Thorpe Park Season Pass (Pay for a day, come back for a year) £49

Thorpe Park Season Pass (Pay for a day, come back for a year) £49

Found 11th Jan
Pay for a day come for the year…

Thorpe Park has followed suit with Alton Towers and will be offering guests the opportunity of buying a Thorpe Park only Annual Pass. At the price of a normal park entry ticket £49 guests can come back for the year.

With the Merlin Annual Pass sale on at the moment, the only downside to getting a Thorpe Park only annual pass is that you don’t get the car park fee included. Whereas if you were to buy a Premium Annual Pass you get special events, car park and access to all of the UK Merlin Parks.…ses

“Pay for a day, come back for a year

Invites to Exclusive Events

20% Off Food and Beverages

20% Off Retail

Up to 20% Off THORPE SHARK Hotel Stays

Discounts to bring friends throughout the year

Print & Post Now Available - Get your Pass printed and sent out to you for FREE!

Please note: Special Events (e.g. FRIGHT NIGHTS) will incur an extra charge

*Terms and conditions”

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Pay for a day and never return when you see how bad it is 🤔
JulianDean6 m ago

Pay for a day and never return when you see how bad it is 🤔

We went last summer and enjoyed it, although the ghost train was rubbish hyped up
Do LEGOLAND ever have this offer?
sahotag30 m ago

Do LEGOLAND ever have this offer?

Sometimes! Always worth keeping an eye out
Worth it if you go at least twice in a year (March-Oct 2018) and you have other people to go with. If not just book online in advance or get the 2-4-1 offers
2-4-1 but you have to pay gate price so just ok for 2 or 4 tickets but rubbish for a family of 3 or 5 but like faz10 says good deal if planning on more than one visit . Looks like all the parks are doing this. Alton towers , Thorpe , chessington , merlin pass is obviously not selling too good in the last few years lol
To me it's not worth it as I'd you going during holiday time as many do with kids.....your just queuing all day.....waste of time.imo. as you get to go on very few rides and the stress just isn't with it
Shame on those parents who say its not worth it. Shame. On. You! Its thorpe park! Rollercoasters!!! Woo!
This is expired but valid on the Thorpe Park site...
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