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From London: Direct Flights to Cape Town £309.98 @ Thomas Cook Airlines
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Very cheap for direct flights to Cape Town, limited availability end of Jan/returning February. Screen shots 25 Jan to 11 Feb. As with Thomas Cook you'll need to add on hold lugga… Read more
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This is an incredible bargain. Well, my profile pic says it all. We are planning on going back this time next year to visit friends and family so I just hope we can get as good but unlikely!


I've been watching prices for South Africa flights since before Xmas and direct, they have never dropped this low, cheapest I has seen them before today was £399. Jo'burg is always a little cheaper.


Was lucky enough to be invited out to Cape Town on business a couple of years ago, but was only there for a few days. Amazing place and not at all what I had expected. It’s probably fair to say that you need to visit Jo’burg or Durban to witness the real South Africa though. Like many if I had the time available I’d be all over this, it’s a great price.(y)


South Africa has never appealed to me but great find for those that do. Perhaps I'm missing out. Flew Thomas Cook to New York last year and they were excellent. James Martin meal going out was very tasty which was more than you could say for the return offering, which seems to be the norm from all the airlines we've returned with from the states.


Hot weather, cheap food and drink, just wish I had those dates free. I would even have free accommodation from friends.

Manchester to New York Direct Return flights £269.98 - Jan to June 19 dates @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Thomas Cook have a number of direct return flights to New York for £269.98 flying from Manchester. Availability from January to June, seems to be quite a bit of availability. Wha… Read more
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Where's these flight prices? Thanks


Not cheap! From Edinburgh to EWL is under £200 rtn !


23kg in each 💼. The bags must meet their recommended dimensions. :)


Seriously? You wouldn't question the fact that the planes are held together with tape? (lol)


I booked this last week. 5 nights for £500 for flights and hotel in midtown. Bring on March 👌

One way flights from Cape Town, South Africa to Gatwick £89.99pp @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
Its an odd one, but I've seen stranger on here. That's why I have an enormous supply of Quaker Oats in my living room courtesy of @amazoncrazy Anyway, for anyone wanting a one … Read more
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If only this was called HSAD


Shouldn't this have been posted on HSAD? :/


That’s the wife’s Christmas present sorted (y) .... think I’ll give it to early this year though (:I


What about the other way?


The white farmer special.


No. You misunderstood, I agree with your comment, I’m just saying there will be not flight for 27.99, Thomas cook have worded the email to drive everyone to there site, but it’s not the USA flights for 27.99,


Sure, all i was saying is how the system works and the price of a return sector from Goa was around £30 last week. What they actually price them at won't be known until the sale starts. Original post edited.


In the meantime check out our other offers, The other offers are flights for 27.99, Not flights to USA



I'd hazard a guess that the seats will be inbound from the USA on the first flights of the summer programme, which would normally fly back empty. They were selling the 1st returns from the Winter Goa programme for a similar price a couple of weeks back. Bargain if you are backpacking round the world and it fits the itinary.

Non-stop from Manchester, UK to Goa, India for only £249 roundtrip On Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
DEPART: Manchester, UK ARRIVE: Goa, India RETURN: Manchester, UK DATES: Availability from November to December 2018 The Thomas Cook website conveniently provides a “Lowest Fare… Read more

Thanks, i have just booked. FYI it was 348 return but when i seperated the journey to 2 singles it was 219 there and 59 back. I checked the return price again and then the singles againand the singles had gone up, however when I used another pc they where still 59- be aware of thoose cookies. Prices quoted are hand luggage only (am only going for 5 days), i think it was £30 for a 20kg bag


Fantastic price! I paid £495 for a Man-Goa return (with premium added for right of cancelation with 80% money back thing) between December 11th 2018 and January 22nd 2019. I need to be there in January to meet some friends, but if that wasnt an issue then I would cancel mine and get this. If Dubai ostentatious modern luxury is what you want then it's probably not your cup of tea. If sun, sea and cheap booze is all you want then it is easier and probably cheaper to go to the more usual destinations. If seeing dogs, cows, rats, litter and bad condition pavements is a problem for you then don't go. And if begging children and women is too much for you then again it isnt for you. It suits certain people. Yes the e Visa is $100 now and lasts for 60 days and you can use it twice within that time I think or maybe you fly out of India and back in again and it lasts another 60. I suggest using one of those websites that do the Visa for you, they make sure your photo and all the required information is correct and give you as many tries as it takes. Its worth the extra £40 or whatever for peace of mind, for your first time atleast, as I think they go abit easier on you if you have had an e visa previously. Use those "photo me" booths in Morrisons, Asda, Tesco etc for the required 2 x 2 inch (50 x 50 mm) The official indian e visa website is 1 payment for one shot, if you get denied first time for whatever trivial reason they come up with then kiss that $100 goodbye. They ask you for an Indian citizen as a sponsor and an address of where you are staying on the official site now, and for back packers that isnt always answerable. So try and find a guest house/hotel address and owner first if using this method. And fantastic work whoever is finding such great Goa deals recently. Really superb. 😃


Sat 24th Nov has a return of £19.99. Quite a few £249 outbounds around Sat/Tues etc. The return prices are at least £119.99 so you're looking at least £350 for the cheapest fare from MAN-GOI assuming you can't fly in the next couple of days.


Use the link on UK FCO government website


E visa was $60 or £39 on a 2015 dated website,seemed to be different prices for length of time and what you did according to something else I read, may be pre evisa when it used to be about £90, I have heard of Indian burocrasy being complicated in the past when crossing borders.All countries require a visa to visit India.There is an official government evisa site but there are many warnings about using agencies who for an additional fee do what you could for yourself. The 6 month visa for Turkey is $20 but there are many rip off sites who will charge much more and you rely on them getting everything EXACTLY right or it will be invalid.

From Manchester - Flights to Sal Cape Verde £63.98pp (based on two people) @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
Leaving Manchester on 11 December and returning from Cape Verde on Xmas Day and landing back on boxing day. Definitely won't be for everyone.... But amazing flight prices for guara… Read more
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Great price just can’t go for Christmas. ;(


Average 26 degrees in December.


How warm is it?


Prices gone up by 200 odd quick, good spot though @rachelandgromit


It must have gone, I tested it with fake passengers details and was able to go all to payment screen.

Flight from Goa, India to London Gatwick just £29.99! @ Thomascook Airlines
Refreshed 31st Oct 2018Refreshed 31st Oct 2018
Wow I can’t believe how cheap this is! It’s going to be completely useless to the majority of people but surely there is someone out there that can use this £30 flight from Goa t… Read more
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I had two weeks B&B with flights from Manchester to Dabolim £199


Cheaper then an Indian takeaway


U would need to book ur return b4 flying that’s how they work in India last time I checked


Why would they make no money if only a few people are paying this low price?


Thanks for the patronising response, I know exactly how airlines work thanks. My point still stands, they will make no money from this particular flight and it will be pretty much empty but doesn’t matter to them as they will have accounted for this.

Cheap November flights to Antalya £77.98 each (+ £25 each luggage) with Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
Found really cheap flights to Turkey Antalya with Thomas cook, the cheapest I have found. Two adults £155.96 Baggage will cost £25ppeach way. hope this helps anyone trying to b… Read more

This offer is only on these dates 3rd November to 12th November. Worked out perfect for me and my husband as we only have to take 6 days of a/l


I’m planning on going in November like 24th onwards. Works out £256 What dates did you put


Lol at fakes. As mentioned £25 each way for baggage, so that’s extra £50


EasyJet also have flights on the 3rd for £39 from Luton airport flight time 12.10 one way then you can book separately returning to Gatwick from Thomas cook airline for£30ish


Hot deal

summer school holidays 19 flights with thomas cook airlines
Found 27th Sep 2018Found 27th Sep 2018
just booked 3 flights from Antalya to Manchester with TCA in august 19 £87,didnt check the outbound because we are going to Istanbul and capadocia also.its a lot cheaper than the f… Read more

You still need a internationally recognised agency to oversee flight safety, otherwise it won't just be Spain. It'll be Florida, Singapore and Brisbane as well. May better start rubbing out some of those 'red lines'.


I think the chances of no flights to the EU post-Brexit is slim to nil. Spain would become bankrupt overnight. XD


You need to be aware of the following. 1) The safety of our international flights is validated by our membership EASA. 2) As of 30th March 2019 we will leave the EU and no longer be members of EASA and as a third country we will have to renegotiate our membership. 3) EASA requires that the UK accepts the jurisdiction of the ECJ. 4) Theresa May’s red lines preclude acceptance of the jurisdiction of the ECJ and therefore blocks the path to any prior agreement. 5) The effects of “no agreement” were clearly explained in the European Commission’s Notice to Stakeholders in respect of Aviation Safety Rules on 13th April 2018 6) In the numerous areas listed in this document the UK will no longer be part of an agreement where we meet international aviation safety competence. This will invalidate insurance of all individuals, organisations and companies identified therein. So no guarantee of any flights (not just to the EU) post March, unless we sort something out pretty damn quickly. Check T&C on you tickets.


its probably for more adventurous who don't need someone to hold their hand on a package!


Summer Holiday in Manchester. Not my cup of tea!

Flash Sale - Thomas Cook Airlines - Manchester to Los Angeles £300 rtn on Selected Flights in September/October - Includes Meals and 23kg Luggage
Found 9th Aug 2018Found 9th Aug 2018
Flash Sale - Thomas Cook Airlines - Manchester to Los Angeles £300 rtn on Selected Flights in September/October - Includes Meals and 23kg Luggage
Thomas Cook Airlines have a flash sale on until midday on Friday with return tickets to Los Angeles from £299 return, and unlike Norwegian this includes 23kg of luggage and meals o… Read more

Arrrgh! Just booking them as the price went up, extra £200! Gutted

5lab*LAX./m/04jpl.2018-09-26;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:f very quick search. its the going rate if you book more than a month out. probably not during the school holidays though :)


I've just got back from LA, and there were no flights anywhere near that price, both from Manchester or London


If you're in manchester I'd agree, but there are plenty of folks in the midlands for whom getting to either airport on public transport is a bit of a mission..


with the train fairs (return £260, although from £12 to london plus the heathrow express fee) and unreliability off getting trains from up north, then a hotel and or extra time added to ensure you get the flight and home then this is a good deal..

Now Live - RETURN Flights Manchester to San Francisco £300 (300 Seats / September 2018) @ Thomas Cook Flash Sale -   Includes 23KG  Luggage / 6KG Hand luggage / Meal and more
Refreshed 2nd Aug 2018Refreshed 2nd Aug 2018
Now Live - RETURN Flights Manchester to San Francisco £300 (300 Seats / September 2018) @ Thomas Cook Flash Sale - Includes 23KG Luggage / 6KG Hand luggage / Meal and more
Belter of a price for return flights to San Francisco. It's only a 24 hour sale, or until all 300 flights are bought. I'll post more info once it's live, before they were from ManRead more

What a prick you are why would i need to lie im 50+ and have nothing to prove on a shopping forum also i never said i booked it and i made a honest mistake about gatwick, why are you obsessed with my trip :/ BA0113 19 Jul 201816:15LHR (Heathrow (London))Terminal 5JFK (John F Kennedy (NY) (New York))Terminal 7


So I'm correct you didn't "book" first class, you got a lucky free upgrade on the flight. So you're suggesting there's better deals with BA than this post when in fact you base your experience on a one-off free upgrade on the plane. And you state you flew from Gatwick then change your story to Heathrow when it's pointed out BA don't offer first class from Gatwick. Let the people decide (though I'm sure.most are bored of your lies and have fallen asleep by now)


I haven't been to San Francisco ever but it appears to be turning into a very large toilet. Many homeless people, many with mental health problems and opiate addictions are making the city absolutely awful. They are openly defecating in the streets and menacing ordinary people. Link:


Mr categorically i know f,all, people like yourself think you are bloody know it alls but know nothing. We booked world traveller + checked in at the desk all fine but once we got on the plane we was told there was a problem with our seats and we are in first class enjoy, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it also you do not get invoice for a updrade.


When I went there I queued on the day and got tickets...had to be there at something like 5.30am however.

Return flights to Honolulu, Hawaii from Manchester 28th August to 12th September £519pp
Found 1st Jun 2018Found 1st Jun 2018
Return flights to Honolulu, Hawaii from Manchester 28th August to 12th September £519pp
I know this won't appeal to everyone as it's not mega cheap but return flights to Hawaii in the summer season can usually cost in excess of £800-£1000 so this is a pretty good pric… Read more
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You'd be running a long way as the volcano is on a different island all together.


Or Hilo - if you are going to Volcano National Park it's only 40-45 mins away. We used frequent flyer points to fly Honolulu to Hilo. We then spent time at the Military Camp right inside VNP (if you have any friends or family, serving or not you can stay inside the camp at a very reasonable rate). We then moved to Hilo area and visited Mauna Kea, the black beaches, saw turtles etc.


Nope. Kona, on the big Island


Isn't this generally a standard price? I flew to Hawaii from Manchester for less than £350 return a few years ago, splitting my time between Honolulu and Volcano National Park/Hilo and even visited Mauna Kea. It's an expensive place but I don't think the flight prices are particularly cheap.


It is nice but not as nice as Maui and parking is a nightmare and expensive. Lots of tall rise buildings in Honolulu. Better than Maui however is the Big Island. If you can take a a flight there - you can drive up mauna kea and see the stars. Amazing experience. Avoid lava (cheeky)

Cheap flights to dalaman from Newcastle £112.98 @ Thomas cook
Found 15th Apr 2018Found 15th Apr 2018
Cheap flights to dalaman from Newcastle £112.98 @ Thomas cook
Deal found on flights from Newcastle to dalaman flying 16th May until the 23rd only need to book hotel and transfers which can be picked up extremely cheap
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Now here's a thing... have to put up with the constant whinging from you Northerners about all best deals being from London. Please help... anything from London departing around 18 May to Dalaman around this price??? ;)


is that the outgoing or incoming missiles ?


any deals to Syria?


Cheap flights! BUT Wouldn't book hotel through alpharooms, still waiting a refund for changing hotels end of Feb. New hotel on arrival didn't have my booking for sea view rooms paid for only standard! Farce of a company!


I believe the fireworks show at night are second to none.

Kids hols Easter ‘19 - London to Lanzarote £300.96 for one adult and child @ Thomas Cook
Found 29th Mar 2018Found 29th Mar 2018
Kids hols Easter ‘19 - London to Lanzarote £300.96 for one adult and child @ Thomas Cook
Compared to what we’ve paid for this October... this seems to be a good price?! And a few days either side are £500£. Cheap accommodation available too on travel republic (I’ve p… Read more

Affectionately known as Lanzagrotty


I'm in Lanzarote right now, never been before but hugely regretting it, we've had a few good moments like the bus tour at timanfaya but my god this island is a dump, crap beaches, crap restaurants, crap hotels (we're at the THB tropical island), can't wait for the summer hols for a decent location.

Fly to the USA from £299.99 return - includes 23KG Baggage + 6KG Hand luggage   @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 26th Mar 2018Found 26th Mar 2018
Fly to the USA from £299.99 return - includes 23KG Baggage + 6KG Hand luggage @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Flash sale, various destinations from just £299 return, other flights from £159.99 one way also MCO – £349.99 (May & June 2018) JFK – £299.99 (Apr & May 2018) … Read more
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Ha ha! Good idea! :)


Air Tanker are the contract holders for the RAF Voyager A3880s. They leased out some of the 'spare' RAF aircraft to civilian companies a few years back so that they would be used rather that put into storage. I have flown on both the Air Tanker operated ones and the Thomas Cook ones. All very nice, new and with plenty of leg room. Thomas Cook staff and food, not always seat back entertainment, but still a form of streaming entertainment. Great prices for new aircraft flying to great locations.


Why do you need to book seats? Let someone else put up with the kids for 7 hours whilst you drink and sleep


Good price but I think it's shocking they charge £22.00 per person each way to book your seats. Adds £176 on for a family of 4....


I would be very wary of booking with them as last year they changed our connecting flight by about 7 hours without even a reason or an apology. We had to cancel and rebook with Virgin Atlantic.

Flash Sale Now Live  - 300 seats at £300 San Francisco Return Flights from Manchester @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 14th Mar 2018Found 14th Mar 2018
Flash Sale Now Live - 300 seats at £300 San Francisco Return Flights from Manchester @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Just a heads up that the 24 hour Flash sale to San Francisco starts 15th March midday (LA flights will also available) for May dates. Direct flights are from Manchester. Prices wi… Read more
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I’m currently planning my itinerary for my California holiday and I can’t make up my mind on how long to stay in San Francisco. It’s so expensive and does look a bit overrated. I priced up tickets for the hop on hop off SF tour bus for a family of 4 for 1 day, it came to $176 (£130) that’s mental. And I won’t be bothering with the Alcatraz tour, which apparently you have to book months in advance cos it’s so popular, reading some of the 1 star reviews says it all really. Also SF is full of homeless and drunks and druggies. Motels £130 per night that have some really sketchy reviews. I was considering not to bother at all but I think I will be booking 2 nights stay at the end of my vacation. I fly back to MAN from SFO.


The Americans are quite possibly number one for marketing something quite average and making out it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. When I was living in this area, the majority of my coworkers (all American from various states) were quite disappointed with San Francisco. The coastline is pretty epic to be fair. Wouldn't be rushing back to SF (not that I can anyway) but California has a lot of beautiful scenery.


As I live in a coastal town, with cold weather


is it not an extra £60 per person for luggage though?


REally?? What made you think of this

Flash Sale - 300 seats at £300 Seattle Return Flight from Manchester @ Thomas Cook Airlines (May/June 18 dates)
Found 25th Jan 2018Found 25th Jan 2018
Flash Sale - 300 seats at £300 Seattle Return Flight from Manchester @ Thomas Cook Airlines (May/June 18 dates)
24 hour Flash Sale at Thomas Cook for flights to Seattle 300 seats available for just under £300 return flying from Manchester - May 18 and Jun 18 dates available. Price includ… Read more
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Doesn't look too bad although a week there may be a bit much, maybe go for 10 days considering you can get a flight from Seattle to San Fran/LA/Las Vegas for ~£90 return (£50 one way), you could hit a few places in one go. Seattle fly to San Fran (2hrs), San Fran fly to Los Angeles, Los Angeles drive to Las Vegas (4 hrs)...


The answer is almost definitely no... Simply because the airline is focusing all these new flights to the USA from Manchester and avoiding the London blood bath market, where Manchester only has a few other flights to America. By flying from Manchester they avoid having to compete with Norwegian, WOW Air and Primera Air, which are all new low-cost airline entrants on the London to USA market, in the last few years. The traditional carriers are also adjusting their prices to compete with these airlines, so prices are rock bottom and making a profit in the long run is questionable. These £300 flights by Thomas Cook, are only a limited number and spread across numerous flights, so they can fill the rest of the seats on the flight with more expensive tickets, and it gets them headlines in the travel press for having fares this cheap and makes it known they now operate this route.





I could never get to sleep the last time I went to Seattle

Updated 1st Feb: Flash Sale - 300 seats at £300 San Francisco Return Flight from Manchester @ Thomas Cook Airlines (May 18 dates)
Found 18th Jan 2018Found 18th Jan 2018
Updated 1st Feb: Flash Sale - 300 seats at £300 San Francisco Return Flight from Manchester @ Thomas Cook Airlines (May 18 dates)
*Flash sale to San Francisco back on until 2nd Feb midday, LA and Seattle Flights also available* 24 hour Flash Sale at Thomas Cook for flights to San Francisco 300 seats avail… Read more
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Sorry, should have been clear that this was including two kids, who don't pay as much in tax apparently.


I did this trip last year, cannot fault Thomas Cook and their professional staff, albeit I did upgrade. SF is an amazing visit but be warned, do your homework for accommodation - a better exchange rate right now but it is so expensive, eating out can be a lot of dollars. I found the big department store Macys was great for lunch times. So easy to get around and so much to see, the local bus trips are fun with great characters and the city , once you get your bearings , is very walkable - but those hills. take a good pair of shoes.


Woohoo thanks! Booked last night - £320 return to San Fran for 3 weeks! Pacific Coast road trip here we come!


Hi Ed. I think it's because I want to go for longer than two weeks. Thanks


Manchester still available to LAX, 14th to 21st. As of time of writing this message. Personally in not bothering, can get to Oz or NZ for a tad more. (pirate)

Last-minute flights to Cape Verde from 3 Airports - £116 @ Thomas Cook
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
Last-minute flights to Cape Verde from 3 Airports - £116 @ Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook Airlines has seats to Sal, Cape Verde, from Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester from £116, return, saving up to 23% on competitor fares. Prices include a 23kg che… Read more

Are you saying it's great because you can escape the wedding and escape to another country for awhile


Ace of Spades7 - youre so full of yourself - you don't have to be right, dictators believe they are right and everyone else is wrong .. other peoples opinions & views have as much validity as yours - Before you criticise other peoples/countries about rubbish, look at the fly tippers in your own home town - look to the single use plastic you so readily use and dispose of, only for it to wash up in another country around a coastline (sound familiar does it?) or in the digestive system of another animal - As to Santa Maria after dark - 5 nights out of 7 we were there ... never had a single bit of trouble, never saw much trouble either. We had a great time, happily go back tomorrow - I do feel sorry for you - you must have had a traumatic experience. Your two posts so far are just so full of bitterness. I just hope when you grow up you will become less 'little Britain' and accept that other countries and cultures will have different peoples & races & living conditions than you've experienced so far and not to judge the whole world by your own blinkered standards... Now the only reply I want from you is one in which you clearly explain which part of the world that you've visited that you were happy with and the reasons ... but I won't hold my breath


Hi I'm not one to comment on another persons opinion. However, charming beauty, you must have missed the 6hr tour of the complete island . No wonder the Portuguiese pulled out. The plastic pollution around their coast line is to say the least is beyond belief. They might be in poverty however TRY to clean up their garbage. One of the top attractions of our tour was a tour around the slum immigrant camps. The place that had a few trees but also ABSOLUTE POVETY. Our super guide asked if we could take what we could from the hotel restaurant to give to the children. Last point, Santa Maria being lovely Main town. You don't want to be there after sun down. Can I suggest to the last commenter ,you must have stayed in your hotel and beside a pool, next visit get out you'll see a different Cape Verd


Right ... we went to Sal last year ... flying Thomas cook on a del return similar to this ... Santa Maria is a lovely little town but yes there is not much there! This adds to the charming beauty ... i have chrons which makes me vulnerable to the old Delhi belly .... and I never ailed once the whole week we were there ...ate out most nights food was good to excellent. The locals are by our standards 'poor' but they are very friendly and welcoming we had. Great time and now I see these flight deals we may just go again ... these flights are for nothing really ... oh and it's fixed price taxi from the Ieper to wherever you're going ... good spot OP and I can recommend ... yes it's windy but it will be very very warm so well worth this price .... shame it's not on in Feb as well ... was looking at Sal for then too!


That was the intended joke, yes

Thomas Cook Flash Sale - From Manchester To Los Angeles from £300 Return @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Thomas Cook Flash Sale - From Manchester To Los Angeles from £300 Return @ Thomas Cook Airlines
While I was looking for another deal on AirNZ to LA , I've just come across this! 24 hour Flash sale to Los Angeles coming soon. From 12pm (midday) on 23rd November until 12pm… Read more

yeah...booked flights missed out on the £99 return portion so cost us £200 more but still cheap for Oct direct flights thanks


Air BnB is significantly cheaper. Wish we'd of booked through them this year. In most cases you avoid hefty 'resort Fees' which hotels arbitrarily add to your booking, which is not included in booking price, neither is tax. This can add a significant chunk to your outlay


Thankfully I’m lucky, stay away two nights per week with work so have enough IHG (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza owners) points to fund a week of stays ! Will get saving the pennies for everything else though..


Props for this comment! What about an AirBnb? Would it lower prices like it does if you book em in Europe?


Good price but be prepared to spend a lot of money! Here's some comments I made on a recent deal last month to California with Thomson; Been to California twice - 2012 and a month ago. Both times flying into SFO. You'll pay close to £100 per night throughout much of California for a reasonable but very BASIC room. If you want anything a bit nicer, count on £150+ and something nicer still £200+. In the cities or the more rural areas the prices are even more expensive. In San Francisco itself you'll pay £150+ for a reasonable (but still very basic) room. Expect to pay £250 minimum per night for a decent/nice room in a decent area. It has got VERY expensive in the US generally, compared to what it used to be like. Been to Florida 9 times, California twice, Vegas, Miami and Washington/Virginia since 2001, and compared to our earlier trips, things are very pricey. Examples: When we were there a month ago (September 2017), here are some prices of things we saw in Walmart (cheap supermarket - you won't generally get cheaper than Walmart); Average loaf of bread - $3.50 (£2.80) Gallon of milk (3.5lts - US Gallon) - $3+ (£2.50+) Tub of Ice cream - $5 (£4 - for what we'd pay £2 or less for). Box of 4 chocolate/blueberry muffins (the same type you'd get here in Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc.) - $4 to $5 (£3.20 to £4) Family bag of crisps (one big bag) - $4 to $5 (£3.20 to £4) Carton of Orange juice - $4+ (£3.20+) Fruit - Really expensive - they grow it locally FFS! Small bag of chocolate M&Ms - $5 (£4 - we'd pay about £1.50 for same size bag) I could go on - check the prices of stuff online at Walmart or Target and you'll see how ridiculously expensive it has got. The worse thing was a platter of fresh fruit I saw. It was a domed platter about 12" across and about 8" high - freshly prepared fruit such as pineapple, orange, melon, grapefruit etc. Yes it looked very nice, but $20!! Jeepers, that's £16!!! We'd probably pay £5 or so for something like that here. AND THEY GROW ALL OF THOSE FRUITS IN CALIFORNIA!!! Don't forget that all these prices are NOT including sales tax at 12%!! Eating out in restaurants? Look to pay $40 (£32) each for a reasonable 3 course meal in a run of the mill restaurant. A nicer restaurant - make that $60 each (£48). Plus tip of course of 20%. We got a KFC family bucket plus some other sides for $35 (£28) - you'd pay less than £20 here for the same. Burgers (McDonalds/Burgerking) - about the same as you'd pay here. Fizzy drinks - a little more than you'd pay here for a bottle in a shop (like a 2 litre bottle of coke would cost you £2 to $2.50 - about £1.60 to £2), but a little bit cheaper than here in a petrol station/burger bar. Alcohol - in bars/restaurants, a bit more than here but not massively more. Alcohol in shops - spirits probably 20-30% cheaper than here. Remember though, all of these prices need to be increased by 12% for sales tax. The car hire was almost £600 for a mid size saloon for 2 weeks. Even a small economy car was almost £400 for 2 weeks. (Hertz/Alamo - both about the same), although we didn't book it until just a few days before so that probably drove up the price. Seriously, almost everything is expensive in California (it was the same in Washington/Virginia in June this year). Some things were cheaper, such as cigarettes (about $4.50 upwards - about £3.60+) and petrol was around $3 (£2.40) per US gallon (3.5 litres instead of our 4.5 litres to a gallon) so it actually works out to be about 70p a litre - compared to our £1.15 here. The US generally has got very expensive. If you're a smoker, you'll pay £12 to £15 per packet of cigarettes in New York! They actually have a major smuggling problem with people trafficking cigarettes from other nearby states (such as Virginia) by the truckload - they cost about $4 per pack in Virginia. Easy money for those that do this and almost impossible to stop. And this time in California we came across far too many rude and arrogant yanks - no idea why but we experienced some incredibly rude hotel and shop staff! The one thing that came up almost every time we spoke to a yank was.........................................Trump! Everybody we spoke to hated him - they often began hyperventilating even talking about him (I suppose it should be expected as it's a heavily 'liberal' democratic state), with one elderly woman, who up until the point she brought him up, was so lovely and sweet - as soon as we got onto Trump, she was spitting feathers and eventually refused to talk about him any more and then walked away! Now WE didn't bring him up, they did - they wanted to know what a foreigner thought about him. The ONLY person that actually liked Trump was a copper at the Golden Gate bridge - I'm sure that tells you something. Anyway, California is a great place to visit, with amazing scenery (this time we travelled almost 3,000 miles in 11 days) BUT it is very expensive and the people do seem to have an attitude.EditPhila423rd Oct Big Sur is sadly not open to visit at the moment. The pacific highway has suffered two pretty devastating landslide/rock falls in the last year meaning it has been closed for a significant length of the road. One bridge was totally destroyed and whilst they are trying to build a new one, it is not certain the road will EVER reopen. You can only drive so far before you have to turn round and go back. We tried to do this trek again a month ago and were pretty miffed. Although we went as far as we could, we had to turn back and all in all we travelled around 200 miles to get to the part closed, turn round and then take the main motorway down to pick up the road on the other side of the closure. I'm not sure how much of the highway 1 is closed but I think it's somewhere between 20 and 50 miles. On this deal though, if the price is correct then it's a great deal. If you're prepared to spend a lot of money when there then go for it - California is great. I would however check out the seat pitch - we travelled upper class (wife works for an airline so a perk!) so it was nice (but still pretty tedious), but travelling for 11 hours in a small seat - no way would I personally do it!