Thomson Top up Tv Digital TV Receiver and Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive £[email protected]
Thomson Top up Tv Digital TV Receiver and Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive £70@asda

Thomson Top up Tv Digital TV Receiver and Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive £[email protected]

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Pause and rewind Live TV! This set top box includes one month free home trial to Top Up TV Anytime & PictureBox. It also has a massive 160bg hard drive equating to between 80 and 120 hours recording time. Also, this box is Setanta compatible for all you sports fans.

Full Specification
Colour Silver
Model Number UP
Simultaneous Record and Playback Yes
Series Recording Yes
Remote Control Yes
USB Port Yes
Scart Lead Included Yes
Length of Parts Guarantee (Years) 1
Length of Labour Guarantee (Years) 1


i have one of these .AVOID


i have one of these .AVOID

A bit more detail as to why one should avoid these would be a bit more helpful.

Why avoid ? What's wrong with it ?

Don't want to sound muppetish but can this product be used as a simple freeview recorder without a subscription to Top Up TV ?

I havn't got one of these but would still avoid, from what Ive heard.

freezes up alot and also i cant view my recordings anymore cos the whole thing freezes up EVERYTIME i try to look at anything,meaning all it really is now is just a not very good freeview player

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Why avoid ? What's wrong with it ?Don't want to sound muppetish but can … Why avoid ? What's wrong with it ?Don't want to sound muppetish but can this product be used as a simple freeview recorder without a subscription to Top Up TV ?

Yes pretty sure you can, we have had a tutv box before and you could with that:thumbsup:

when i was thinkin of gettin one on here every1 said dont but i thought its cheap so il give it a go for £100 they had them humax ones everyone bangs on about as if they are the answer to everything


Basically it freezes all the time, the noise from the fan is terrible, build quality is dire, recorded programmes frequently corrupt then auto delete, doesnt always record what you want, reception is awful.

75 reviews on that site with most unfavourable. Mm.

All these PVRs seem built down to a price - the smallest power supply you can possibly get away with, cheap capacitors and poor firmware. The smallest fans you can get to keep noise low - but lockups due to overheating.
Now that they have been around a few years you would have thought they would have cracked it. But frustration with failures still seems very high - which is why people recommend spending a bit more (25%) on a humax ( though they are not perfect).
Amongst several people I know and 6 different sets I am aware of only a Techwood that has lasted over two years. Tevion and digifusion in the bin the quickest.
Some are launched with firmware that does not work out of the box - how can you release an item that has never been tested in the UK?

Still rant over - good price for the spec - shame Asda have stopped the 3 year guarantee - I'd get one straight away if they did.:thumbsup:

We had this - and wished we hadn't.

Too be honest, I'm counting down the months to June so I can cancel my sub. Like everyone says, freezes alot, recorded programmes appear corrupt and auto delete, some recorded programme ain't the ones recorder, eg. box says Friends - the actual show is missing without a trace, fan is very noisy and you will get messages offering the sports channel or saying your missing out on a football match if you don't get the channel (noone in our house watches sport). Oh forgot to add atleast 3 times in the past month got messages offering 2nd box free/half price sub - I don't want another one.

Anyone elses box crashes around 11:30-midnight every single night. If you do ring customer service make sure your on the phone in the same room as box if not sat right in front cos they will ask you to go thru a couple of steps before they consider replacing - inwhich case you will have to send box before a replacement will be issued.

Been with them from the begining when it was £8/mon now its £10/mon and I think I'm on my 4th or 5th box. The extra channels are very limited, select programmes are sent to the box, amount of hours viewing channel, I think gold is is 6-11pm. Alot of repeat shows.

There are other options available out there: stick to freeview, sky, freesat or buy a digital sat and box to watch free to air channels. Ok each option does have its pros and cons, but my honest opinion is that my choice to go topuptv was the worst choice I ever made.

i have one and am very happy with, has never frozen and is easy to use. \only disadvantage is the noise of the fan but i turn it of every night so its not running all the time.

i've got one and although it was a nightmare in the beginning it's now pretty stable and is a good, cheap, user friendly box that can do setanta without a CAM :-D

I must say mine is very quiet. Series link has decided to disappear from the menu though.

I was given one as a gift.... it's long gone ie. it wasn't worth ZERO. I wouldn't pass it on to a friend as I don't dislike anyone enough. The close friend who bought it for me was so upset at how bad it turned out, I got a Humax 9200T as a replacement, and an apology as he thought I might fall out with him over it!

Appalling piece of kit, maddening to find the recordings you thought you had made haven't recorded, and CONSTANT reboots necessary as well as being louder than you could ever imagine a small fan being!

Agreed that even the Humax has slight quirks, but getting rid of the Thomson was the best piece of news I had all through the 2008!

Stay away from Top Up TV and this incredibly awful box. It will fail on recordings. Sometimes just removing them from your planner, other times telling you after it's recorded that it became corrupted so had to be deleted! The twin tuner is at fault too, as the signals are very weak even though other Freeview equipment work fine so it's too sensitive. Plus the box hard-drive actually isn't big enough to accept all the content you get if you subscribe to Top Up TV, who, may I add, have the worst customer service I've dealt with in many years. This was meant to be to Freeview what Sky+ is to Sky. Sadly it falls way short of that target and alas after my 12mths were up with Top Up TV, I ended up back at Sky - after a very costly mistake leaving in the first place.

Nothing but probs with the TWO my father had. Freezing up all the time like others have said was just one of the issues.


rubbish bit of kit. pay the extra and get a humax.

Got one, wish I'd taken everyones advice and gotten a Humax instead. Rubbish even if they were free.

The case is made of plastic, nuf said.

I can't think of many items ever discussed on this site that has so many users of the item in agreement! ;-)


I have had a total of three of these boxes, all of which have been returned to Asda for a full refund.
Software was very buggy, box crashed for no reason, lots of missed recordings, basically all three were rubbish.
Believe me I did persevere and it was a total waste of my time

If any of the unhappy topup pvr owners don't want their boxes anymore then I'll give you £10 for it, pm me.
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