Thomas Pink - Save up to 65% off Men's shirts
Thomas Pink - Save up to 65% off Men's shirts

Thomas Pink - Save up to 65% off Men's shirts

Thomas Pink are offering up to 65% off selected men's shirts online.


Blue and Navy Terra Stripe Slim Fit Men's Shirt - Button Cuff Was £85.00 Now £29.00

Customers were told about sale through email, doesn't appear you can access the sale through the normal website, so you need to use below link:


Sale closing date TBC


They're still expensive shirts though, are they considerably better than say T.M.Lewin?

TM Lewin are not in the same class as Thomas Pink, I've got a couple of Thomas Pink shirts which are still going strong after at least 5 years - in this time I've got through Hackett shirts, Hewitt and May shirts and loads of other high street name shirts. The quality and cut is almost second to none. This deal is principally an extension of what's available in the Pink outlet stores, so good if you can't get to one of these!

Looked interesting at first, but then:
15.5" shirts --> 35" sleeeves !!!! Sorry, I am not mister monkeyman :P (no offence intended to others, but I am always wondering who has such long arms to fit these shirts....)

Bought one of these when they were last on sale - fantastic quality
If you follow this link, you can look at other things in the sale - in case you can't quite squeeze into a 'Slim Fit' shirt like me :
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