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Posted 21 September 2022

Three 24 month 5G Home broadband - ZyXel NR5103 WiFi 6 router + £85 Premium Topcashback, £10 for first 6 months then £20 - £420 @ Three

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Now with New Hub.
5G Hub
Cellular Connectivity: Mediatek T750Wifi Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (WiFi 6), dual-band, 4x4 MIMO

Ports: 2x Gb Ethernet, 1x USB
SIM Type: Nano SIM
Indicator Lights: Power, SMS, Signal Strength, Internet, Wifi/WPS
Buttons: WPS, Power, Reset
Mobile App: Three Broadband 5G
Speed Info: Device Theoretical Max – 4.7Gbps Download (Three UK Network – Up to 1Gbps)
Three More details at Three

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  1. Avatar
    An excellent router, I have one with EE.
    With EE these are unlocked, which is a bonus, as i can use (ironically) a Three SIM.
    Three have just installed a new 5G mast about 200 meters away and I'm seeing download speeds of 500Mbps on average, nothing less than 400Mbps. EE were fast, but were not able to offer these speeds.
    Uploads speeds are consistently over 100Mbps.
    It really does allow Cloud storage to work well.
    It is like the cloud is in the next room!

    Health to enjoy!
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    Had their 5G for 2 years now. Speeds are great, no complaints at all..

    However, just be aware that if you have any issues at all, you may as well just accept that you'll never get a resolution and throw it in the bin..

    If you're okay with that caveat, then I highly recommend it, the broadband it's self is superb!
    Bought the Huawei H122-373. I reset it about every 2 weeks just to clear the cache but no idea if it needs it though. This has no outputs for extra aerials but it doesn't need them. Speed is usually 200+ but I only check in the morning. I can stream 4k all day without a problem.
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    I’m really happy with the Three ZTE MC801A 5G router - after a bit of a firmware saga. Lucky to get good speeds where I am. So great to see new router. I’m saving £30+ a month on what BT provided. (edited)
    Put it on a smart plug and create a routine to turn it off and back on again over night when your asleep.
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    Got ZTE 5G hub on April...after 4months max speed not more 1MB !!!!
    And they want to charge me for early exit if I cancel the contract.
    It has been more than a month and the problem still not rectify yet

    05Oct22- Eventually, managed to get them cancel the service without any penalty fee.
    Think twice before you plan to take up their service with this company.
    Very hard work... calling every 7days for more than 1½mths to get it cancel without penalty charge. (edited)
    Doesn't the broadband speed promise apply here?

    The Code means broadband firms will always have to give customers a minimum guaranteed speed at the point of sale. If a customer's broadband speed then drops below the promised level, companies will have one month to improve performance, before they must let the customer walk away – penalty-free.
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    For those of you who have this can it be put in bridge mode?

    I have an Asus XT8 mesh with ethernet backhaul and I'd like to use ZyXel this simply as a modem. I have searched the internet and haven't been able to find an answer. If you have one can you see if there is a bridge mode in the settings?


    Tempted as a 5G mast has just been installed where I live and it was showing 700Mb down on my phone yesterday which is a little faster than the junky 17Mb I'm getting from BT. (edited)
    I’ll let you in on a little secret though. Port 1 is labelled LAN and Port 2 is labelled LAN/WAN, but it’s a lie! They’re the other way around so if you enable IPPT you need to use LAN 1.

    Wasted hours before I realised they were mislabelled.
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    It won't let me buy one as it says they are not here yet lol yet my Three 5G phone has a good connection. Go figure
    Type in a nearby postcode that has coverage, then buy it to your home address. I did this to get mine, my postcode isn't officially covered by their 5g but you get 30 day money back guarantee. So I ordered it and get 300mb download speed and have had it for 18 months so far, no complaints
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    Just a slight improvement from BTs joke of an offering (see speed history at the bottom)

    If reliable this is a no brainer. Have signed up for 1 month at a time just in case.

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    I thought we had one until I realised that it was our soap dispenser
    A £420 soap dispenser no less.
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    Good price, just a shame it’s with Three.  Worst company in the world in every department.  But I guess if you don’t have to call them, or don’t get them phantom calling you. It all good. 
    Been with them 9 years, never had any sort of issue with them.
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    500-600 DOWNLOAD and 60-80 UPLOAD on Three Network in Leicester for 21.00/Month
    Yes but you have to live in Leicester, think I'll stay on 30mbps in Yorkshire
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    Seems like a good deal, the price is good as long as Three works for you. Router seems to be well received so have some ♨️
    Yeah it does work out a good price after cashback
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    hmmm if my ZTE was to die prematurely, would they replace it with this - I get overall good service - but the bufferbloat on the router is awful if fire up torrents and such with TCP pings on sites go into the thousands
    I’m thinking of attaching pi hole to it, not checked any logs but assume the router is pinging home a lot. 
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    I was bit apprehensive when I left virgin after 6 years albeit on well negotiated extensions. I felt like a fool  after I moved over to 3 5g broadband, should have done it sooner. I am in ws9 area and on average get 400mbps. I effectively pay £9.50 pm with last offer and cash back.

    I recommend to try signal and speed with 5g enabled phone first, then swap if satisfactory. On my S21 I get 500 mbps. With vpn I get around 150mbps.

    I am really happy with the service.
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    48309259-yzJkZ.jpgBest I can get on fibre is 40mbps Down and 6 up. Much better. Will test reliability over the next week
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    Ah ok, seems it was too good to be true. For some reason the stupid thing has now latched onto a much weaker 4G tower 3 miles away rathee than the 5G tower 500m away. Any ideas?! The RSSI for the 5G tower was around -82 when I last checked and the 4G tower is -117 so I have no idea what this piece of junk is doing!
    Under the Top Right menu > Network Settings > Broadband > Cellular Band, you can set it to use NR5G-SA if you want it on 5G Only.
    In theory, this should work, but for me I don't get a good enough signal currently. I'm waiting for some antennas I will install on the roof. I left mine on the option highlighted in blue, which I think was the default, and it switches in between 4G & 5G depending on the signal. I am several miles away from the nearest 5g antenna.

    Let me know if you try it and if it works!
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    Ok, I'm a moron. Found the problem. When I was moving the router round the house to find the best signal I had accidentally flipped the antenna switch to ext. I guess thats why it lost the 5G signal.

    Back working again now. Will continue to test for a month to see if it is stable enough to replace my very slow, but very stable, FTTC. (edited)
    Hi Thinking about to move to 5G
    Get 3 Broadband 24 month possible will get Zyxel NR5103
    Can this router be used as main house router I mean does it have good Wifi Signal for all house ?
    What about security does it have something similar to asus aiprotect ?
    Does it have parental control ?
    Can you limit speed etc for devices ?

    In worst case I will keep my asus router with merlin firmware and all add block feature etc as main device but can this Zyxel NR5103 work in modem bridge mode ?

    + if I'm happy with router functions and want to use as my main router how long I can have ext 5g antenna cables ?
    As I want to put router in the middle of the house getting better wifi coverage but then blocking 5G so I need to make antennas ext and do not know say 5 meter is this to long for 5G signal ?
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    Are their any port limitations using three with regards to port forwarding etc
    Anonymous User
    port forwarding works fine. but .. you need to use the "3Internet" APN that way you get a real IP and no CGNAT. If you use "three.co.uk" APN then you get CGNAT and will not be able to port forward.
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    On this from the last deal. In E15 London. When it works it’s works well. However in the space of three weeks I’ve had one day of no service and on-going issues in the morning with hardly any service. Three have been working on fixing this mast for two weeks now with no end date as of yet. When it does work it’s good and cheaper than fibre. I don’t get super fast speeds as London is congested but when it does work I get up to 180mbps/200 on a good day and usually over 100mbps normally. Sufficient enough for 4k streaming.

    For the price it’s good when the service is working well and the speeds are much higher than the 20mbps I was quoted by broadband providers as in our high rise flat we can’t get fibre as of yet.  (edited)
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    48271016-RzlYo.jpgHmmm. Are you sure about that Topcashback? It doesn't mention the 5G with 6 months half price, in fact is specifically says £20/month for 24 months.
    The next cashback offer down shows the 4G as 6 months half-price.

    I've purchased and my cashback has not tracked at all. Anyone else had a different result?


    J. (edited)
    Mine took a week to show as pending using the top off on your screenshot.
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    Ive got this. How do you turn "safe website mode" off? I cant see it on the settings.
    Put the SIM into a phone and try and access a grotty site. It will come up with a message that safesearch is on. You will need to login to the Three site, from your phone, to turn it off and prove that you're over 18.
    This only works from a mobile, not the desktop.
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    I have been with Three mobile network for approx.15yrs -no real issues with the provider. My Three mobile 5g in my location hits download speeds of anywhere between 350mbps -560mbps (faster than my home broadband with virgin media, 200mbps).

    How would this router handle over three stories, anyone with any experience of this? (edited)
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    Very interesting price.
    My 900mb BT contract is about to end, and even the 30 days rolling contract is half the price than I'm paying right now.
    My areas has Three 5G coverage, so I think I might try it.

    The question is - is it reliable enough for use as a main work from home internet provider? Is anyone using it for this purpose?
    Besides, what are the exit fees in case I want to cancel the contract before 24 months?
    Thanks (edited)
    Yes, I WFH 3 days a week and I've had this for 3 weeks so far. I've had 2 days of downtime in the time but other than that it's been fine for remote cloud purposes.
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    Just received my hub, they've sent the new version so that's okay, but they've not sent me a sim card...

    I've taken all the bits out the box and it's nowhere. Also checked the sim slot and not there either.

    I have another rolling contract (the ZTE model) with them so I'll just pop that sim in till it cancels but how silly.

    FYI: Tried an EE sim and Vodafone sim and neither worked so it's not unlocked. (edited)
    Is it the ZyXel new hub?
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    What happens if you move houses and they do not have a 5G network at your new address? Good enough ground to break the contract?
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    I received the b10 firmware version from Three yesterday.
    If I put the router outside, I get 520mb down and 15mb up.

    Im in an area with no typical 5g coverage, and the Three website said No to coverage.

    It does the job, putting it inside I get 100 down 10 up. Ideally I want to buy an antenna for it so I get the better upload speeds
    Have you tried it in your loft?
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    Does anyone have any recommendations for an antenna or wifi repeater(?) that I can use for this modem to improve the coverage /reception around the house? Cheers. (edited)
    You need a WiFi mesh. There are regular deals here for TP Link Deco S4 or M4 mesh hubs - should get a set of three hubs for around £80. Go for the ones that can support more than 100 Mbps and are not limited by 100 Mb LAN ports. (edited)
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    Anyone know if there's a way to check mast locations? I'm In se27, London.

    Had a Gigacube for a few years and it's pony. Max 50mb down generally.
    Yea, I'm also looking for this. If anyone finds one please let us know!

    I got a pair of these antennas today and want to know the best direction to point them!

    I only had 30 mins to test so far, and currently with them plugged in, I only connect to 4G at a worse speed.
    Switch back to the internal antennas and I get 5G. Will get some more time this weekend to get them up on a pole and try some directions etc
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    Got the same deal a few months ago and very happy indeed with the speeds. Lucky to be in a good 5G area though.
  29. Avatar
    If it was 12 months and half the price I'd entertain it. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    So glad I have seen this.....

    I signed up approx. 10 days ago but was supplied the ZTE MC801a router which is awful! Constant reboots, dropped connections and half the speed compared to the older Huawei CPE Pro. Managed to cancel the contract and sign up again but being supplied with this new ZyXel NR5103.
    Is it the only way to swap? I'm still in the 14 day period.
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    48272599-WGLmB.jpgPretty good. I was paying £50 a month for phoneline and 200mb virgin. £20 for this is a dream as long as you can get it.
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    Anything from 3 is not a good idea 💡
  33. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Living close to a three 5g mast I’ve enjoyed ‘mostly’ decent broadband. It does slow a little at high use times but that just means it’s still faster than wired broadband.

    My contract is up for renewal on Friday and ill probably get this.
  34. Avatar
    @PsychoSonny sorry for the delay, ping is better than I thought it was
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    Thanks to OP. I signed up a 24 month and received the hub, ZYXEL (NR5103E) with b8 version last Thursday. The hub is unlocked works with my EE sim. Overall it works nicely. This morning I found the hub has updated the firmware to b10.
    Is it still unlocked after firmware update?
  36. Avatar
    Anyone know if this router is likely to be unlocked?
  37. Avatar
    Do you own the router at the end of the contract or is it still classed as their property?
    Yes it does say on the website information that the 5g router stays their property and shall be returned upon leaving the contract
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    What’s the latency like? (edited)
    I am on huawei router their first gen 5g router rolled out within last 2 years. I can play overwatch, dota, cs all sorts of games throw at it without any latency issue. But playing google stadia games at 4k rate is a bit letting it down.
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    At least they do say 30-day money back guarantee
    My advice is to screenshot & record everything they 'say'! I remember being offered 4G hardware before the 4G bandwidth auction by a network!