thorntons bars are 4 for £1 in store

thorntons bars are 4 for £1 in store

Found 11th Apr 2016
Went in store to thorntons yesterday and the bars that can be as much as £0.90p each in some stores were 4 for £1.00.

I usually buy them in wilkinsons etc as they are half the thorntons price but as thorntons have the sale on they are cheap,

I can't remember the full selection but it included Viennese bar, marzipan bar etc.

Quick edit - this could be part of their easter sale that ends this week. It includes the £1 easter eggs already posted:…824 etc
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Yes they are In store in Sheffield, have been for a while
What size are these bars? 50g?
Awful chocolate. But a good deal if you like awful chocolate.
Credit to amerjitdosanjh7 for posting earlier:…688
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good find op, heat added
Yes sale is ending this week. The bars are alpini, viennesse, lemon mousse and cappucino in the continental range, and turkish delight and marzipan in the classics range, plus chocolate truffle and nut crunch bars. Also bags on sale at £1.20 or 2 for £2, some continental bags - seville, apricot, and some classic bags - luxury dinner mints, coffee creams, strawberry dreams. Watch out for £2 single layer boxes too.
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