Thorntons Premium chocolates £5.99 @ Sainsburys

Thorntons Premium chocolates £5.99 @ Sainsburys

Found 10th Oct 2010
I noticed this at my local sainsburys, it had a promotional barker so I would assume its nationwide.

Was looking to get my wife the normal box of premium chocs and noticed this was half the price and even bigger, quite the bargain. This one is 473g compared to the online ones at 430g and 485g, priced 12.25 and 14.99 respectively

The pic is not exactly accurate, could not find the exact one, it's got xmas baubles on it, its a huge box though so hard to miss

Sorry if its already been posted but this was instore only it would seem (my local sainsburys is in wigston leicster if anyones after specifics)


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really? cool, It's a usual thing when the xmas lines come out to have them cheap when its a couple of months from xmas then put them up to full price when we hit December

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Yep different type, the ones I mentioned are the so called 'premium' ones, not sure how they differ to the ones you've posted ( I think all Thorntons chocs are pretty good) but credit to you because thats a good deal in its own right, My family love Thorntons choccies so I'll venture into co-op to mix things up a bit!
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