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Three 5G Home broadband + £80 Quidco Cashback + £50 Bonus cashback, 3 months free then £20pm /24m - £420 ( £12.10pm effect) @ Quidco / Three

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Quidco currently running a Bonus cashback offer.
Opt in to get £50 Bonus Cashback
And there is £80 Standarad cashback when you purchase 3 5g home broadband
Total - £130 Cashback
£12.10pm Effective cost

Once cashback paid out - you will pay £12.10pm Effective cost

Three More details at Three

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  1. quidditys_shore's avatar
    Yet another that says "we're on our way" when I use the coverage checker

    Been trying to get out of virgin for years but it's the only fibre we can get. Half a mile up the road they've had open reach coverage for years!

    Is there any way of checking WHEN other fibre or 4G/5G will be coming in your area?
    tonywy's avatar
    Type your postcode in here


    Coloured dots seem to be existing and planned providers. In my postcode there are red dots (Virgin - been here years) and purple dots for F&W/Hey! Broadband. Saw their vans parked up the road a few weeks ago but they haven't gone live yet. (edited)
  2. ScrambledEggs44's avatar
    Will they increase the price this year?
    Also, how do you bypass the adresa check for 5g? I tested it before with full 5g signal.
    I don't mind paying £12 pm
    KodaBear's avatar
    Shouldn’t be a price increase this year as far as I know. And just put a 5G postcode in on the checker then use your own address for delivery.

    EC4Y 1BD is a pretty central London location with 5G broadband available. Try that one?
  3. Zlatan9's avatar
    According to Three website I can’t get this as ox4 not covered by 5G yet so i took a chance and bought a ZTE 801A off the bay and paired it with a 30 day rolling 5G sim from Smarty and so far works well,getting between 50/150 mb/s d/l.Didn’t want to commit to a two year contract with anyone which seems to be the norm these days.
    thedvdmonster's avatar
    That’s what I do. 
    get told I can have this so bought my own router and 30 day sim. 
  4. botchtista's avatar
    For lay person. Is this good enough for streaming netflix etc....
    Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    of course, it varies and we can't say if it's ok in your area, but this is mine

  5. garbagerich's avatar
    Yes you can sign up with a 5g address and get it shipped to you current address
  6. ruiukdeal's avatar
    I believe the price increases in April make it £23 per month. Total cost £483 before cashback.
    PrincessSal's avatar
    Also got to remember RPI+ x% rise in April 2024
  7. Barcles30's avatar
    We were forced to get one of these about 8 months ago after leaving Virgin but then being messed around by Sky. Generally speaking very happy indeed given the price. No significant performance issues (touch wood) apart from occasional brief drop outs (probably more brief drop outs than Virgin but fewer longer drop outs). Would seriously consider continuing when the contract ends. We are in a very good 5g area though.
  8. Ian_D123's avatar
    I had Three 5g broadband for about 6 months. Just in cancellation process where they are letting me out of the 2 years contract because the speeds are just too erratic. Speeds ranged from 30mbps to 280 maps on any given day. Latency was always quite high which would affect some gamers. Shame really, so back to OpenReach wires at around 65mbps. (edited)
    eternald's avatar
    I had the same problem, we are just outside the 5g commuter line which is supposed to already been upgraded but kept getting strung along. Switched to a refurbished 4g+ hub bought off ebay for £45 and just put the 5g sim in it 4 days ago. Been perfect, no drop outs, better wifi range in the house. Would recommend
  9. brownbear86's avatar
    I've had this for three months now and it's been amazing for us, was stuck on an old copper BT line just barely getting 60mb.

    Switched to this and we now get in excess of 300mb download (only 24mb up) but it's been very reliable.

    I signed up in store and my postcode wasn't in a 5g area but after explaining to the manager we have X2 phones both getting solid 5g coverage she agreed to do the 5g deal.

    I was given the ZTE router and it's only weakness is the WiFi coverage I've had to fit an extender for my Ring doorbell as it was just dropping out but with the extender it's been solid. Very tempted to buy a standalone WiFi router to increase coverage.

    As for ping we get under 50ms most of the time. We have a ps5 hooked up via ethernet and my kids say it's fine.

    One thing we have noticed is our Google home speakers take a few seconds longer to respond (I think it's Google working out which room we are in to respond) but Netflix, YouTube ect all stream on the highest quality settings with no issues.

    If you have good 5g coverage it's worth giving it a try
    Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    yeah i get really great speed but the coverage checker says no 5G. Bit daft. But when you order, you can put in one post code and then have it delivered to another.
  10. VanessaJayne's avatar
    We have it , when it rains you get constant interruptions. 5g does not do well with water, steaming is a nightmare. Going back to 4G
    RandyMarsh1974's avatar
    Mines been amazing. I’ve never got below 500Mb download and 170Mb upload even in the rain. I have unplugged the router twice since having it where it seemed to stop working though. When compared to my old broadband it’s sooo much more reliable, I was resetting that thing every other week or so and was only getting about 37Mb
  11. CorpJones's avatar
    Anyone know if the router also has RJ45/network port? Want to use it with my BT whole home mesh..
    PrincessSal's avatar
    This is the back of the 5G router49788773-u0TAT.jpg
  12. Thudspud's avatar
    Took this out on Monday so didn’t get the £50 bonus, typical, very quick though
    ScrambledEggs44's avatar
    49781535-g4Znv.jpgThis is what I get, but the ping is scaring me.
  13. tariq.muhammad's avatar
    So it's better than fibre virgin media?
    sajidtg's avatar
    Depends where u are.
    This is my VM on WiFi

  14. Acehembling99's avatar
    Does anyone know if this router has Ethernet sockets on the back?
    ScrambledEggs44's avatar
    2 of them
  15. madeofscars's avatar
    Can anyone actually explain how does that router/broadband works? As I am assuming it needs a sim card (in my case only 4g works here)? Thank you
    KodaBear's avatar
    It comes with a SIM card. You put it in the router and it uses the 3G/4G/5G signals to get an internet connection just like your phone does, then beam it out throughout your house via WiFi.

    Just unlike using your phone in hotspot mode, you aren’t slowly destroying your phones battery with the constant heat, as well as a much bigger antenna hopefully meaning faster speeds from the stronger signal this will get, as well as better internal network performance around your home with more devices allowed to be connected at the same time.

    If only 4G is available, in my opinion you’re better off signing up for the 4G+ version for the same price, rather than the 5G one… 4G+ Router is yours to keep at the end of the contract whereas the 5G one must be returned. Also the 4G+ one is better at holding on to weaker signals and giving better speeds in places that only 4G/4G+ is available.
  16. clairepostin1's avatar
    I have this and really rate it but it did not like the bad weather last week - snow/rain stopped play for about 48 hours and made it difficult to work from home. All good now.
  17. SlpyD's avatar
    Have had Three 5g home broadband for 18 months (Huawei router), works OK but connection can be patchy at times. The strangest thing is apparently my area now does not support 5g, even though I still get a decent speed (roughly 300mbs). I can't renew using this deal as the area isn't supported.
  18. yus786's avatar
    Can't get this in my area but anyone know if I can sign up under a different address and then move the router?
    starsi360's avatar
    Yes you can. Once you’ve signed up you’re free to move it to wherever you want. But if you don’t get signal at the new location then I guess that would be on you.. worth checking first

    FWIW I can’t officially get their 5G home broadband in my area but we do get a 5G signal - so I got a sim only and bought my own Huawei CPE Pro 2 router and I get 200-300mbps most of the time. Had it 2 years and it’s been flawless except for this last month where it’s had ups and downs on the speed but that’s only because they are upgrading the masts in my area. After an hour of online chat I finally got out of them thag the work will be finished by 23rd March so almost there. (edited)
  19. Union01's avatar
    Will this get better speeds than an ID mobile SIM?
    KodaBear's avatar
    Maybe. It depends if you’re in a congested area or not. A busy network will prioritise the main brand over the piggybackers like ID. So in those cases you might find a speed benefit. Otherwise it should be the same.

    Other benefit of Three is that you will avoid CGNAT if that’s something that’s of concern for you - Things like home servers, online gaming etc.
  20. danj906's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a 4g router please..I can't get 5g in my Area.
    KodaBear's avatar
    Three’s 4G+ Hub is the way to go. They should offer it to you if you’re not in the 5G coverage area.

    If you’re trying to buy it yourself then you’d be looking for the Sercomm LTE2122GR - That’s the official model number.
  21. joehaynes841's avatar
    Anyone tried putting in a different sim ?

    I would like to be able to swap sims where different providers give better signal .. For example business trips ect

    There is an unlock form here ; no idea if they honour it though

    three.co.uk/Sup…ock (edited)
    KodaBear's avatar
    The broadband routers aren't subject to the same requirements as phones regarding being unlocked. And since they remain the property of Three at all times there is no requirement for them to be unlocked at any point.

    It's a total lottery depending upon what they send you when you apply. Some of their routers are hard locked and will only ever accept a Three SIM. Some are unlockable using third party services. And some are sent out to you completely unlocked out of the box.

    It's the same situation with branding. Some are all branded with Three logos. Others are fresh from the manufacturer's factory without any Three markings.
  22. Noveed's avatar
    IF you get the 1 month plan ... there's no upfront cost I noticed for the Router. If you cancel after first month do you incur a cost or have yo give the router back? Surely this is going to be a bit of a loophole as you could just sell the equipment to the Likes of CEX after 1 month and be quids in?

    I assume the Router is loaned to you and you need to return it? (edited)
    Leonh's avatar
    Obviously you have to return it oh here’s a £250 pound router to keep when you cancel it next month… some people
  23. neili's avatar
    Don't do it! I am getting out of my contract after problems with intermittent service and their tech teams just string you along
    edd13's avatar
    Same here. Just returned their device yesterday, after 3 months of intermittent issues. Despite the fact that I am in a 5G area the device never displayed 5G. I had to enter the manual settings and limit the bands that it connected to to only B22 and N78
    Even on manual settings the connection would drop several times a day. When called CS they said that I am at the borderline of 5G network and they are having issues with an overloaded mast. I managed to get out of the contract without penalties (edited)
  24. Onlydongles's avatar
    I hope this merger never takes place. It is purely for the benefit of shareholders.

    As uusal, its the consumers that get shafted.

    Just look at Virgin selling to Liberty Global. Price rises multiple times every year. (and ongoing)

    Ditto Virgin/O2 merger. Has anyone noticed price reductions?

    Orange/T-Mobile. Prices went up and with EE taking over, even worse for consumers.

    Its just the big bankers' and corporates' games.
  25. PrincessSal's avatar
    So honest thoughts and journey. Ordered last night, recieved this afternoon. New users be wary you do have to wait 20mins-2 hours for the sim to activate. So might show on the router that's there's no internet, I went out and came back for it to be activated. So speeds........phenomenal. finding 400MBs + so far and miles ahead of the 100MB I was recieving from TalkTalk. A few caveats to bear in mind, the high speeds are as a result of me having the router in the upstairs bedroom by the windowsill directed towards mast as recommended. (Mast is not in sight but approx 5 min walk away) I tried putting it in the living room but speeds were hitting 150MB. I still found deadspots in certain places in the house where speeds went down to 10MB-20MB (I had the same prob with TalkTalk so this was not a surprise, damn walls) I have got a WiFi extender that I used with TalkTalk which I will hook up to the 5G router in the next few days which should ease things for the other places in the house. Now fingers crossed in the days and weeks speeds are steady and stable. (Am on 5G with Three mobile for last 6m and had no issues).
  26. alexma's avatar
    Will the price be affected by CPI increase next month?

    Update - I just checked via Quidco on desktop and found a GLITCH, at least for me. 24 months contract is showing up as £24, while 1 month contract is showing up as £15. I went for the 1 month contract.

    49781268-8dnr5.jpg (edited)
    sajidtg's avatar
    As far as I know - Not till next year April.
    Thank u
  27. Jmair's avatar
    wonder if I can renew my contract but keep the old router, they used to give 5g broadband with the Huawei 5g cpe pro 2
    johnat107's avatar
    Bought mine 2nd hand 14 months ago and it's never missed a beat.
  28. ChigsKoth's avatar
    This is amazing I recommend it if you live in a 5G area.
  29. ST-F1's avatar
    Strange it's only showing £60 cashback not £80? 🫤
    sajidtg's avatar
    It looks like you are not Quidco Premium member
  30. RandyMarsh1974's avatar
    Mine has never dropped below 500Mb download and 170mb upload
    Lipusmaximus's avatar
    Even with bad weather?
  31. randomnut's avatar
    What’s ping/latency like for these?
    KodaBear's avatar
    Due to the nature of mobile broadband this is wildly variable. Some might get a relatively low 20-30ms. Others might see over 100.

    If latency is a concern of yours, stick to a fixed line fiber setup. It will always be lower. A FTTP connection should be giving you a single digit ping to a local server.
  32. Craig2018's avatar
    What’s the best router to buy?
  33. leigh_Beef's avatar
    I got plenty of 5g masts near me but on ID Mobile (three) still only get 35 download. Not sure why
  34. omgdeals's avatar
    I set this up for my friends small shop and even though the speedtest shows 500mbs+ it has difficulty loading websites e.g bbc.co.uk and even Google. It almost feels like it’s bottlenecking or loosing packets.
    Trevbil's avatar
    Ping times are probably too long
  35. Operation_Dabardos's avatar
    cant find deal can u send me ext link plz
    Van1973's avatar
    On the Quidco home page click the link to Opt-in for the £50 Home Broadband Cashback Bonus. Then search in Quidco for "Three Home Broadband", go to page and click the 5G getcashback link.

    Should also get the first 3 months free. I signed up earlier - cashback and bonus has tracked already. i do believe I will get the 14.4% increase on 1 April - but the additional £50 bonus makes this worth doing now rather than after 1 April
  36. simandoo's avatar
    I had this recently, the speeds were crazy high, like 200mb down and 150mb up, file downloads were rapid, yet... For a reason I still don't understand, it could not stream netflix well at all. Used to load and buffer all the time.

    I switched to a slower normal broadband service and all is fine.
    ScrambledEggs44's avatar
    That's exactly the problem. I had speeds of 1gbps and still buffering and loading.
    That's what's stopping me from getting it.
  37. Firehorns's avatar
    I have this and only problem I have is the ms speeds for gaming but overall I’ve been ok with the service a few cut outs and can’t be lag on games and things but my other option is 30md in my area
  38. nnj10's avatar
    How speculative it is to buy this for possible Vodafone merger as I am getting 5g on voda but only 4g on 3 network
  39. o's avatar
    Will this type of 5G SIM Card Broadband be compatible/operable with CCTV systems.
  40. nadnerb's avatar
    I'm in area that doesn't officially have 5G yet, but in reality it does have a weak 5G signal. i.e only works outside.
    A couple of possibly stupid questions:
    - Can the 5G modem fallback (or switched) to 4G like you can on a phone?
    - Can you attach external antennas to either of the 5G modems they provide?
    Pinkoo_Jee1Ka's avatar
    Yes , 5G modems are backward compatible to 4G. Usually speeds on 4G network are quite good via 5G modems, Personal experience.

    Depends on the 5G modem model re- external antenna. The one in the picture above can use external antennas.
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