Threads (1984) Superb Free Film on Youtube (Released Public Domain)

Threads (1984) Superb Free Film on Youtube (Released Public Domain)

Found 22nd Aug 2013
Just watched a film called 'Threads' on the recommendation of a friend. Quick bit of background, it was shown in 1984 back when the Cold War was still a threat. Set in Sheffield where things are kicking off between the US and USSR. Its a grim film, slowly edging the tension up as it follows the lives of a couple of families. Chances are if like me you're under the age of 35 you've probably never heard of it, let alone seen it. Not one to watch if you're already depressed, and you'll probably find yourself hugging your children a bit closer tonight

It was released in to the public domain to watch, and can be seen legally on Youtube.

Far more gripping than the majority of these Hollywood disaster films! Can highly recommend it.

Running Time: 1hr 52mins
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Thanks for that!
I was 37 when it was shown, but I don't recall seeing or hearing about it.
...maybe it's dementia setting in! X)
I'll watch it later on my big screen TV with 5:1 surround sound.
Back then I had a super-duper 21" STEREO TV!
Yeah a posh two speaker Nicam Stereo telly!
It was the dogs doodahs of its day! Woo Hoo!
They showed this to us a school!!!!. Bloody scary it was too. Worth watching.
Absolutely outstanding film. Showed this in school in the 80's - whole class of 13yrs old students stunned into silence by the end. I remember 2 or 3 girls in tears afterwards. More horrifying than any horror film could hope to be.
Oh i remember this back in the day, waiting for nuclear holocaust, built our radiation proof shelter using tin foil and church roof lead. Really gutted Armageddon did not happen i was 13 and so looking forward to living in a radioactive wasteland.... but i watched Threads and dreamed it could happen........anyway the way the Middle East is going it will be worth watching again... and maybe that 13 year olds dream......
Cold. You can basically watch any film on youtube.
The public information films re Nuclear war were scary enough!
This scared the bejesus of out me the first time I watched it... last year... at the age of 24...

I'd heard about it from a magazine article that voted it the #1 most disturbing film ever made. It's a grand claim, but it certainly is very freaky (especially if you're local to Sheffield like me!)

It's obviously aged a lot, but if you can look beyond that, it's definitely worth a watch. Just don't expect to sleep easy afterwards!
fantastic film, really highly recommended. watched it ten years ago on recommendation and hammers home the nuclear reality.

very depressing though. Sheffield is just awful. the bombs improve it slightly though.
Watch 'the war game' - this is even more scary!
Youtube here
Thanks - I had this on DVD, loaned it out. Never to be returned. VERY ANNOYING! Think I may try and buy again though. How Sheffield has changed since then!
I come from Sheffield and they showed this in school and it scared the effing **** out of me especially when Woolworths windows blew out
Like Dazza, being shown this in a Sheffield school was terrifying - 'oh look, there's the eggbox building....oh'......
Yeah watched Threads when I was 13 back in 1984 not long after watching the American 'The Day After' which was fairly good in itself but as with Hollywood lacked the realism and grittiness of a British 1980's drama. Found and watched it again a few years ago and although it was still unsettling it obviously didn't have the same impact (pardon the pun) as it did when it was first broadcast.
Bring back Play For Today.
Terrible quality on a 46" plasma, but thanks anyway.

I'll just look for a better quality version.
240p. ouch... would maybe look OK on the old Nokia 3210 :P
Never forget watching this as a 10 year old. I though the world was going to end. Incredible film for the time it was made. Growing up in the Cold War era was terrifying. Cold War film = Hot, errr....
awesome movie, definitely worth watching! hot!
My sister was in that
just watched this film on my laptop. Was so engrossed in it that I didn't need to see it on a bigger screen. Thanks for sharing!

My sister was in that

Cool, what bit was your sister in?

We watched this on youtube on the xbox on our ancient TV this afternoon, kinda took the wind out of our sails....glad we watched it tho!
glad people have been 'enjoying' it! Its a film you still think about days later.
One of the scariest films ever. It needs a Crackerjack ending with a jolly song to cheer it up. Only kidding. Not a film to see if you're feeling down though. If you like this try When The Wind Blows, a cartoon version of similar subject matter, equally thought provoking.

Can't see why this should be public domain though.
Thanks for the share on here, definitely worth a watch and as wondermouse says its very thought provoking. I liked the protesters comments about no one can win and what would someone win. Lets hope we never encounter anything like this.
I remember seeing this in my 'late teens' when it was first broadcast. There was advertising to highlight what it was about before being broadcast, but it was still something of an eye opener and even more disturbing than this hinted at. Agree that 'When the Wind Blows' is also worth a watch - it's still disturbing despite being a cartoon. The fact that it's by Raymond Briggs - famous for The Snowman - makes it even more of a shock (I often wonder how many parents let kids watch it, in the mistaken belief it will be Snowman like?)
Brilliant film and very harrowing. I echo the recommendation for 'When the Wind Blows' - that terrified me as a child as it's a cartoon, but it's certainly not for children!

The 'Protect and Survive' sound from the public service guides still makes me shudder!
Good film, watched it earlier this year. Extraordinary and informative, this film really gave me shivers.
awesome movie .... how the hell can I watch it again ?
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