Thomas The Tank Engine Wellington Boots .... Was £7 ... Now £3.50 @ Asda

Thomas The Tank Engine Wellington Boots .... Was £7 ... Now £3.50 @ Asda

Found 16th Sep 2009
I got some of these wellies, they had size 4-9 toddler sizes in my local asda.

Good deal .... It is online too, but sizes are very limited.

They also have

- George / Peppa Pig ones -…tml
- Mud wellies -…tml
for boys too online for £3.50
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hot i got my little boy some of them yesterday
This always confuses me. Thomas isn't a tank, he's a train? Or more specifically, a tank engine. There are no guns, armour plating (as far as I can tell) or caterpillar tracks.
Just trying to help

"The square tanks beside the boiler are what make Thomas a "tank engine." … "The square tanks beside the boiler are what make Thomas a "tank engine." In real life, the tanks might hold between 1,000 and 2,000 gallons (4,000 to 8,000 liters) of water, depending on the engine. On the other engines in the series, the coal car shown is simplified. In a real steam engine, the coal car carries both coal and thousands of gallons of water (up to 20,000 gallons or 80,000 liters on the biggest engines). This water is needed because most steam engines vent their used steam through the smoke stack rather than condensing and reusing it. All engines except tank engines need to carry these coal/water cars right behind the engine."-

Thanks, but I wasn't questioning why he was called a tank engine as I know that's his correct title. I'm confused as to why he's so often referred to as Thomas the 'tank'. He's not battle ready as far as I can tell and wouldn't take a direct hit from a wine gum, never mind artillery shells.

[SIZE="4"]Tank Engine[/SIZE]

There is always one
Superb clarification from Bogroll Warlord.
Basically because 1 thats what railway people shortened it to and 2 people are lazy of course it doesn't take into consideration pedants lol

There is always one

Oh Poop! I bought these Monday for £7 for my little boy Damn!!!!
not all asda shops are doing this deal,better to ring first save u going in 2 asdas like i did today
Bogroll Warlord= repped
Louiseq= pwned
Got mine today, thanks. There wasn't a half price or £3.50 sign but they went through checkout at £3.50. I would have bought them anyway as made a special trip to Asda for them so very pleased.
they were marked as 7pounds but scanned at 3.50! thank OP...son is very happy"
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