thorntons chocs £4.63 box (740g) with 60 chocs in! new hot hot hot

thorntons chocs £4.63 box (740g) with 60 chocs in! new hot hot hot

Found 20th Dec 2007Made hot 20th Dec 2007
hi, these are back in stock and with code CCX8 for £5 of min spend £15 and with 16% discount with quidco you can get them down to approx £4.63 each if you order 3!

seems a bargain


Mine comes to £18.80 inc delivery, with Quidco I make that £15.79 for 3 or £5.26 each... good post!
Not sure how much these things are meant to be, but got to be a hot deal.
Voted hot.

added £40 worth of these to my basket for xmas pressies and tried using the CCX7 £10 off £40 spend voucher but it won't work

Theese are lovely large boxes, I had my order in at the beging of December. Recomended!
Just waiting for the hamper sales to start :whistling:

It's Chocolate...... Therefore it has to be HOT!!

anyone else forced to pay £6 for delivery?

which chocs are these as i cant seem to find the right ones

type in christmas collection in the search box.xx

I am forced to choose Golden delivery which is £5.95.

Thanks angie1210_1 xx

Just had them in my basket ...
...and went out of stock!!
Have to be quick in this game :lazy:
Thanks to OP anyway

Out of stock - darn it...looked good.

Out of stock ... might check instore on Saturday when im finishing off my Xmas shopping.

i hate to put a dampner on this post...but it took almost 2 weeks for my order to be delivered a fortnight ago.
if you've just ordered for christmas... i'd have a standby prezzie at the ready.

Aren't all 'thorntons chocs' expired ? :-D

I have checked 2 store today, I can't find any 740g one but I did see alot of 370g marked £6.95.

well fcukedf off with Thorntons, ordered on the 14th and piad, still havent arrived..

ive complained to cust serves email address..

******* abismol!!!
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