Three INQ Mini 3G PAYG - £39.99 + Free 75ml Bottle of Diesel Perfume - Instore & Savers

Three INQ Mini 3G PAYG - £39.99 + Free 75ml Bottle of Diesel Perfume - Instore & Savers

Found 3rd Feb 2010Made hot 6th Feb 2010
Savers are running a valentines offer where you can get a free bottle of Diesel Zero Plus for men or Plus Plus for ladies when you buy an INQ Mini Mobile phone.

The perfumes are 75ml size bottles.

Seems like a good deal as the perfume is worth £9.99, and the cheapest the phone is online seems to be £39.99.


looks good to me!

I have this phone, its manufactured by Amoi, who made the original skype phone.

In truth, its rather a lot like the original skype phone with a coat of paint, and a few extra features. I liked the way the old skype phone was laid out and thought out, and I like this too... It seems to work in much the same way as my brain

A nice touch is that when you hook up the phone via USB, it has a nice autorun offering to install/run the synchronisation software, the HSDPA modem driver (yes, you can use it as a 3g dongle) etc...

For low-volume users, this sensible phone plus 3's "top up and get 300 texts and 150Meg internet usage expiring in 3 months time" offer makes it quite a difficult package to beat.

Gotta say this is a hot deal!

I recently switched to Three from a fruity operator who shall not be named and think the prices of the phones, the quality of the phones and the tariffs cant be beaten. I have a 3 Skypephone S2 and 3 seem to be the only operator that offers a reasonable amount of texts, minutes and data for a low cost. A tenner top up gets you 300 texts (600 if done online) and 150MB of Internet which isnt allot but unless you stream an excessive amount of music/videos then its suitable for browsing/server syncing. Calls are a flat rate of 20p/min too which is OK, but the realy killer is than unlike all other providers the freebies last 3 months and stack instead of just 1, meaning your freebies last 3 times as long and theres no need to top up as frequently (unless you use all your credit on calls). Then theres unlimited free Skye and MSN usage.

The features offered by the Amoi phones for the cost have to be the best bang for buck too.

Great find, thanks Op. H&R added

If you buy online you can get £12 quidco cashback.


If you buy online you can get £12 quidco cashback.

where is it on quidco please cant seem to find it.

i cant even see where but it online from savers:? i assume its instore only thus quid co is invalid?

Pretty good price

yeah i know that part ioscorpio but how do you get the free after shave?

You don't get the free aftershave as well, it's £12 cashbackback buying direct from 3 online, as not everyone wants the aftershave but would prefer the cashback bringing the price down to £27.99 for the phone.

I am new to Qudio and would like to know how it works. Can anyone please tell me how to get cashback from Qudio. Thanks

You need to clear your cookies sign into Quidco or Topcashback and click through to the company that you want to buy from.

Check that the transaction has tracked and then follow it's progress through to payment.

what do u mean by tracked
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