Three Birdseye Arctic Rolls for £2 at Waitrose

Three Birdseye Arctic Rolls for £2 at Waitrose

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Arctic Rolls currently reduced to £1 in Waitrose whilst also qualifying for their 3 for 2 ice cream promotion. Three rolls for £2 doesn’t seem too bad... (Three would cost £5.40 on Ocado)
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Heat, just for bringing back teenager memories haha
I remember how great these were, but after a while the novelty wore off.
I too totally forgot about this stuff.. Damn that Viennetta fad!

So need to get some.. as a Teen living in my own flat .. used to crack open one of these and gorge.. no niceties here.. no crockery or cutlery - Just ...Kebab it 🥙

I look at this and all I want is jam roly poly with custard... With the Arctic roll for desert.
That's supper for me sorted. Used to eat 2 in one sitting as a teenager LMAO
Party like it's the 1970's!
Park your Chopper outside.
How do you make an Arctic Roll....
Thanks for the heat, was expecting a frosty reception.

I’ll get my coat.

Whose paying a 5iver on this?
Nothing in this game for 2 in a bed.
nathancoons523 m ago

Whose paying a 5iver on this?

No one. The prices quoted are for three of them.
Q: Has anyone validated this offer is real at the till - ie "computer says yes" ?

I ask because on the Waitrose website the Arctic Roll listing shows the the 3for2-Promo link but when you follow that link, the Arctic Roll is NOT included on the offer listing!

UPDATE: Validated it in store today. There's signs saying 3 for 2 with cheapest free across ALL IceCream/Lollies cabinets.
SEL showed £1 reduced from something like £2.55
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