Three Contract cancellation renewal deal 500 min + 100 texts for 18 months total cost £18.50
Three Contract cancellation renewal deal 500 min + 100 texts for 18 months total cost £18.50

Three Contract cancellation renewal deal 500 min + 100 texts for 18 months total cost £18.50

Not sure where to put this deal but I think it very hot .
I was at the end of my 12 month line free rental deal and had asked three for my puc code and they had offered me deals £15 a month for life and some other temping ones with new phones but I kept saying no thank you . Today they phone and said as I had been a good costumer that they would give a free 18 month contract with a one off pay at the end of £ 18.50 the only down side is that you do not get a phone up grade


I had something similar when I told them the other night I was going to cancel - they offered me 500 texts and 100 min (opposite way around to yours!) for £7.50 a month (first 3 months for free then £10 a month after), but again, no handset upgrade. But they did say I could get a new handset in 9 months instead of 12.

I said I'd think about it, so let's see what they come up with next time!

I'd make sure that it was three who called you 1st of all. Ring them back on 333 and make sure. There are a lot of 3rd party companies.
Get the names of the folks you speak with.
Take careful notes
Three have a habit of telling a few things to make you commit to the deal then when you ring back, the call wasn't recorded, and they have no record of what you have agreed to.
Coupled with they won't send stuff via email or in the post, i'd be wary to say the least.
Sorry, voted cold as a consequence

I am bittered since i have had a serious issue with 3 of late. They agreed with me in the end, once i said i was gonna take them to court over my contract start date......

Why are people voting cold? Jealous? I got exactly the same deal today 18 months contract with 17 months free 500 mins and 100 sms - they actually called me on my new 3 number which I am using which was lucky for me as Id left the old one at home turned off. Id also called just under a month ago and decided I didnt want to renew or take up the £10/month offer, they called back today just as the contract was about to expire. My friend got 12 month free on 12 month contract a few months back in exactly the same way (they call him on last day of contract after he had given notice) on same tariff. He has had no probs.

Ive already checked my online status and the tariff has already been changed to Talk and Text 600 which is the new one, was T+T 1100 before so I can confirm its def genuine. Unbeatable retention offer if you ask me. No other details asked for other than DOB and to confirm mobile number. Voted Hot


Why are people voting cold? Jealous?

I explained why


I explained why

yeah I appreciate you had problem, but its not just you who voted cold. Also, they said I have 14 days to cancel this option and I will get letter through post confirming details.

I am one of a great many who have problems with three alas. S'pose if you ask enough folks, they've all had issues with phone suppliers and AN Other companies at some stage.

I subscribe to the ]3G Forum and there are many upset customers with 3.

3 are fine, til summat goes wrong

True but having a free 18 month contract with a one off payment is pretty ace. Voted hot but Im sure this isnt freely available to the masses. Luck of the draw!

I had the same last year rang to cancel and was offered 100 minutes any network and 100texts £5 for the whole year yes year i took it even though i had started a new contract,due again in a couple of months i hope i get the same deal.

I used to work for one of the biggest networks in billing then tech support (5 yrs prison sentence) so I know how cs can be poor nd most networks have room for improvement and Im aware there have been issues but I have to say 3 have been excellent for as long as Ive been with them (2 yrs+), cs has always been polite and effective for me. o2 online was the worst Cs Ive ever known with unlimited cockups,.

My contract with three is up in a couple of months. I'll bear this in mind - I'm happy enough with my current phone that I got at the last renewal (along with half price contract) so I don't mind not getting a new one.

On the topic of 3, just noticed they have brought back their 500 min £15 a month tariff. May be useful to some.

Last Nov i was offered 100mins/100sms a month for a relatives phone in my name, i took it but they don't use it now because it's so low and they got another contract phone.

If this is offered to me in Nov I'll take it or I'll be leaving 3.

I canceled my contract with 3 and thought it would all go through until they rang me saying that I could have 12 months for free and just have to pay the money for my last bill ( which i would have anyway ) at the end of the 12 months, I was like may as well! Will get a better offer from them in a year!!
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