thomas wild ride £2.50 @ Tesco

thomas wild ride £2.50 @ Tesco

Found 11th Dec 2014
Thomas and friends train set 2.50£ in tesco craigavon.

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Barcode: 027084881554
- Qadir1980


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Plus many other toys reduced...

was this marked up at that price or scanned at £2.50?

Barcode plz

I will look out for this in my local Tesco

not a patch on mr bones wild ride

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The penguin set was reduced to £5 but sold out in my local, and the Megabloks set was also £5 but I believe that's been £5 for a few weeks now.

Oh man I hope they have some left at my local tesco

Great price!

Good price

Sure I saw this in Silverburn Tesco a couple of weeks back. The only thing with these reductions I find, is they are not always consistent. I remember seeing something similar at a stupidly low pricein Silverburn, I was then over in St Rollox and it was full price.

Great deal though if you find it in your local stores.

Great find..heat

Ooh gonna check galashiels tesco

Many toys reduced to clear in extra stores, noticed this a few days ago in Knocknagoney,

Bought a few a few months ago for a five quid. None at the Durham road store (Stockton).

Great find
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