Threadless $10 sale, $30 hoodies
Threadless $10 sale, $30 hoodies

Threadless $10 sale, $30 hoodies

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Threadless 10th Birthday sale apparently coincides with 10/10/10. Lots of tshirts $10, hoodies $30. As mentioned on previous deals beware of import tax and custom fees, someone linked dutycalculator.com before.

Standard shipping is done by weight so it varies on how many items you order. Ordered 3 ts and a hoodie and shipping was $15.


How is this a deal?

Rubbish Tees... Rubbish prices. Cold from me.


Rubbish Tees... Rubbish prices. Cold from me.

And you have to make sure you don't get import taxes on them etc.

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I've been ordering Ts from them for years, nothing wrong with the quality, I've got 3 year old Ts i've worn fairly consistently for the 3 years I've had them and they still look great. The designs are fun, and they are usually $15 to $20, so a $10 sale is a deal, no?

I think some of the posts for threadless are because of affiliate programs, not saying this post is but some are, however if you want to visit a similar site in the Uk where you can vote on what gets printed on a t-shirt try teetonic.com/

Hot from me... most of my t-shirt are from Threadless, great designs and great prices with these deals

Bought loads from them, half my tshirst in fact. Its not exactly difficult to keep under the import limit, just don't order if its over £18. Saying that I've gone over quite a few times and never been hit anyway, must be lucky.

Last order I placed was for five shirts and the import duty was £12. So that's £2.40 on top for each one... making a grand total of £8.67 per shirt, still a pretty good deal imo!

I have ordered stuff from them before and never been disappointed-voted hot.

all the tees i've ordered from these guys have been really nice quality and fit.
I'm surprised to see the negative comments about them...

I can understand the crying about import duty...people don't want to have to do super complicated mathmatics to work out if they'll be stung for it becau.....oh wait....the math is real easy

why cold? Thanks for the heads up on the sale, I'm going to order 2 or 3.

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Well I'm glad it was of use to some people
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