Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur 70 cl - £10 @ asda

Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur 70 cl - £10 @ asda

Found 17th Dec 2014
Very nice drink, 17% abv, on rollback from £14.


sounds very tasty.. anything with chocolate must be a winner

has always been sold at £10 previous years but is a nice xmas present

Easy to drink-be warned

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It is normally put down to £10 around Christmas but Sainsbury's are still asking £13 and Tesco £14 this year.


Picked up in Tesco for £10

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Looks like it has come on offer today in Tesco too, when I checked the prices earlier hadn't updated, it still hasn't, an ongoing problem with that site.

I normally like sweet drinks and will happily down a bottle of baileys with gusto. But i found this just too sweet for my taste. If they did a dark chocolate version, i'd be all over it.
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