Threadless - 20% off  via mobile site

Threadless - 20% off via mobile site

Found 8th Feb 2011
Threadless have launched a mobile site (not sure when - couldn't find anything on here) and they are giving 20% off any order placed via it.

Note that if you have an account with them and have added things to your basket on a computer these will show up when you login on your phone, so you could just checkout on your phone/iPod touch/computer running FireFox with user agent switcher/other instead of going through the whole site on a small screen.

(hopefully still works when their next sale comes around )


Er.. this looks like a US site... Not applicable here, I think.. But some cool designs and good prices!

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Other Threadless stuff has been posted before, am I meant to have flagged it as non-UK?

First deal posted so I'm not surprised if I did something wrong.

Who cares if you did something wrong? Not me!! In fact, it could easily be me that is wrong
I saw some nice looking shirts (love this one!)
Just double-checking, that's all. Keep posting deals!!
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I've bought some really nice t-shirts from Threadless after reading about them on this site, so well done for posting this! So long as the app works here, and you can use it to have them delivered here, then it's all good!

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Not even an app, just a website so it's not restricted to anything in particular. Could probably finish the order on a DSi or PSP if it took your fancy
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