Thorntons - From £1.99 - £2.39 (20% off) - 22 different bags to choose from - Free Delivery with code

Thorntons - From £1.99 - £2.39 (20% off) - 22 different bags to choose from - Free Delivery with code

Found 5th Aug 2008
Try Something New
Ever fancied trying a new range of chocolates but not dared to stray from your favourite collections? With our new 'try something new offer' you can try a whole range of Thorntons chocolates with 20% off. Our offer is limited to selected products and is only available until 30th August so make sure you or your friends try something new from Thorntons this summer.

Why not try something new today with 20% off a selelected range of bags and chocolate boxes... treat yourself or send to a friend.

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Continental White Collection Bag 130g
Product Code: 2781 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
A selection of our finest white chocolate Continentals

Continental Praline Bag 130g
Product Code: 2780 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
A selection of our finest praline chocolate Continentals

Continental Milk Truffles Bag 130g
Product Code: 2779 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
A selection of our finest milk chocolate Continentals including Alpini, Diplomat and Seville.

Continental Chocolate Riche Bag 130g
Product Code: 2778 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
This silky smooth truffle simply melts away to release rich chocolate and caramel flovours. - Back by popular demand!

Continental Viennese Truffles Bag 130g
Product Code: 2776 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
A featherlight truffle surrounded by special Viennese chocolate and encrusted with sparkling sugar.

Continental Dark Bag 130g
Product Code: 2775 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
A selection of our finest dark chocolate Continentals including Turin, Expresso and Apricot Parfait.

Continental Bag 130g
Product Code: 2773 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
A delicious assortment of pralines, truffles and mousses covered in smooth milk, white and dark chocolate.

Continental Cappuccino Bag 130g
Product Code: 2772 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
Aromatic coffee and double cream swirled together and sprinkled with chocolate powder.

Continental Belgian Bag 130g
Product Code: 2771 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
A truly decadent collection for belgian chocolate lovers

Continental Alpini Bag 130g
Product Code: 2770 (was £2.99) Now £2.39
Hazlenuts and almonds blended into a perfect praline and dusted with icing sugar.

Diabetic Assortment (115g)
Product Code: 9688 (was £2.85) Now £2.28
A collection of luxury chocolates made with reduced sugars and sweeteners. Only the best ingredients are used for the diabetic chocolates that include Turkish Delight, Almond Pralines and single cream toffees

Diabetic Mint Truffle bag (115g
Product Code: 9680 (was £2.85) Now £2.28
Just because you’re diabetic doesn’t mean you should miss out on our delicious Mint Truffles in Dark Chocolate, with 50% less sugar and with sweeteners.

Luxury Double Cream Mint (135g)
Product Code: 5777 (was £2.75) Now £2.20
Discover our luxury double mint cream and unveil a taste that is quite simply divine. Natural peppermint oil is delicately paired with double cream and the results are sensational.

Peppermint Crème (120g)
Product Code: 5778 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
Enjoy the taste of unparalleled luxury with these delicately crafted peppermint cremes dipped in rich, smooth, dark chocolate. The beautiful packaging makes it a sophisticated gift.

Dark Chocolate covered Marzipan (120g)
Product Code: 5146 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
Fine almond marzipan, wrapped in smooth dark chocolate and hand-finished with a whole almond.

Milk Chocolate covered Fudge (120g)
Product Code: 5149 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
Temptingly creamy fudge, lavishly covered in Thorntons milk chocolate

Dark Gingers Bag (120g)
Product Code: 5150 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
The finest recipe developed and loved over generations. You need only taste the succulent Chinese stem ginger wrapped in luxurious dark chocolate to realise the quality of our craft.

Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight (120g)
Product Code: 5153 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
Delicately fragrant rose flavoured Turkish Delight drenched in milk chocolate.

Fruit Cremes Milk and Dark (120g)
Product Code: 5142 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
A delicious selection of velvety soft centres, flavoured with lemon, strawberry or raspberry and coated with delicious milk or dark chocolate.

Milk Brazils (120g)
Product Code: 5143 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
A true chocolate speciality. Choice, whole Brazil nuts, lavishly soaked in milk chocolate to create a luxurious and intense taste experience.

Milk Chocolate Caramels (120g)
Product Code: 5144 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
Deliciously chewy milk chocolate-smothered caramel.

Milk Chocolate Coffee Cream (120g)
Product Code: 5145 (was £2.49) Now £1.99
Double cream soft centres laced with aromatic roasted coffee, surrounded by smooth milk chocolate
Can't get the free delivery code to work. Is there a minimum spend amount?

Can't get the free delivery code to work. Is there a minimum spend amount?

Erm well it DOES say on the free delivery code post that minimum spend is £30 so........ :roll: Sigh..........

"Yeah - the minimum spend for that delivery code is £30." :whistling:

Or maybe you mean the other code for delivery..... the one that says "Minimum Spend: £0.01"
wow 20% off with minimum spend of £30 for free delv !!!!
\end sarcasm
voted cold ... not a major saving.
free delivery won't work for me (yes I am using the 3.95/5.95 one)
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