Thor 3 meter Scart Lead for £5 IN-STORE @ Asda

Thor 3 meter Scart Lead for £5 IN-STORE @ Asda

Found 11th Jul 2009
As above. Wanted the 1.5 meter version but that was £15!
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Usual online price about 23 quid:

You'd be suprised how much better things look with a good quality shielded scart! I've got one hooked up to my Humax 9200T (No HDMI) and the picture on my Panisonic Plasma is a world better than the carp that came in the box. I paid about £20 for this 3m one a while back.
Great Price! Have some Heat! :thumbsup:
This is an incredible price for a Thor. hot as **** from me.
Got these in Coatbridge too. I picked up one the other day, haven't used it yet though.
Strange, they've had them for a while in Coatbridge then the day after I posted they're all gone, ******s
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