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Epiphone Casino Coupe Hollowbody Guitar In Turquoise 2020 - P90 Pickups £369 Delivered @ Thomann
Posted 15th OctPosted 15th Oct
Bit of an odd one here, in terms of the finish. This is the Turquoise model, although it looks different to the ones that Anderton's have - That said, there are videos of it look… Read more

Always wanted one these! Beautiful


Heat for the research!


Handsome looking 🎸


Just copy John Lennon and strip paint off for a Beatles look


Wow, that's a bold statement!

Rickenbacker 4003S5 Bass Guitar - £1,799 at Thomann
Posted 7th OctPosted 7th OctShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
I’ll be honest I don’t really know anything about bass guitars, but I’ve always thought these Rickenbackers looked cool. Seems like they come in a variety of other finishes at the … Read more

Interesting. To me, they're the best looking basses but with the least good sound (my preference is Precision or Stingray) but at least they're different and interesting. The 'cold' makes no sense, since this is a great deal for an instrument that's seldom discounted much.


Good price for this bass, not sure why it's cold. Always hated the way they look but they're also the best sounding basses I've ever played. A studio bass perhaps?


Cold? :s I think this might be getting the Apple treatment.. for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure this is about as good as it gets for Bass guitars obviously to some extent when you get into this league it’s all personal preference and subjective but these guitars are smashed out in both heaven and hell alike and for good reason! Its Rickenbacker or nothing for me with Electric 4 and 6 strings!!!! That said i am eyeing up a telecaster.. :/ heated, for obvious reasons! Keep posting Ricks duke :)



Likewise a quick search shows most basses of this model >£2K, and some used instruments on reverb for not much less. Rickenbacker were always a cool brand for the Motorhead and Roger Glover connections, even though they made some seriously dumb design choices at times. Heat from me.

Sennheiser MD421-II Dynamic Microphone £185 at Thomann
149° Expired
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th OctShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
The Sennheiser MD 421 is one of the most famous microphones in the world. Due to its sonic qualities, it can be used in various recording situations and in all areas of sound trans… Read more

I saw that but couldn’t figure how to purchase it from them directly? And all the dealers have much higher prices


This is cheaper from Sennheiser direct.


and a few bucks off the Cordial bundle (+XLR cable) nice...Hot..."Mum, can have some money for the shops...MUM...!"

Marshall Origin 412 B Guitar Cabinet at Thomann for £257
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th SepShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
4 x 12” Speakers for electric guitar 240 W 4 x 12” Celestion G12E-60 16 Ohm mono
Get deal*Get deal*

G12E-60 is also the same type of speaker used in the budget Marshall MX series cabs, so given those always hover around the £200 mark for 4x12, I'd reckon your price estimate isn't far off. Saying that, even cheap Marshall cabs are usually well enough built in my experience, and the grill finish on the Origin looks nice. I've got a Marshall 1936 style 2x12 (if my memory is correct) though and have to agree on what's said above about speakers; I run a vintage 30 and a greenback in mine (occasionally swapped to give a pair of vintage 30s) and the difference is massive. I've also got it wired so I can use both speakers independently too in the cab for some more options.


Reckon my Orange Micro Dark will fit just fine on a B cab, but would probably go with the A cab as I don’t want it to look unbalanced (lol)


Also, a head won't fit properly on a B cab (as it's designed for a A cab to sit on). It will fit on a A cab however.




That is good advice. I think the G12E-60 might be very similar (the same) as the Rocket 50. Either way it is a budget Chinese speaker (around 45 quid) whereas a Vintage 30 would set you back twice that. It has a smaller magnet assembly, smaller voice coil and is nowhere near the sensitivity of a V30, so it is quieter/needs a bigger amp. You are so right that guitarists always think about pickups and amps, even strings, but many do not consider speakers and it is a shame more people do not play with speaker tone: there are so many things to do including mixing speaker types in the same cabinet, changing the mechanical characteristics by doping the cones yourself, and much much more.

Marshall Origin 5C Combo guitar amplifier £209 @ Thomann
Posted 25th SepPosted 25th Sep
EDIT (13th October 2020): currently down to an even lower price of £205 Tube Combo Amp for Electric Guitar Gain boost function Two voicings (Normal, High Treble), which can be… Read more

Yep. the iRig has a headphone in as well as a guitar lead in.


Can you play sound through the iPad? I have same setup but couldn’t work it out



You A JMP from 1978 is probably a 100 watts. With the volume on two it won't move air it'll rearange DNA.


Weird, I thought it did but then couldn't see it in the photos and it's not mentioned in Thomann's description either!