Thomson Top Up TV - 250Gb Freeview Twin Tuner Digital TV Recorder  £109.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Thomson Top Up TV - 250Gb Freeview Twin Tuner Digital TV Recorder £109.99 Delivered @ Amazon

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Found 28th Apr 2008
Product Description
The Thomson Top Up TV+ Digital TV Recorder to you and me is a Digital TV Recorder (DTR) and a Freeview box, all in one and just like Sky+, its packed with features and functions that put you firmly in control of your TV. Theres no dish, cable or contract, just great TV thats ready when you are. It offers an on-screen TV guide so that you can view the next 14 days and set favourites. It enables you to record up to 120 hours of your favourite programmes as well as provide the technology to series record so that you never miss your favourite show again. It provides access to Setanta Sports giving you exclusive live sporting action. Not only can you watch, pause, rewind all the Freeview channels, but you can have more TV choice with Top Up TV Anytim! e, as it provides you with over 600 programmes and 30 top movies every month.
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Looks good deal to me... thanks sale

Looks good deal to me... thanks sale

Thank you edi. :thumbsup:
Is this just the 160GB version with a bigger drive in? If so, be prepared for pretty flakey firmware... All in all, I think these are good units for the money, but they have their quirks...
I've had one of these for over a year - It's OK but crashes/freezes every other day!
I've got the 160gb one and all in all its been pretty stable. Had the odd missed recording but thats it. Series link is the best thing ever. Tried top-up tv but didnt think it was worth it. U can also pick up setanta on these which is good providing you never wanna cancel the contract. The only thing i particularly dislike though about this box is the annoying amount of time it takes to delete a recording but they aren't particularly expensive and i think all DVRs have their quirks.
i had 3 of these and had to return all of them and then went back to sky £18 package cos its **** it sticks and u have to reboot it and it then deletes your stuff rubbish box!
[SIZE="4"]I have had the 160GB Version for 5 or 6 months now.

Heres my opinion:

Has many great features such as series link and the programme name search facility.

Sometimes misses a recording, not very often though.

Literaly every time you fast forward during the adverts the unit will return to the start of the programme and you have to fast forward to the point you left off again.

I've had to buy the remote control plug set from Maplin for £7 that was advertised on here a while ago, because the box freezes quite regularly and the only fix is to turn it off at the wall socket, I'm a wheelchair user and can now do this from my armchair!

Telephone Helpline is horendous, they have no fixes for the problems the box has and don't care about the issues the box has or about fixing them.

Despite all this I am reluctant to send it back and live in hope of a software fix for these issues, as the box has some brilliant features when it works! and I can't help but love it![/SIZE]
Since i've had it they've released two OTA software updates. Mine used to do the rewind thing when fast forwarding but haven't noticed it for a while. Also, mine has only ever froze on probably 3 or 4 occasions in 6 months. Let me put it this way, my other half loves it and if it was a pile of poo then she would make me get a different one and she uses it all the time to record and watch stuff. Even has chase play and you can also rewind the channel you're watching which is handy. Compared to the Tevion 1620 which i used to have it's a dream come true. Maybe i've just been lucky though
I have the 160GB model and discovered that the only time mine does the rewind thing is if at some point during the program you are watching, you happen to rewind a bit - like if you are FFW through adverts and don't catch it in time and have to go back a bit... It will then skip back to the start at some random point in the future! Interesting quirk!!!
this machine just doesnt begin to compare to its predessessor the trusty DHD 400

most of the best features of the old one eg being able to still watch tv while looking at tv listings, are gone and the only good thing that the old one doesn have is series link

I was really excited and was expecting great things and would return it if there was a half decent machine at the same price to change it for

relegated it to second machine and trusty DHD 400 as main one
theres just no comparison, the old one is noisy but this one is even louder !

please God dont let my old one die, its my favourite thing in my house! :-D
i have one of these recorders and i thought i twas great and i bought one each for my mum and dad now i have realised it not and scared to tell them lol
mine crashes all the time it freezes all the time misses recordings, now it doesnt even have a series link any help would be appreiciated
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