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All Threadless T-shirts $12 / £9 - £16.89 delivered
Found 24th May 2017Found 24th May 2017
All Threadless T-shirts $12 / £9 - £16.89 delivered
Rest of May

Yes, sorry, thats what I was meaning. 20% vat plus any handling fee from royal mail for collecting the vat (which I believe is currently £8!).


Rubbish. There's no duties if the total FOB does not exceed £135.00. You may have to pay VAT though.


Buy more than one and you could get stung for import duty.


I've bought two :(


Threadless lost me as a customer a long time ago, when the decided to start using "vintage" style tees. THe quality fell through the floor. They weren't even tube spun, WHICH IS WHY THEY WERE CALLED "THREADLESS" in the first place. How are they now?

Threadless Mystery Tee 3 Pack with code £14.80ish delivered
Found 22nd Oct 2013Found 22nd Oct 2013
Threadless Mystery Tee 3 Pack with code £14.80ish delivered
Always mixed reviews on these T-Shirts but I think the quality has improved over the last year. Use SPOOKY30 for 30% off all full price items, I used it on a mystery pack so will… Read more

well for me my paypal came up $23.90 too but using their current conversion rate that came to slightly over £15, with the prepaid customs option coming at a hair under £18. i like the designs but with such a long shipping time plus the uncertainty over customs charges/delays and the random factor think i'll skip this deal. heated anyway for anyone willing to take the risks.


Just wondering if anyone can clarify whether there are additional charges? Or if it is as the OP says and will cost around £15?


when you go through to paypal you get slapped with $16 shipping thats almost as much as the tshirts cost :(


Order this at the price I got you won't get any import tax on it.


From my order email: Order Summary: Standard (1-3 weeks) + 1 - 3 business days processing time (1) Mystery Tee - Small Mystery Color Guys Mystery Tee 3 Pack - $20.00 -------------------------------------------------- Item(s) cost: $20.00 Shipping cost: $9.90 -------------------------------------------------- Subtotal: $29.90 -------------------------------------------------- -$6.00(30% Off: SPOOKY30) -$23.90(credit card) -------------------------------------------------- Total cost: $23.90

All Tshirts $15 at Threadless
Found 23rd May 2013Found 23rd May 2013
All Tshirts $15 at Threadless
Every Tshirt is $15 until Tuesday

decent deal if you are looking to buy some of the disney or marvel shirts which are hardly ever included in their sales. Unfortunately at this price you can only buy 1 shirt at a time before you start attracting custom charges


They identified quality as a major problem and have since stopped using some suppliers and have created their own much higher quality blank


Plus $9 postage and the quality for the last ones I bought was awful (very thin cheap cotton) - so much so I'm never buying again.


Heat from me.

$9.99 Tees @ Threadless
Found 23rd Nov 2012Found 23rd Nov 2012
$9.99 Tees @ Threadless
Part of the Black Friday Sale. Selected Tees $9.99

And the impo And the import duty tax. I've been stung with that before, ended up turning a £30 in to something like £50 by the time shipping and tax was included - great t shirts, I just wish they had a better UK operation.


Shame about the $9 shipping...

Threadless T-Shirts $9.99 Each plus $9 Shipping
Found 14th May 2012Found 14th May 2012
Threadless T-Shirts $9.99 Each plus $9 Shipping
Remember only buy 2 per order to avoid VAT rates @ £18. Hope they are better quality than their own cheapo brand.

I am wearing that one right now. GF's parents live in the states so that makes it a little easier. I just go and pick them up when I'm over.


Thanks, I did not know this.


VAT kicks in at £15 now and not £18 btw.


I got 5 Threadless T-shirts last year. They are great quality, wear them all the time. I did get smacked with a £15 import tax/brokerage charge though! Should probably think about that before ordering.


Ordered this one

Threadless $7.50 T-Shirts + $9 shipping
Found 31st Jan 2012Found 31st Jan 2012
Threadless $7.50 T-Shirts + $9 shipping
6 of Threadless's best selling T-shirts are only $7.50 for the next 48 hours. Excellent value as their prices are normally around $20 and they have good reputation for quality. Del… Read more

They used to be great, the shirts were American made tube spun so you didn't have seams up the sides hence "Threadless" The 3 guys who started it sold it last year one has stayed on in some capacity but they changed shirt manufacturers a lot in a short space of time, if you ask about it on Facebook or twitter the either delete the comment or give you the "we're going for a vintage feel" company BS Still at least Teefury and Redbubble still seem to be doing right


Ordered 7 or 8 before Christmas and all but 2 are quite thin, one very much so. And they had vat and handling chargeif youchoose standard delivery its royal mail express i ups


I have 6 of these now I think... great sizing and quality is top on all bar one strangely, I guess I just wear it the most!


I bought about 6 months ago, quality was awful. Shame designs are awsome.


Well obviously you wouldn't just buy one - if you buy three that works out $31 or just under £20 or £6.56 per t-shirt which is a bargain.

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Threadless $5 tees are back. All sizes in Guys, Girls and Baby!
Found 27th Jan 2012Found 27th Jan 2012
Threadless $5 tees are back. All sizes in Guys, Girls and Baby!
For those who like to sport something different, now Threadless have finished their $9 'sale', they have tons of tees for just $5 a piece! Ordering up to four shirts comes in abou… Read more
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I stand corrected - I did not know that. The shirts arrived today though, and the value on the customs form was the goods-only value ($20, so well within the limit), yay!


That's incorrect, the postage is counted as part of the overall value.


Sizing comparison with Topman, I would check the size guide of wherever you buy most of your T shirts from and then make your order... Size Topman Threadless S 36-38 36-38 M 38-40 39-41 L 40-42 42-44 XL 42-44 45-47 XXL 44-46 48-50


sizing? i got a medium american ralph shirt that fits well uk im L-xxl depending on make.


Have some heat for a good post.

$10 T-shirts and $29 Hoodies @ Threadless
Found 17th Dec 2011Found 17th Dec 2011
$10 T-shirts and $29 Hoodies @ Threadless
All designs printed on Threadless are voted on and picked by the community. Users can submit designs to Threadless, which are then voted on for a 7 day period by other users in the… Read more

is the quality of the shirts back up at threadless or is it still the same threadbare indian made rubbish?


i thought uk only retailers were allowed?


Good deal on the Ts but agreed, best to buy when they're offering free shipping. Oh, and the Customs VAT threshold came down from £18 to £15 recently


Yes it would as you would just order 1 t-shirt at a time so it is under the threshold.


Could always knock off the 10% affiliates payment ;)

SALE ON THREADLESS 48h Of $9.99 T-shirts
Found 13th Dec 2011Found 13th Dec 2011
SALE ON THREADLESS 48h Of $9.99 T-shirts
Threadless sell really quirky and unique shirts. Many have been reduced to $10 which is what £6? This is my first post enjoy!
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There is one relevant :D


i picke one that was in the $9.99 category and i went to basket it said $29


VAT is chargeable on goods valued at over £15 according to HMRC. With the pound at around $1.55 that suggests a limit of two to avoid the taxman.


It's £15 now - buy more than one T-shirt at a time and you'll pay 20% VAT plus an extra £8 to Royal Mail.


I have never heard of these but they seem to be good according to the posts.

Up to 75% off @ Threadless Ends Monday
Found 27th Nov 2011Found 27th Nov 2011
Up to 75% off @ Threadless Ends Monday
Head to the clearance page for loads to choose from from £5+
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Usually if your order is under £20.00 you don't have to pay customs charges. Last time I ordered off them I just bought two Tees for $20. I bought Medium size off them in the past and they fitted fine. (I'm usually a Medium in U.K sizes)


The models are funny looking dudes, nice tee's.


can anyone comment on what sizes are like on this website? Thanks in advance


I'm always worried about customs fees - any of you who've bought from them before had any problem with that?


Had no problems with this site - good quality t-shirts :)

Threadless TShirts $10 Holiday Sale from 24th November
Found 23rd Nov 2011Found 23rd Nov 2011
Threadless TShirts $10 Holiday Sale from 24th November
Previous deals for this have either got pretty hot or bombed (you fickle HUKD'ers!). However I thought I would post it for those who are interested... $10 Tees (or £6ish in real … Read more

I got about 10 t-shirts from the last sale, which was a few weeks ago. Quality of the t-shirts was disappointing, marking it as a gift didn't work for me and I got charged £14 tax plus a £12.50 "service fee" by Royal Mail. Took three weeks to arrive.


Did you not find the t shirt quality really poor? Which is a damn shame since the designs are awsome.


Send as a gift would only up the customs limit to £36 from £18 I reckon. Personally, I tend to restrict my threadless orders to 2 t-shirts per order to ensure I don't end up paying customs.


"but think you can avoid this by ticking the 'send as a gift' option at checkout" That will not work, you have been warned! ;)


Have ordered from them before and had great service, even with a few problems that were quickly sorted. Likely as not you'll be hit for UK duty tax though, so factor it in and if you are lucky enough to avoid it then an extra bonus.

Threadless Sale - T shirts @ $10!
Found 7th Oct 2011Found 7th Oct 2011
Threadless Sale - T shirts @ $10!
I love this website, great t-shirts when only $10 each (approx £6.50 each). Don't forget to factor in custom charges, if you keep it under £18 (2 tees) then you shouldn't get any … Read more

If the value is over £18 and the Royal Mail (or HMCE) decide to charge you then it is an extra 20% of the value of the items (this does not include the shipping cost) plus a handling fee. For Royal Mail this is a staggering £8!! I have had a few $30 orders (3 x $10 t-shirts) come through fine, just one landed a fee and because of the scandalous handling fee it cost an extra £11. To be safe order 2 at a time. I cannot remember if it works out any cheaper per shirt to do a big order and get it delivered by courier but then you have to pay VAT and whatever the courier handling fee is.


The quality of the shirts has dropped considerably since the buyout. They claim to be going for a "soft vintage feel" when you ask about it. In reality they're Indian made thread bare junk. They've even got stitching up the sides of the torso. Originally the cotton was tube sewn with the only stitching being the sleeves hence 'Threadless' It's a shame.


But do you know how much do I have to pay for the tax manwhen I buy more than two?


I totally agree, I've mailed them in the past about getting a European distribution centre or even better, a British one and they've said it could happen. I've just ordered two tees anyway at $10 each with $9 delivery. Works out at just under £19 for two which im happy with!


will be wonderful if come with free shipping~~

Threadless T-Shirt - Get 25% off your order of $25 or more (5 T-Shirts for £21.65) @ Threadless
Found 30th Sep 2011Found 30th Sep 2011
Threadless T-Shirt - Get 25% off your order of $25 or more (5 T-Shirts for £21.65) @ Threadless
Trendy US t-shirt company Threadless have a deal on now for 25% off your order of $25 or more. So if you spend $25 (I ordered 5x $5 t-shirts), add UK postage of $15, take off 25%,… Read more
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my t-shirts have arrived, but one word of warning, on the declaration cert the full price was listed (each item) not the discounted price, so likely to have to pay VAT plus admin charge, when it was actually under £18 with discount plus it will be at the non-discounted price. It does annoy me that threadless gave a higher amount on the declaration than I paid.


you should be able to spend $35 in t-shirts as 25% will come off that which is $8.75 = $26.25 converted using current exchange rate = £16.85. Still safely under the £18 limit which is for the value of the good not the postage, though if the value of the good is over £18 you can pay Vat on the postage too (afaik).


Be sure to check the box to say the package is a gift just to be sure of avoiding import duties. I forgot to do it last time I ordered from Threadless and got stung by Customs.

$10 T-shirts and 20% off hoodies @ Threadless
Found 21st Aug 2011Found 21st Aug 2011
$10 T-shirts and 20% off hoodies @ Threadless
Surprised this hasn't been posted already but the search didn't return anything.. anyway Threadless are having another sale and have got T-shirts on for $10 - or £6 in real money. … Read more

@fort: I'd say fairly typical; I normally get medium from Next/River Island etc and would say that these are a similar size. I think they use 3 different tshirt suppliers though, so not sure if there's a lot of variation. Its been a year or so since I last ordered any! @agmayu: yes can't see why that would be a problem, just the shipping costs may add up. Even so, it'll probably still only work out at like £10 a tee Also added some information on a $5 voucher to the OP.


What are the sizes like?


Can you make multiple orders of 2 items, and skip the customs? Anyone tried this?


I love threadless tees. But I think the customs limit is highly unfair and ultimately puts people off ordering items because the charge is so steep. It should be much more incremental. I would if I could, but I can't :( (still a good deal though)


Got 5 of their t shirts in a recent sale for $35.00: postage was another $15.00 and I was pleasantly surprised to have no customs charges... very happy with the deal. Guess it was my lucky day...

Threadless sale - all t-shirts $10
Found 21st Mar 2011Found 21st Mar 2011
Threadless sale - all t-shirts $10
Threadless is having another sale - all t-shirts $10 although you can find some for $5 as well. In my experience the t-shirt quality is a bit hit-and-miss although some of the desi… Read more
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The £18 limit is being reduced to £15 from November...


some cool designs!


If you want to avoid paying the tax, then as I mentioned earlier, you need to spend $28.87 or less on your order (excluding shipping fees)....however you might need to hurry, as the Government may be lowering the limit in today's budget...


So my total came to $154.08. Oh dear...


I ordered 10 tees last time and got the fast shipping too. Tees arrived within the week but the tax was £20 :( We paid the UPS guy I think. Probably order a good amount again this time.

Selection of hoodies $20 & $25 delivered @ Threadless
Found 2nd Mar 2011Found 2nd Mar 2011
Selection of hoodies $20 & $25 delivered @ Threadless
It equals roughly £12.31 for a $20 hoodie and £15.39 for a $25 hoodie at the current exchange rate Threadless are running a promotion at the moment that offers free worldwide ship… Read more
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Yes it is any hoodie as I said in my original post, also that's what the Threadless website says at the top of it (although I'm aware it was down when you asked) I ordered a $20 hoodie and a $25 hoodie myself. All I can think that happened is you added a t-shirt to the trolley by accident instead of a hoodie, I know it usually costs $9 delivery for 1 t-shirt. Free shipping on hoodies is definitely still working, I just checked again.


It would have been under £18 surely? I think you should've argued it out with them a bit more, asked them how they worked it out to be over £18. I ordered $25 worth of shirts in that sale and I never got a customs charge. Yeah I hate that charge the Royal Mail whack on too


Actually, just after posting I went through to the checkout stage and on the page to put in the credit card details it was still showing $9 shipping. Not sure why it showed that for me and not others. I will take another look but it appears the site is down at the moment. Is it free delivery on ANY hoodie or just on Select items?


I haven't got the original receipt but as i remember it the total order was for $25 which i thought would be under the £18 limit. The Vat that was charged was only a small amount, it was the £7.50 'special handling charge' that i object to. I contacted Royal mail and they said that was the cost of moving the package to Mt Pleasant so that the customs charge could be applied. 3.5 Why do I have to pay a handling fee to Royal Mail? If customs charges are payable upon importation, Royal Mail charge a handling fee to cover the costs for carrying out customs procedures paying any customs duties or VAT due and collecting it from you. If customs examination is required, or if information is missing from the declaration, Royal Mail open, repack and reseal the package. Royal Mail fees are itemised separately on the charge label and are collected at the same time as customs charges. As they are completely separate from any customs charges, any queries about them should be raised with Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide as appropriate.


I've ordered twice from them already with this offer, I do check things before I post them - it's just a shame you couldn't actually be bothered and just speculated.

Threadless - 20% off  via mobile site
Found 8th Feb 2011Found 8th Feb 2011
Threadless - 20% off via mobile site
Threadless have launched a mobile site (not sure when - couldn't find anything on here) and they are giving 20% off any order placed via it. Note that if you have an account with … Read more

Not even an app, just a website so it's not restricted to anything in particular. Could probably finish the order on a DSi or PSP if it took your fancy :p


I've bought some really nice t-shirts from Threadless after reading about them on this site, so well done for posting this! So long as the app works here, and you can use it to have them delivered here, then it's all good!


Who cares if you did something wrong? Not me!! In fact, it could easily be me that is wrong :) I saw some nice looking shirts (love this one!) Just double-checking, that's all. Keep posting deals!!


Other Threadless stuff has been posted before, am I meant to have flagged it as non-UK? First deal posted so I'm not surprised if I did something wrong.


Er.. this looks like a US site... Not applicable here, I think.. But some cool designs and good prices!

Clearance Tees from $5 @ Threadless
Found 12th Jan 2011Found 12th Jan 2011
Clearance Tees from $5 @ Threadless
Just ordered 5 tees for USD$25 + $15 for delivery - $5 voucher code = $35 = £22.43 or £4.50 per tee. Seems alright by me. Voucher code is TEESINSPACE, $5 off a $25 order.
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£18 is for the item price not postage. postage is not taken into account when customs charge import fees


Some cool designs but nothing I'd like in XL unfortunately!


i've ordered back when it was 3 tees for $9, and didn't get taxed. hoping it's the same for 5 tees for $5.


Very tempting. Do you know if the shipping cost would go on the customs form? £18 is the limit I think for importing before you're hit with customs tax and I've been bitten by that before.


shame they're all a bit rubbish, but then, what can you expect for fi'e dorrar?

Threadless $10 T-Shirts and free shipping over $75
Found 8th Dec 2010Found 8th Dec 2010
Threadless $10 T-Shirts and free shipping over $75
7 pages of T-shirts at $10 (around £7) each and $25-$30 for most hoodies. I've had nothing but good luck with threadless, and I think the quality on the whole is great. Nice alter… Read more

You take a risk at the end of the day - everyone should already know about customs rules. Yes - if you mark as a gift it should come in plain packaging which in-turn should mean customs don't bother to open it. But meh, I'm surprised that quality t-shirts for £7 each doesn't appeal to many but I think it's clear for all to see that most people on HUKD would rather buy something five times than buy it once. I'll be happy at receiving 6 T-Shirts and a hoodie for about £50 - and if I get charged more fees I'll have to roll with the punches.


What with online international shopping, Customs got wise to the "gift" thing several years ago and the same rules now apply to them as to items you are buying. Even taking tags off clothes and saying they are used, doesn't work. They've got it all stitched up pardon the pun.


I didn't place the order but with 3 t shirts in basket delivery charge came to $9 USD


Mark the item as a gift and you shouldn't have to pay any duty on it - or am I being way off here? I've always err-ed on the side of caution and ordered below the customs limit but still have been stung by the bloody royal mail even though I was under the limit. (taking into account exchange rates etc)


Maybe because the OP hasnt told us how much shipping is, if you don't spend $75. The site won't even say, until you send them your address. Also, if you order stuff to the value of £26 I think or more including the postage cost, you are most likely to have the parcel stopped and you will be charged not only excise duty but also a "holding fee" which is even more. And they can hold it for three months before even telling you. Ive had this happen with a jacket I bought from an American Ebay seller. I paid £70 incl shipping. three months later got a letter from Customs telling me if I wanted it, i had to pay £12 duty and £24 holding fee. grrrr. so yes.. that could be why this doesn't seem such a hot deal to some. ps. I havent voted.

Christmas Threadless T-Shirt Sale On Again from 5$ + shipping
Found 1st Dec 2010Found 1st Dec 2010
Christmas Threadless T-Shirt Sale On Again from 5$ + shipping
For those of you keen on Threadless T-Shirts they have just started their latest sale. I always wait each year for the sale and buy a good few gifts. If you spend 50$ or more you… Read more
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Love Threadless, bought a bundle in the Black Friday sale... then they went $9 - argh!!!


I regularly buy these t-shirts. some very nice prints - I usually go for a couple of $10 shirts per order to avoid the import tax stuff


good find, they always make me laugh but just couldnt wear them myself in the street some of them haha :)