Three evergreen shrubs £2.95, 30 Free Jonquilla narcissi worth £7.95 & 10% code @ J Parkers

Three evergreen shrubs £2.95, 30 Free Jonquilla narcissi worth £7.95 & 10% code @ J Parkers

Found 15th Jul 2010
GWD01 for 10% off, inc the P&P

Welcome to J.Parkers Autumn 2010 collection.

Free Jonquilla Mixed
These narcissi produce the sweetest fragrance in the garden. Many breathtaking beautiful flowers per stem. Ideal for a patio pot. Flowers April/May at heights of 30-45cm.

Three evergreen shrubs which will look great in pots or as part of a border. One each of (a) Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. Repens (California Lilac) - blue flowers in late spring/summer, height 1m (b) Lonicera Lemon Beauty - variegated glossy golden yellow and green foliage. Ht 1.5m and (c) Euonymus Emerald 'n' Gold - golden variegated leaves, excellent ground cover shrub, height 80cm and spread 120cm. Sorry we can only allow one pack of this item per order.

This site contains a comprehensive collection of bulbs, bedding, perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees. With every order you'll receive comprehensive cultural instructions and we promise that if you aren't delighted with your order we'll replace your order or give you your money back.

More good offers which I have listed in the #2


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Cyclamen Hederifolium (Neapolitanum)
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Helenium Mixed
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Monarda punctata
Pale yellow flowers, spotted purple surrounded by pink flowers like leaves. ……£3.95 pk 6

Muscari Armeniacum
Attractive, bright electric blue flowers in April. Naturalise well. Ht 15cm. ……£1.75 pk 100

Orchid Flowering Narcissi
Unique, split cups/trumpets give the flowers a graceful, orchid-like appearance. ……£13.90 pk 60

Oriental Black Bamboo
A major feature plant. When established (after 2-3 years) the combination of black…£7.95 each

Sedum Autumn Joy
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Summer Sunshine Collection
A great collection of Ixia Mixed, Sparaxis Mixed and Giant Ranunculus Mixed. ……£8.50 pk 150

Universal Winter Pansies
A new dimension in winter colour. Will flower in winter and be at their best …£7.95 pk 66…

Double Narcissi Pencrebar
The double tete-a-tete. Fully double fragrant flowers in February/March. Ht 15-20cm. …£4.45 pk 15

Thanks very much - just ordered. Heat added!

Is there a free delivery code as that is an extra couple of quid.

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Is there a free delivery code as that is an extra couple of quid.

No there isn't, the only current code is the 10% off one, but the £6.20 is the total cost for the shrubs and the narcissi delivered.

I always find that the more plants I add to the basket and thus the more discount, the better I feel about the P&P!!oO
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