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Posted 17 November 2022

Three 20GB data, Unlimited min / text + £37 Quidco Cashback - £7pm/12m (£3.91pm effective cost)= £84 / £47 @ Quidco / Three

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    Different networks work different in all areas. Just cause 3 maybe poor where you live doesn’t mean it’s a bad network LOL. 30 months ago 3 were crap in my area so I left for Vodafone. Vodafone had slightly better speeds but still not enough to stream off at home. 3 have upgraded the existing masts and put a new 5G one in the area now so I moved back to them. I now get 5G and decent speeds in most places where I live/work/commute. I can also stream at home now if I need to if my broadband connection goes down. So 3 for me is the best option in my area at this moment in time. I live in the sticks in Wales also for info LOL. (edited)
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    Speak to people on this network who live near you. As I cannot explain how bad they are in and around me.... Infact everywhere I've been.
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    never really had a issue with 3...live just outside the M25 in essex and regukalt travel to the Canary wharf area.
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    Agree with afn. Three are fine where I live and work in the north of England. Have had a Three 4G router for years now, no issues. And been with them for mobile for 15 years at least. No problems whatsoever with service. The only minor annoyance is having to stare them down and threaten to leave every now and then in order to get the best deals. Works a treat though. A few months ago I refused to sign a new contract as Black Friday was looming, so they put me on a 12Gb rolling 1 month contract for £8. Always do your homework on the best deals before calling them and never accept their first offer. Be prepared to walk away.
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    I was with 3 for years, left them to vodafone, cancelled to O2 ,cancelled to virgin all within first 14days and im going back to 3 soon.
    Just my experience.
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    Three is great for me. Can't say the same for Quidco
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    The worst network to be on, in London especially i believe. Waiting for a good sim only deal.
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    And go roam is no longer free
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    Woeful coverage everywhere i go!
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    Come on three, where are the deals on unlimited data sims?
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    I don't understand how to get this deal. When I click the link I can't find a £7.00, 20GB/month deal anywhere?
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    I wouldn't go through Quidco, I'm still waiting for cashback for a contract I took out back in June! TCB all the way.
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    Can I do this if already worth Three?
    With *
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    Cant find the deal
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    I can’t see this deal, will this work with Top cashback?