Thomas And Friends : Little Engines Big Days Out DVD + other titles - £2.99 @ Morrisons !

Thomas And Friends : Little Engines Big Days Out DVD + other titles - £2.99 @ Morrisons !

Found 23rd Oct 2008
Few more Thomas Tank Engine, Peppa Pig, Postman titles for £2.99 each. Thomas & Peppa titles are absolute bargains @ £2.99.

Cheapest price online for Thomas And Friends : Little Engines Big Days Out DVD is £5.15

It's a fun day out with Thomas & Friends. With over 50 minutes of brand new stories from famous Sodor sights.

Thomas And The Birthday Picnic:
The Fat Controller has arranged a special birthday picnic for his mother's birthday. Thomas thinks he knows just the spot - beautiful Shen Valley. When a terrible storm appears, Thomas desperately tries to think of another location for the birthday picnic, but none of them are right. Will Thomas find the perfect place?

Flour Power:
It's Halloween night and Diesel and Thomas are working at the flourmill. Diesel scares Thomas, pointing out all the spooky things on the way to the mill. Thomas gets his own back by covering himself with flour and pretending to be a ghost. Diesel is terrified!

Peter Sam And The Magic Lamp:
Rusty tells the narrow gauge engines all about the legend of "Proteus" - an old engine with a magic lamp. Whoever finds the lamp will have their wish come true! Peter Sam thinks this is nonsense. Later that night, some mysterious goings-on start to make him think otherwise...

Keeping Up With James:
It's winter and Edward and James have important work to do. The track is icy and Edward warns James to go slow. James is determined to finish his work before any of the other engines and he doesn't listen. When disaster strikes, James realises that there are more important things than being first.

Tuneful Toots:
Rusty loves the sound of his horn, but not everyone feels the same! When Rusty is asked to take a brass band on a tour of the hills, he loses track of time and runs out of fuel. Everyone is worried about Rusty and the band until they hear a familiar sound echoing through the valley!

Thomas Tries His Best:
It's carnival time! Thomas has to deliver a load of chickens and is worried that he'll miss the fun. James and Gordon suggest ways to get his work done faster, but Thomas doesn't want to let The Fat Controller down. Will he deliver his load and get to the carnival?


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I went to Morrisons today and paid £3.99 for this. It wasn't one of the ones reduced to £2.99. Still good price though.

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