Thomas the Tank Engine Advent Calendar £10 at Asda

Thomas the Tank Engine Advent Calendar £10 at Asda

Found 23rd Dec 2017
Contains 24 Thomas minis, reduced from £30. Good value, even if you don't use it as an advent calendar, as the minis are sold for £1.50 each in blind bags.
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Wow that's amazing
Brilliant price thanks ordered x
Showing as £30
Been watching this to see if it will go down. Thankyou and MerryChristmas x
That’s fantastic! Thanks a lot will put away for my son for next Christmas.
just ordered one to put away for next year - bargain ! - heat added
JarrodWRX15 m ago

Showing as £30

It changes price when added to the basket xx xx
Keep refreshing as one minute it shows as £30 and the next £10. Great find. Ordered for next year.
Got this when it was £15 for my little un and he is thrlled to bits with it Best money I've spent in a long time. He has ASD and although he's 9 he is obsessed with Thomas, I didn't want to spend £35 on it but was happy with the £15 price tag. He takes the trains to show his ta each day they really make a difference to a stressful morning routine. Plastic trains but lovely decorations with molded little faces, I'd buy another for next year but I think I'd best wait and get the 2018 version - but wait for the price drop of course
Thanks, just ordered
Good deal, thanks!
Great deal thanks a train a day is a bargain at that price. Ordered
Ordered, thanks for sharing
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