Thorntons Christmas Chocolate Selection Box £4.99 instore

Thorntons Christmas Chocolate Selection Box £4.99 instore

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Thorntons Christmas Chocolate Selection Box, Half Price on Tuesday, just £5 for the box. Deal runs from Tuesday till 31st October, but most will probably be sold out before then, so grab them as Christmas Presents whilst you can. You can buy these at some stores for £9.99 now, as they have to be sold at full price for 28 days before they are sold at half price.
Milk, White and Dark Chocolates, 650g or so, you get around 35 chocolates, for £5, its a bargain from Thorntons.


Lovely stuff!! x

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Not sure if it will be available online, but I imagine it will, but ths main focus of this post was for the instore deal. Will Take a pic next time im in work and upload to go with it

Cool, I have a 20% off voucher for use in store



Cool, I have a 20% off voucher for use in store

Whered you get that, then

Christmas already!!! I got home from holiday on Tuesday and one house have their Santa's out already!

great - will pick some up for my kids teachers - saves buying it at full price just before xmas. thanks op

Christmas selection boxes sold out even before November, that's a slightly depressing thought.

Good price nevertheless

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Also as someone mentioned above, there is a 20% off voucher floating around, that comes in a leafleft that has been delivered throught peoples letterboxes, which if you use in combination will get you the box for £3.99 per box (plus 20% off anything else you buy).

As an added note, when you use the 20% off voucher, you get another voucher as an insentive for you to return, which gives you £3 off when you next spend £10 or more instore. So picking up two of the boxes for £5 each, take your £3 off, means you get two boxes for £3.50 each. The 20% off vouchers are valid until 26th September (if memory serves) and the £3 off £10 is valid till 31st October, so some good savings to be had enjoy

too early...surely oO

make sure you check the use-by date: Thorntons chocolates have a much shorter shelf life than the competition, probably because of the cream etc. Won't affect me because their bound to get eaten long before Christmas but if you intend to give them as a present...(_;)



Whered you get that, then

through the post

The deal below is handy for those that don't mind clearance Thorntons choccies, 200g bags £1.99 BOGOF, so 400g for £1.99:
Thorntons Clearance Chocolates instore
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