Three Colours Trilogy Box Set: 4DVD - £9.99 delivered at HMV

Three Colours Trilogy Box Set: 4DVD - £9.99 delivered at HMV

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Three Colours Blue: Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colours trilogy, which explores the French Revolutionary ideals of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood, are landmarks of world cinema. 'Three Colours Blue' was an immediate success, winning the top prizes at the 1993 Venice film festival and unanimous praise from critics and audiences the world over.

Julie (Juliette Binoche) loses her composer husband and their child in a car crash and, though devastated, she tries to make a new start, away from her country house and a would-be lover. But music still surrounds her and she uncovers some unpleasant facts about her husband's life. Slowly Julie learns to live again, as music and the gift of creativity prove to be a healing force.

Three Colours White: 'Three Colours White', a very funny and ironic black comedy, is the second in Krzysztof Kieslowski's acclaimed trilogy based on the ideals of the French Revolution.

Karol (Zamachowski), a Polish hairdresser, is divorced by his beautiful French wife Dominique (Delpy) and thrown onto the streets of Paris, penniless and with no passport. All seems lost until he meets a fellow Pole who ingeniously smuggles Karol back to Warsaw in a suitcase. Once there, Karol is determined to take revenge against his ex-wife. He deals successfully on the black market until he has enough money to put his plan into action, but he hasn't counted on love getting in the way of its perfect execution...

Three Colours Red: The third and final part of Kieslowski's outstanding trilogy has been acclaimed as his masterpiece. Immaculately played by an extraordinary cast, Red masterfully plays on Kieslowski's interpretation of brotherhood and destiny. Irene Jacob is stunning as a young model who meets a retired judge by chance when she rescues his dog from a car accident.

Jean-Louis Trintignant is utterly compelling as the embittered judge who spends his days eavesdropping on his neighbours' phone conversations. Their initially fiery relationship mellows into a close friendship which ultimately liberates them both. A final twist of fate reveals the destinies of the characters from all three parts of the trilogy.

£9.99 not £4.99
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Just to clarify - the price is actually £9.99.

Great price for the greatest trilogy ever.

Well I love them anyway!

pretentious nonsense...


Great price for the greatest trilogy ever.

Mmm Godfather? Star Wars?

Though its better than the Matrix trilogy. But then again anybody that is sane minded classes the Matrix as just the one film, and ignores the latter 2 iterations on account of them being shat.

Great price for the greatest trilogy ever.

Kermode says White isn't very good, and suggests Toy Story is the best ever trilogy. Though I personally haven't seen 3.

3 is rubbish in my opinion. especially the 3d, seemed about as pants as the 3d in Clash of the titans.
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