This War of Mine for iOS @ iTunes £1.49 normally £10.99

This War of Mine for iOS @ iTunes £1.49 normally £10.99

Found 28th Dec 2016Made hot 28th Dec 2016
Simply put one of the very Best Indie games of the past few years and one of the best mobile games to boot, highly regarded/reviewed also the excellent 'The Little Ones' DLC has dropped to £1.49 which again received the same level of accolades as the main title.…ine


Paid full price for this and didn't regret a penny of it. Brilliant game.

£1.89 on Android

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Was loving it until unresponsive touch controls saw me end up dead. Great game but I'd go for a version with physical buttons personally

Will wait to get it on next months ps plus for free

Brilliant game on the pc and console, really not sure how it plays with touch controls on a small screen.

Price has dropped to £1.49
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