Thomas Pink - Up to 65% off ties

Thomas Pink - Up to 65% off ties

Found 19th Apr 2010
Got this as I'm signed up to Thomas Pink's emails:

Thomas Pink - Up to 65% off ties

Appears as though this sale doesn't appear on the normal Thomas Pink website.

So you need to go through Thomas Pink -…314


What is a tie? - sounds a bit too posh for most readers (me included)

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You wear them at weddings, funerals and things like that, some people even wear them to work - I don't but I know people who do

Wow! Ties REDUCED to £35. Millionaires only.

How much!!!! Now I like a tie but can purchase some Saville Rows for less than these....

got one these ties for my wedding... its a beautiful tie for those that wear them. heat from me due to the quality of thomas pink
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