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A major UK theme park located in Surrey, Thorpe Park encompasses rides, attractions and restaurants, along with an onsite hotel. It’s possible to save money on day tickets or weekend breaks at the resort, by checking for the latest offers on the HotUKDeals Thorpe Park page. Read more

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Thorpe Park Pay for a Day and Get 2015 Season Pass £49.99
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Posted 22nd May 2015Posted 22nd May 2015
Thorpe Park Pay for a Day and Get 2015 Season Pass £49.99
This deal is on the Thorpe Park Website today. The price for a Season Pass is down to a Day Pass.

Great deal for theme park lovers.

Two days worth of Tickets + Early Ride Time + 1 night in Shark Hotel + Breakfast + WiFi + Free Parking from Approx £54p @ Thorpe Park (Family Four)
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Posted 5th May 2015Posted 5th May 2015
Two days worth of Tickets + Early Ride Time + 1 night in Shark Hotel + Breakfast + WiFi + Free Parking from Approx £54p @ Thorpe Park (Family Four)
Various dates, some slightly higher depending on dates Note this is based on a Family of four - Note can be 4 adults if you wish or 2 adults and 2 children etc 9th june £215 = £… Read more
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win 10 pairs of tickets to thorpe park :


The shark name may be financially motivated, not marine


oh wow, it is literally like a porta-cabin


The 54p part attracted me, until I woke up a little and noticed the £ in front. I'm guessing they meant £54pp. Oh well, sorry family.


Beware, this is their deluxe cabin!!!

Thorpe Park Half Price Tickets on there official website  at £24.99 a ticket.
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Posted 26th Oct 2014Posted 26th Oct 2014
Thorpe Park Half Price Tickets on there official website at £24.99 a ticket.
O2 Priority are doing a Half Price Deal at £24.99 a ticket. You have to buy 2-5 ticket s to get the half price and once purchased through the website you can print out your park ti… Read more
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Thanks for this - I promised my son I would take him to fright night tomorrow. The tickets were £24.99 a week ago, but it's taken him a while to check if any of his friends want to come and when i went back to book today the price is over £40 a ticket, using the code got me back down to the original price - so thanks for that


Heyyy It says O2 priority, does this mean it is only exclusive to O2 customers. Or can anyone use it?


Where do they get that it's 50% off? Tickets range from £24.99 to £39.99. Granted still a saving on certain days, but certainly not 50% off.

All Inclusive One Day Digital Photopass for Thorpe Park (via for £20
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Posted 10th Sep 2014Posted 10th Sep 2014LocalLocal
All Inclusive One Day Digital Photopass for Thorpe Park (via for £20
For £20 you can get digital copies of all your ride photos for a day at Thorpe Park. This is a big saving over getting several physical prints with the free digital copies. We … Read more

Good thinking there Bat Man ..... :-)


True say on that one ..... :-( Lol. :-)


Possibly true, but if you want images of you and your friends of partners on several rides this is a poorly advertised option. You could combine it with another deal for getting photos printed and get a lot of physical images for a much lower price.


Here is a large version of the T&Cs picture [image missing]And one of the other side of the cards Your text hereYou can see the £20 charge on our receipt. This deal does not seem to come up on their website or anywhere else online. We found out about it from a couple we saw using their voucher at the ride exit.


I'm not really sure you can directly compare the cost with that of a physical print (which is also a rip off). The whole point is that it's a keepsake.

thorpe park ministry of sound from £15
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Posted 6th Sep 2014Posted 6th Sep 2014
thorpe park ministry of sound from £15
tickets are now on sale (although, ive just seen them, was on here last week and didnt see this however did see the fright night tickets) tickets star from £15 (if you have an ann… Read more

There is zero mention of the who the DJ line up are, which to me is the crucial detail. So I dug around and hear it's Just Geo and Charlie Tee. I think the former plays dubstep and the latter, no idea. It won't be a great evening musically anyway.

1 Night stay in the new 4* Thorpe 'Shark' Hotel with free wi-fi +  2 Days park tickets including Exclusive First To Ride Time + Breakfast + Entertainment + Free Parking  £160 for family of four @ Thorpe Park
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Posted 6th May 2014Posted 6th May 2014
1 Night stay in the new 4* Thorpe 'Shark' Hotel with free wi-fi + 2 Days park tickets including Exclusive First To Ride Time + Breakfast + Entertainment + Free Parking £160 for family of four @ Thorpe Park
£160 for the 12th May / 13th May / 14th May / 15th May / 16th May - You can get cheaper by staying off site but think the extra money is well worth the stay and having thorpe park… Read more
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Heat for the entertainment in this post!


Breakfast for four at Premier Inn: £33 Plus the petrol to get to and from the park PLUS parking at the hotel AND early entry It more than cancels out that £24.04 Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.


All I'm going to say is Big Lol ! Hot deal tho !


Can anyone tell me the ages of the kids please ta.

Thorpe park annual pass £48
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Posted 25th Mar 2014Posted 25th Mar 2014
Thorpe park annual pass £48
Just seen this. Great price for annual pass.

Family of 3adults and 6kids looking for deals for a day out at Thorpe park in August 2014 stopping at Thorpe park caravan park at haven net to Thorpe park can you help I've sin the Kellogg's free adult entry voucher s but just can't get enough off them thanks


£55.60 ??


Very tempting....


They charge for parking now?!


does this include parking? (£5 a visit currently)

Thorpe Park Tickets for £20 each on many 2014 dates, when booked before 31st March online.
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Posted 3rd Mar 2014Posted 3rd Mar 2014
Thorpe Park Tickets for £20 each on many 2014 dates, when booked before 31st March online.
Does what it says on the tin.. £20 entry on many 2014 dates when booked online before 31st March 2014

Nice one. I also post that some time ago :)


Just booked :) Annual passes are only £48 too


Was able to book today :-P


Heat added but couldn't book as tickets "unavailable" :-/


It depends on the ride but expect 1-2 hours on peak days.

Thorpe Park Annual Pass only £48 plus 20% off food and shopping while there.
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Posted 9th Jan 2014Posted 9th Jan 2014
Thorpe Park Annual Pass only £48 plus 20% off food and shopping while there.
Get an Annual pass to Thorpe for the same price as a one day pass, Plus 20% off at the park on food and shopping. Grab a THORPE PARK Annual Pass and enjoy 12 months of adrenaline-… Read more

You jammy sod..


Got merlin annual passes for £40 each when we stayed at the alton towers hotel at the end of December it was discounted from £79 as we were hotel guests - couldnt say no for that price!!


Then go for a weekend. Its a pass for the whole season after all


Ok if you dont mind going out of season otherwise long queues, broken down rides, packed park with hordes of teenagers.


Yes it is. £105 for a single pass.

Thorpe Park annual pass £48.00
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Posted 9th Dec 2013Posted 9th Dec 2013
Thorpe Park annual pass £48.00
Just thought I would look on the Thorpe Park site for new rides for 2014 and saw that they are doing the annual pass for £48 - basically the same price as one on the door ticket. O… Read more
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If people are having trouble on their mobile's, here's a link to help.


His come this isn't expired? Got my hopes up :/


Heat added!


Totally agree - when does that tend to happen?


I want to go to the Dungeons in London, I want to go on the Eye, I want to go to Thorpe Park also... I might wait for the Merlin pass then....

Thorpe Park tickets £20 @ Thorpe Park
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Posted 6th Sep 2013Posted 6th Sep 2013
Thorpe Park tickets £20 @ Thorpe Park
£20 Tickets for Thorpe Park when booking 2 days or more in advance on their website. Offer running for next 10 days and for dates up until Friday 4th October This makes it cheape… Read more
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Going on Monday with sub tickets but hot either way :)


£5 Details here


(Last year)


Around £7 last time I went


Anyone know how much is it to park there?

2 for £2 dr pepper at Thorpe park
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Posted 29th Aug 2013Posted 29th Aug 2013
2 for £2 dr pepper at Thorpe park
Bottles of dr pepper (500ml) are 2 for £2 at Thorpe park. Other drinks are £1.90 a bottles and a large water (750ml) is £2. This is my first post so hope everything is done ok.


No it would be £27 for two bottles - with a day out thrown in for free..


Got free Thorpe Park tickets with The Sun so this is hot from me :)


Is Thorpe park operating like most cinemas and disallowing brought in food/drink or am I missing something? If your on a cheap day out then its best to take a packup and a few bottles of drinks each. Anyway you can get 20% off all food/drink in the park if you have an annual pass which is worth noting.


I'am not there so it would cost me £27 a bottle. Cold ;)

Thorpe park annual pass 55.60 @ Thorpe Park
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Posted 21st Aug 2013Posted 21st Aug 2013
Thorpe park annual pass 55.60 @ Thorpe Park
Thorpe park annual pass only £55.60. I think they are usually £86.00. Do not renew you pass either because that costs £68.00. Hope this helps somebody.

Your welcome , btw ! !


Get the train to Staines on SWT (direct from London W.Loo about 40 mins, Clapham half hour,Rreading, Windsor trains etc all go to Staines ) then get then Thorpe Park shuttle bus that runs every ten mins or so. Sadly the shuttle bus isn't free and don't take Bus passes or Oyster and the fare is very expensive, I think about £2 each way!


Ok could someone help me out? Info seems a bit sparse on their site. You pay £55.60 and then on the day you want to visit you have to queue up and tell them to print your pass? Do you take a photo with you, do they take one of you there? And then it's valid for a year from that date? And it's an extra £5 for the Fright Nights? Questions, questions... Also any ideas on the best public transport routes, prices of the buses etc? Cheers


Forgot to vote hot, opps.


I think its a year from your first visit.

Thorpe park tickets £20.00
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Posted 13th Aug 2013Posted 13th Aug 2013
Thorpe park tickets £20.00
As describe. Certain dates apply but seems a huge saving on usual prices. First date seems to be 14/08 until 11/09 Enjoy
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link not showing £20 deal :(


Thanks! Been thinking the sane. If people find them for less than £20 there certainly not posting on here!!


Don't know why its cold. Its a good offer. Have some heat


Good find OP! Might come in handy for those with kids to please for another few weeks ;)


Cheaper than the typical buy one get one free offer (Single normal ticket is £45.60)

Thorpe Park - Season Pass £43.20 & Annual Pass £53.20
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Posted 6th Jul 2013Posted 6th Jul 2013
Thorpe Park - Season Pass £43.20 & Annual Pass £53.20
Typically the entrance fee for Thorpe Park is £43.20. They're offering unlimited entrance for the same price, for the rest of 2013. For £10 more you can get the annual pass which … Read more

my bad ...


Now, this is what Im talking about.


Does this seasonal pass have a name or any sort of picture or Id on it, or is it just a card? Please quickly reply


If they are anything like the Merlin passes they have a Photo on them, and you risk losing it if someone else tries to use your pass.


Is there anything to stop you lending these passes to a family member or friend? Or do they have photo id?

2 for 1 at Thorpe Park
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Posted 25th Mar 2013Posted 25th Mar 2013
2 for 1 at Thorpe Park
2 for 1 deal at Thorpe Park. I know these 2 for 1 deals are quite common, its normally a matter of finding a code. So here it is for people looking for a code. Be warned there are… Read more
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Just bought some Kellogg's cereal and they have BOGOF vouchers on adult tickets for loads of places including legoland, chessington etc. Not voting either way cause still a good enough deal.


But this is cheaper for two people than buying two child's tickets, even online in advance. Plus you don't have to buy the Frosties.


Could anyone let me know if they find any for pleasure beach blackpool. Thanks


Do you know if it works for Alton towers too please?


Any of these for Chessington

THORPE PARK Annual Passes - 30% off - £58 @
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Posted 17th Dec 2012Posted 17th Dec 2012
THORPE PARK Annual Passes - 30% off - £58 @
Grab THORPE PARK Annual Passes for 12 months of adrenaline-fuelled fun at the nation's Thrill Capital! Buy a THORPE PARK Annual Pass online before 2nd January 2013 and save a whop… Read more
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Wrong way round mate, AT is way behind.


Just thorpe park!


is this just thorpe park or are other theme parks included?


Try to go to Thorpe Park at least once a year. IMO, Stealth, Swarm, Nemesis Inferno and Collosus are all great rides - easily a match for Alton Towers, although not as nice grounds. Nice price for an annual pass - hot.


good price for an annual pass - assuming you can find two relatively dry weekends worth going in... :P The "Rush" ride is great though - can do that all day!

Thorpe Park family ticket + parking + debit charges £30.15
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Posted 11th Mar 2012Posted 11th Mar 2012
Thorpe Park family ticket + parking + debit charges £30.15
Just been to look for tickets for sons birthday managed to book a family ticket, 2 adults + 2 ids or 1 adult + 3 kids , says over £100 but checked out at just over 30 bargain! For… Read more
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this is an old thread


How much wood it be for a famly of 6


It's 4 quid...just answered my own question.


I only booked car parking for one day, does anyone know how much it is to pay on the day?


well i purchased 5 lots of the family tickets and we all went on saturday 14th and the spare tickets i sold on the gates and those people went in fine brillant day wished id purchased for later in the yr now gutted but nevermind

Thorpe Park 45% Off Adult Tickets
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Posted 14th Jul 2011Posted 14th Jul 2011
Thorpe Park 45% Off Adult Tickets
Just got this in an email from them: Head down to THORPE PARK before the 8th August and grab a MASSIVE 45% off adult tickets. That’s a saving of over £17 on the walk-up price! G… Read more
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Sunday 3 For 2 Tickets @ Thorpe Park
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Posted 1st Apr 2011Posted 1st Apr 2011
Sunday 3 For 2 Tickets @ Thorpe Park
Grab a FREE ticket when you book with 2 of your mates in our Sundays 3 for 2 offer! But hurry only 300 available each Sunday! Sunday’s aren’t for chilling, they are for Thrilling … Read more

Thorpe Park 50% off tickets, 1000 only!
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Posted 16th Feb 2011Posted 16th Feb 2011
Thorpe Park 50% off tickets, 1000 only!
Adult ticket - £19.80 Can upgrade to a 2 or 3 day ticket for £6-7 Only 1000 tickets for this price, its a brilliant park and well worth a visit. Don't forget your car parking to… Read more
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This seems to suggest it is only for groups of 10 or more

Thorpe Park 2 for 1 Annual Pass £90 works out at £45 per person
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Posted 1st Oct 2010Posted 1st Oct 2010
Thorpe Park 2 for 1 Annual Pass £90 works out at £45 per person
I know this has been posted a few months ago but some people may have missed it and it is still available.

If they are under 1 meter they get in free.


Are the children under 4 go free ? any idea thanks


Unfortunately there is only 10% off at Legoland at the mo. You could use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers if you shop there, thats what we do.


any idea for similar offer of LEGOLAND ??


deal is not expire.

bounce back ticket at thorpe park for 1 pound
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Posted 11th Aug 2010Posted 11th Aug 2010
bounce back ticket at thorpe park for 1 pound
first post so be nice Buy a full price ticket,u can use buy 1 get1 free tickets as well and on ur way back from customer services in the park buy a bouce back ticket for 1 pound.… Read more

amazing deal, planning to go next weekend for my 21st :) thanks for posting!


u can go yourself or give the tickets to someone else


2 days back to back at thorpe park...... i feel old!! hot


Good find. Heat added


Thanks...heat added

Thorpe Park 2-4-1 Tickets! £19
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Posted 30th Jul 2010Posted 30th Jul 2010
Thorpe Park 2-4-1 Tickets! £19
If your going to Thorpe Park either today (30/07) or tomorrow (31/07) then buy your tickets direct from them it's 2-4-1. However if y… Read more

it's all about Alton towers!


You can usually find 2 for 1 on web quite often with So its not really a new deal but one that has been around for a while.


p.s. there's obviously loads of other stuff you can spend your 9 points on! Alton towers 2 for 1 Chessington 2 for 1 The Dungeons 2 for 1 LEGOLAND® Windsor 2 for 1 Madame Tussauds 2 for 1 SEA LIFE Centres 2 for 1 Warwick Castle 2 for 1 All for 5 points!

Thorpe park Annual Pass 2 for £90 (£45 each)
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Posted 26th Jul 2010Posted 26th Jul 2010
Thorpe park Annual Pass 2 for £90 (£45 each)
£90 Thorpe park Annual Pass 2 for £90 (£45 each) 2 Annual passes for Thorpe Park for the price of one. This is a better offer than 1 annaul pass for £43.50 as it doesn't require… Read more
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doesnt include fast track but does include 20 percent off all merchandise and food at thorpe park owned food stands and shops


Me too are confused with the figures. £90 for 2 annual passes, where as a single annual pass is £43.50. Surely the figures are wrong here on the single annual pass price?


It's only £2 for the whole day or free to annual pass holders.


Lots more rides at Thorpe Park, but they have the animals and (tiny) sealife bit at Chessington, which I'm sure your son would prefer. I have a Merlin annual pass - few ppl are aware the standard pass is only valid for 11 months (not August) for the London attractions. The more expensive pass is valid for the full 12months.

Thorpe Park annual Pass - buy one get one free
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Posted 6th Nov 2009Posted 6th Nov 2009
Thorpe Park annual Pass - buy one get one free
I know this was posted a little while ago, but just wanted to update as the offer is still on until 8th November. It's not on the web site but of you call 0871 663 1673 then press… Read more
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I can't get on the rides I am too big !


Got mine a about 2 mouths ago been a least 5 times now. Great deal

Buy One Get One Free - Thorpe Park Annual Passes - 12 months unlimited entry to THORPE PARK - the nation's Thrill Capital! Thats £34 each
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Posted 29th Jul 2009Posted 29th Jul 2009LocalLocal
Buy One Get One Free - Thorpe Park Annual Passes - 12 months unlimited entry to THORPE PARK - the nation's Thrill Capital! Thats £34 each
My friend last week went to Thorpe Park, and told me about this offer. Thorpe Park are offering BOGOF on their ANNUAL PASSES. Normally these are £68 for an individual, but because … Read more
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can someone confirm how to get this deal. Do you put in 1 ticket needed on the annual pass BOGOF page, and this allows you to pick 2 up? I have tried putting 2 in thinking it would knock £75 off, but it doesnt. Not very clear me thinks:thinking:


Anyone interested in buying just 1 annual pass by any chance?


Indeed, whenever I have to head round the M25 I pop in and hardcore stealth single rider. Did it 10 times in a row once and felt well sick ;-x


I would have loved this offer then certainly :-) I live near and pass the park on the way to and from my kids house so would often pop in at the end of the day when the park was quiet. That's the big advantage of the annual pass you don't have to make a day of it.


I have no intention of allowing anyone else to use my family's passes - but I have to say that there is no way that anyone could possibly check our identities against the pictures, which are very faint and blurred. One concern is that the bar code on the back is itself faint and poorly printed in places, so I am not sure that the scanner at the Park will recognise them! 25 visits in one year shows great enthusiasm (!) - and obviously that represents very good value indeed.

Thorpe Park Annual Pass - £43.50 (Further discount with NUS card and 20% off everything in Thorpe Park) (Nb only works for  the fully paid tickets not the free one)
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Posted 19th May 2009Posted 19th May 2009LocalLocal
Right well i just got back from Thorpe Park and managed to get an annual pass for £26 and only paid £17.50 to get in, a total of only £43.50, considering entrance for one adult is … Read more
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Actually haven't Thorpe Park recently started charging? Although it is still free for annual pass holders.


amazing deal but i think ive got £3.50 in club card points lol :x This is for people without the points


not if you have 4 people going, then you can get 2 passes :-D


But it's only off one Annual pass - unless your a loner, it doesn't help much!


]http:// i'hv take this one last sunday night still waiting for the form. its only £37.50 with clubcard vouchers..!!! The Merlin Annual Pass gives you 12 months Unlimited entry** to the UK's top attractions: Alton Towers Resort, LEGOLAND® Windsor, THORPE PARK, Chessington World of Adventures & Zoo, Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Warwick Castle, SEA LIFE Centres/Sanctuaries and the Dungeons. :thumbsup:

2 days for the price of 1 at Thorpe park - £20 (for 2 days) @ lastminute - including half term!
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Posted 13th Jan 2009Posted 13th Jan 2009
2 days for the price of 1 at Thorpe park - £20 (for 2 days) @ lastminute - including half term!
WOW great deal for 2 days at Thorpe park - from £20 for 2 days! includes half term February Half Term THORPE PARK is calling all hardcore thrill seekers to brave the February weat… Read more

Sorry This has been posted before

Adutl ticket £20 - Child £15 - Thorpe park - SAVE £12
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Posted 4th Aug 2008Posted 4th Aug 2008
Adutl ticket £20 - Child £15 - Thorpe park - SAVE £12
For hard-core adrenalin junkies, THORPE PARK is the must do destination for insanely thrilling, adrenaline fuelled fun! Unleash the dare devil within and take on the loops, spins, … Read more

Not bad if you enjoy the heady stench of B.O.


this is a great deal if you are in a group of 3 as we were yesterday, although we used COKEZONE to get £12 off, you only needed to fill in 2 mini surveys to get enough points to get the voucher. BOGOF is great deal for pairs of people but you dont want to have to pay full price for the odd number - hot deal.


yeah me too. the sun had BOGOF which includes for August, also had a bottle of fanta with the same offer, so cold i'm affraid!! PS, im going tomorrow and i'll be using the vouchers!!


Ive got loads of various BOGOF vouchers (Tesco.Fina.Woolies etc)and they can all be used in August


yes but most bogof vouchers cant be used in August

£10.00 off entry to Thorpe Park Blast
Posted 11th Oct 2007Posted 11th Oct 2007
£10.00 off entry to Thorpe Park Blast
Just had this through on email and thought it may be useful to someone! :- _________________________ Book online before 18th October and save £10 off entry to the explosive Thorpe… Read more

cool, thanks for this , hopefully get OH to book looks a good day out

Buy One Get One Free Entry To Thorpe Park
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Posted 23rd May 2007Posted 23rd May 2007
Buy One Get One Free Entry To Thorpe Park
Buy One Get One Free voucher for Thorpe Park tickets! To take advantage of the offer, simply print off your voucher below, and when you purchase one adult day ticket at Thorpe Par… Read more
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The tickets from come to £18 using the code. Using the Virgin 2 for 1 deal, they would come to £16 each. Surely the Virgin voucher is the better deal if buying more than one ticket (most likely).


Better take advantage of this before school trip/summer holiday season kicks in.. so i'm going this friday :D Thanks OP!


You have to put something else in your basket first before you put the park tickets in. I think the code is for 25% off. Great deal.


I tried his comments but i couldn't get it to work. will try it again tonight.


Thorpe park is £18 without Quidco

Thorpe Park £15 each 10th February to 11th March 2007
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Posted 10th Jan 2007Posted 10th Jan 2007
Thorpe Park £15 each 10th February to 11th March 2007 Normal online price is £18, or £24 in the summer. Not sure how much will be opening, but this is their first year of w… Read more

Sorry Kattiuxka but it looks like this deal expired on 31st January. If you post in the Deal Request forum, someone might be able to help you. Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way :)


It doesn't seem to be up anymore! I went to the page and I really want to find 2 for 1 entries as we are 14 ... could anyone please help?


I went 2 for 1 with gosummer with wife and kids, and then got £10 bounce backs for the rest of the season.. You can bounceback a bounceback..


No worries mate, hopefully if people book this again this year, they'll make the same offer but bare in mind that they will only give you £10 tickets for each valid ticket you show for the day, so if 5 people went on the day, you can buy upto 5 tickets for £10 each. I did this last year but needed to get an extra couple tickets as we were going in a larger group for the next visit, so i had to flirt with the girl but then my gf walked up to us as soon as she gave me the tickets, so i just said thanks and walked off...... the girl seemed quite stunned that i didn't ask for her number and walked off :p


Useful to know :) Thanks realfriendlyman!

£10 entry to Thorpe Park
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Posted 22nd Jul 2006Posted 22nd Jul 2006
£10 entry to Thorpe Park
I've no idea where Thorpe Park is (!) but I'm sure this will be of use to some people. It is a printable voucher giving you reduced entry fees to the theme park. Simply click the l… Read more

Woeked for me too, got 5 people in for £50. Thanks hotukdeals 8)


Excellent Stuff. Worked like a treat. This is such a fantastic concept. I mean, the concept of sharing various packages/deals/discounts/promotions. Thanks again. Hardik


WHOO HOO!!! Good stuff!


Thanks emmajk42. Printed the voucher for myself and family (2+2) with first names inserted on forms and went to Thorpe Park today in the hope that they would work, but prepared to pay the £78 if they didn't. Worked a treat, saved me £38 and had a great day. Rep updated. Mark.


did you put your full name or just your first name? cheers


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