Thorntons Fudge 180g bag for 73p @ Asda

Thorntons Fudge 180g bag for 73p @ Asda

Found 23rd Oct 2010Made hot 23rd Oct 2010
I ordered two bags of this fudge at 59p for a 180g bag, only for the delivery not to include them because they were out of stock :-( Serves me right for booking a 7-9pm delivery slot I guess.

I just checked the price online and it's gone up to 73p now, but considering the Thorntons Web site sells "fudge cubes" at 69p for 40g, this 180g bag looks like a total steal for 4p more. This should hopefully also be in offline Asda stores, but obviously they're selling like hot (fudge) cakes...


Best. Fudge. Evaaaar.

Yum getting some tomorrow!!!

Cold. I've been to the Thorntons stores and picked up specials / clearance items from 25p for a bag. Outlet stores offer similar value too

fudge packing always gets my vote , heat added
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