocalypse Wow!


ur spelings imrpoovin. cept 4 de biz in blu ta de top.

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