This weeks Cheaper! deals @ lidl
This weeks Cheaper! deals @ lidl

This weeks Cheaper! deals @ lidl

Fresh Figs/ Corn on the Cob 15p
Radish/ Celery/ Cucumbers/ /Iceberg Lettuce/ Pointed Cabbage 29p each
10 Fun Size Pears 49p
7 Fun Size Bananas 59p

Pepsi & 7UP 2litre 50p each varieties:
- Pepsi Regular
- Pepsi Diet
- Pepsi Max
- 7UP

Ham & Mushroom Pizza £1
750g Special Muesli - Luxury Fruit/Special Muesli - Luxury Fruit & Nut £1each
500g Utterly Butterly 50p
200g Fox's Golden Crunch Creams 30p
Pork Farms 6 Mini Pork Pies £1.49
Pork Farms Medium Pork Pie £1
16 Fox's Rocky Bars - Chocolate/ caramel £1.24 each
9 Taxi Chocolate Caramel Wafers 83p
150ml Simple Moisturising Foaming Facial Wash £1
25pack Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes £1
8x 500ml Buxton Still Natural Mineral Water £1.29
2x500g McVitie's Digestives Twin Pack £1.29
8x Robinsons Fruit Shoot 200ml £1.75
Kingsmill Bread 50/50 75p
Aquafresh Mouthwash 600ml £1.47
Nestl?marties Mini/Nestl?itKat Mini £1.89 each
Nestl?esquik chocolate Milk Shake £1.34
Ariel Biological Powder 3.36kg £6.69
Kinder Chocolate Snack Bars 66p
Kinder Surprise 3 pack £1
Kinder Chocolate Mini Treats £1
Vanish Oxy Action Intelligence 500g + 165g free £3
Parazone Thick Bleach 50p
Flash One For All Spray - Lemon/ Lavender 99p each
South African Merlot/ South African Pinotage Western Cape 75cl 14% Alc Vol £3
German Pinot Meunier 75cl 13% Alc Vol £3
French Fleurie AOC 75cl 13% Alc Vol £4.50
British Sausages 360g/380g/400g £1.50
Pork Loin Joint - Cured/ Pork Loin Joint - Applewood Smoked 500g £2.50
Pastrami Slices 120g £1
Premium British Drycure Rindless Bacon/ Premium British Bacon 250g £1.50
Beef Topside Slices 100g £1
British Bacon Medallions 200g £1.50
Ocean Spray Juice Drink 1.5litre £1.55
Nik Naks, Skips or Hula Hoops 18pack £2.79 - 2 for £4
Tropicana Pure Premium 1litre £1.78 - 2 for £3
Copella Apple Juice 1litre £1.84 2 for £3
Goodfella's Deeply Delicious - Pepperoni/ Cheese 434G £2.20 each - 2 for £3
Goodfella's Stonebaked Delicia Pizza £2.38 - 2 for £3
M?r Rice 52p
Walkers Wotsits or Quavers 10pack £1.82 - 2 for £2.50
M?r Fruit Corner/ Crunch Corner/ Biscuit Crunch Corner £2.88 - 2 for £5


Pepsi is a great price, took my mum this morning to stock up, she drinks a bottle a day, normaly buys it from the corner shop at £1.65 each, so great saving for her.

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no pop bottles left in my local store hayes

i managed a few bottles on monday-some cheap stuff- cheers

Stocked up on the pespi's the other day but there is now a limit of 8 bottles per customer

Out of stock at my local store but of course they've still got all the posters up everywhere :x

Utterly Butterly at 50p is a very good deal. Normally this goes on offer at about 59p.

WTF is a 'fun size' banana / pear?


WTF is a 'fun size' banana / pear?

wouldnt you like to know :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

muller rice will 20p each from the 14th!!

Ham & Mushroom pizza is £1 for a twin pack.:thumbsup:

From the 14th have
1.5 litres of Solvita 100% Orange Juice for 69p.
21 pack of Walkers crisps for £1.99 (7 each of Ready Salted, Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar)
6 pack of Reduced Fat Crinkle Cut Crisps for 49p (Flavours as above, 2 of each)
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