Thomas & Ben 10 Zipperobe / Wardrobe - HALF PRICE - £16 @ Boots

Thomas & Ben 10 Zipperobe / Wardrobe - HALF PRICE - £16 @ Boots

Found 9th Jan 2011Made hot 12th Jan 2011
This is a great price, free delivery to store too

For comparison Argos are currently selling this at £46.93 !!!
Amazon - £47.99


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Link for Ben 10 one -…nit

Ben 10 ordered, thanks. Heat added

i have one of these for my lo i hate them constantly fall apart. heat added tho good price even still.
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Brilliant price however they are very very flimsy and wouldnt last two minutes with my little boy! I can see it now lets play hide and seek then crack one of the poles snapped Really tempted but not going to do it!

However voted hot as they are soo expensive everywhere else!

got my son a plain blue canvas one from home bargains for 7.99 looks the same style just without the overpriced logo on it

Just ordered....thanks OP

Thomas sold out

Did anybody who ordered the Ben 10 Alien Force unit get sent an older Ben 10 one?

Yes I got the green ben 10 one despite thinking I was ordering the blue one my boys bedroom being blue ben 10 alien force. I rang them and they said they could not guarantee which one I was sent so emailed and complained and they said they would look at it...............

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Wasn't the photo green though..? which would mean you were sent the correct one? oooh I really can't remember, but I am guessing that if they sent you the same as the photo then you could return for a full refund anyway but doubt they will send you the newer one if there is a difference in price

No the photo is of the blue ben 10 alien one. In the small print it says "style cannot be guaranteed" or something like that.

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hmmm, not sure then only suggestions is if your really not happy then just get a refund which they must do because of the law with selling over distance (can't remember the name of it )
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