Thorntons Xmas chocolate & wine hamper reduced from £99.99 to £30.00

Thorntons Xmas chocolate & wine hamper reduced from £99.99 to £30.00

Found 6th Feb 2007
Thanks to Sexyboy on mse for this!

This Xmas hamper at Thorntons has been reduced to £30.00.
If you use code VCV7 it is discounted to £24.00 then select standard delivery making total of £27.50 delivered!
Plus 12% via quidco!
Please note:- chocolates have expiry date of 28th February

If you take into account quidco and the two bottles of wine included you`re getting a lot of quality chocolate for around £16.00!

- 1303
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Working link is:…htm

After reading the contents, I'm in real need of a chocolate fix right now!!
That's a lot of chocolate to eat in the next 3 weeks!
Just ordered myself one of these, many thanks and great find ! voted hot:thumbsup:
Standard delivery for me is coming up as 4.99, making the total as £28.99.

Which is still a very good deal IMO...
If you proceed through checkout you get the option of standard 3 day delivery for £3.50 :thumbsup:
Superb, massive brownie points for valentines, many thanks :thumbsup:
Great idea for valentines day! I hadn't thought of that and I am sure chocolate is fine for a few weeks after the best before date as long as it is stored correctly. Might have to order one!!
Ho Ho, silly me. Gone through checkout now with £3.50 delivery. Got my quidco to bring overall order to £24.20 for 2 bottles of wine, some christmas stuff and 3,136 grams of quality chocolate.

My OH *will* be pleased with me!

Voted hot and rep given.
Just ordered one for Hubbies Valentines pressie. :-D I wonder who will eat most of it though:thumbsup: His main present will be the exercise we have to do to work the extra calories off :whistling: :whistling: :giggle: :giggle:
I wonder if the GF would notice the Christmas tree on the box...
Colour it in a little, change the shape - Bingo a heart!

Plus bonus points for the "hand crafted" box you've made...
51.50 for two not bad x
hana you must really like chocolate! :giggle:
nice find! How'd you know the expiry date is the 28th though? Thinking it could be a good birthday present for a friend on the 25th....
Voted hot.Its a great deal.
Thanks - ordered one for Valentines
Great deal but I can't justify spending £30 on chocolate. Or can I ?:thumbsup:
Thanks - I am going on holiday - and leaving my husband at home on Valentines day - now he will have some chocolate to eat through!
gone for it with gold delivery! great valentines pressie me thinks.

Doh forgot to put a valentines message on the card that comes free with it


Great deal but I can't justify spending £30 on chocolate. Or can I … Great deal but I can't justify spending £30 on chocolate. Or can I ?:thumbsup:

But you can justify spending it on chocolate AND wine :P
You can claim free Thorntons Fruit Jellies with voucher code LS8426 AND 20% DISCOUNT at [url][/url]
Also you can claim Free Taittinger Champagne and 20% discount at [url][/url]
This is a great find. This is my first post on this site, but bought some great deals off here!! Merry Christmas :santa: or should i say Happy valentines :-D . Oh well its choc and wine so who cares :thumbsup:
The idea for vallentines is great and what a great price too...guess that I'll just have to eat through all the obvious stuff that points it to being a christmas hamper (ie. the santa, reindeer & snowman lollies) - suppose I could force myself. Thanks for the info.
Shilpa Shetty

Self-promo removed...

Now you tell me :w00t: after I have ordered!!!!
nice find, voted hot. not going for it tho as i dont like posh chocolate:giggle:
Not sure i'll have room for any jellies anyway Shilpa

Great Deal!!
Should keep everyone happy apart from maybe the family dietician

Voted hot
It's not liking the VCV7 code I'm putting in.... any suggestions?

nice find! How'd you know the expiry date is the 28th though? Thinking it … nice find! How'd you know the expiry date is the 28th though? Thinking it could be a good birthday present for a friend on the 25th....

I was going to save some for Mothers day too :-(
Sorry had a funny moment - forgot to click submit code!!
Just ignore me.:oops:
Eden 321g = £13.95
Milk and dark white classics = £5.75
Desert gallery = £6.75
Continental 500g = £13.50
Chocolate smothered orange slices = ?
Mulled toffee = ?
Wintered choccies = ?
Assorted fudge = £5
Toffee Biscuits 150g = ?
Milk Chocolate Reindeer Lolly = ?
Milk Chocolate Santa Lolly = ?
White Chocolate Snowman Lolly = ?

Total chocolate value: £44.95

These are really non-seasonal. I am betting the best before dates for these is not too bad!!

The other items. I don’t know how much they are worth. I take a guess:

Toffee Biscuits 150g = 4
Milk Chocolate Reindeer Lolly = 2
Milk Chocolate Santa Lolly = 2
White Chocolate Snowman Lolly = 2
Wintered choccies = 10
Chocolate smothered orange slices = 4
Mulled toffee = 5

= £29

Wine seems to be produced by same company looking at picture. Both are Italian.

A little research on site of thortons.

The red is a Bolla Valpolicella Classico = £7

The white is a Bolla Pinot Grigio = £7

= £14

SO… wine + chocolate (that I definitely know price) = £58.95

So about 50% original cost..

.. but plus xmas stuff = £89 (close to £90 selling value so estimates probably right!!) = 60% saving
Ya'll have fat pants now =P
says on site it's no longer available!
same for me, offer finished :-(
unavailable - oh well never mind - my waist will thank me
Thank you for this great post :-D just ordered one for husband.
Total payed using Quidco £24.20.
Just a thought, if it comes in a Christmas Hamper - we can repack the box in something more suitable like a red box/wicker basket ;-) with the seasonal items removed...
I filled in the free card to say Happy Valentine's Day.
Will vote HOT.

Gosh, just seen the replies above mine! HUSBAND WAS LUCKY! to get one of the last few...
Best Wishes...
Ordered 2, voted hot, cheers!
Oh knickers I missed it :x
My quidco just came through - £3.30 - thanks once again
Had my order confimed about 18.40 last night but Thorntons just phoned saying they had sold out of the Christmas hamper and were unable to fulfill the order. :-( They offered a 'Tastes of Christmas' box as an alternative, but it didn't sound anywhere near as good a deal as the hamper.
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