Thorntons Continental 175g - £5.99 @ Amazon

Thorntons Continental 175g - £5.99 @ Amazon

Found 18th Dec 2010
* Pralines, truffles and mousses covered in milk, white and dark chocolate with Swiss, Belgian, Spanish, Italian and French influences.
* With 14 different chocolates there is something for every one.
* Simply Thorntons for delicious chocolates



475 g for £5.99 at Home Bargains

what a rip off, the big box was £10 not long ago, and prob will be again after crimbo.


ok as a last minuet gift though-i personally think the supermarkets are better to buy thorntons at the minute. also thorntons online-mostly are 3-4-2

£5.99 + £3.95 shipping
It is NOT sold by Amazon, but thorntons as a Marketplace seller
and how did you FORGET the £3.95 P&P
so how can anyone pay around £10 for a tiny 6 ounce box of chocolates, better off buying a couple of tins of Roses and still get change

!4 different chocolates? I doubt there will
be 14 in that size of pack. Thorntons seems
to have become one of those firms that has a
stupidy high RRP just to sell cheaper. Even
when cheaper they are not neccesarily a
good buy. I got all my Xmas chocs when they
were half price offers at M & S.

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not everyone lives near home bargains! the £10 offer isn't currently on and something like Roses isn't a special present!!!!! ;-)
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