Thomson   250GB Digital TV Recorder. (+Top Up TV ) - £79.99

Thomson 250GB Digital TV Recorder. (+Top Up TV ) - £79.99

Found 28th Sep 2008
First post - go easy
Saw this at Argos today - great price for a twin tuner 250Gb PVR - dont know how noisy it is tho - bought a 160GB version for £99 a few months back.

* Includes connection fee and 1st month of Setanta Sport.

* Black.

* 250GB hard disc drive.

* Number of hours recording time 120-180 hours.

* Twin tuner.

* Pause Live TV.

* Record 1/watch another.

* Can record 2 channels at the same time.

* Series record.

* Digitally interactive.

* Digital text.

* RF loop.

* Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB).

* Auto setup.

* Now and next electronic programme guide (EPG).

* 14 days electronic programme guide (EPG).

* Top Up TV compatible.

* 2 SCART sockets.

* SCART lead included.

* Freeview playback approved.

* Remote control requires AA batteries, included.

* Size (H)13, (W)32, (D)42cm.

* Weight 1.8kg.


Is this prone to crashing as reported online though?

not voted either way......


Is this prone to crashing as reported online though?not voted either … Is this prone to crashing as reported online though?not voted either way......

I have the 160GB version, and it needed resetting 2 or 3 times a week a few months ago.

It rarely crashes anymore, it's been weeks since I had to make the long trek to the plug.

This promotion seems to be a big con trick advertising a new model £20 off but no stock so they are trying to replace it with an old model that does not sell well. They are doing this by adding a line at the bottom of the page when looking at this model, i know this is so cos i tried 2 different stores the £20 off is just a way to try shift the old tat they have left.:x

Seriously, don't buy this! A pal of mine bought the 160GB from Asda and had to take it back twice after it died on him.

Rather foolishly, he bought the 250GB one from Argos, thinking that maybe it was an updated model. The Setanta special swayed him too. The same thing happened after a fortnight! Maybe he's really unlucky or they're terrible machines. :?

I was GIVEN a 160Gb one by a friend, and it is the biggest heap of rubbish imaginable.
I stuck with it even though the noise and inconvenience was MADDENING as I knew a software update was imminent - well, the software update came, and it was only needing a reboot twice a day, and missing recordings as often as it would make them, so I had had enouhgh, and bought a Humax 9200T, and WHAT a difference, worth every penny.

The Thomson is SO bad, I threw it in the bin. WORTHLESS :-(

I bought one from Argos. Tried it at my Dad's, which has a weak Freeview signal.
It only picked up one set of channels.
Tried it at home, a strong signal from Winter Hill, and it picked up almost
all the channels but NOT Virgin1 or ITV2+1. Very odd!
Ended up taking it back.

It did have quite a slick user interface though.


It did have quite a slick user interface though.

I agree it does look good....... but in practice it is enough to cause repetitive strain injuries! Why use ONE button press when four will do! :-(

Had my Humax more than a week now, and the luxury of it working is amazing :thumbsup:
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