Three Men And A Baby/Three Men And A Little Lady (2 dvd Boxset)- £6.89 or less

Three Men And A Baby/Three Men And A Little Lady (2 dvd Boxset)- £6.89 or less

Found 4th Sep 2006
Three Men And A Baby
Take three of Hollywood's hottest stars (Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson), add one adorable baby girl, and the result is one of the biggest, funniest comedy hits ever! Three handsome Manhattan bachelors find their dating and mating rituals irreparably damaged when an unexpected new roommate - complete with crib, pacifier and dirty nappy - shows up on their doorstep. This bouncing bundle of joy is anything but joyous - until the trio's hilarious fathering instincts take over and she becomes "Daddy's Girl" to all three men. Unexpected story twists and endless laughs, make Three Men and a Baby pure enchantment for all.

Three Men And A Little Lady
Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson - three carefree bachelors turned doting dads - delighted audiences in the No. 1 box office smash Three Men And A Baby. Now this handsome threesome are back in the critically acclaimed and equally charming encore. The fun and laughter reach new heights as the trio continue to bring up baby Mary, who is now an adorably curious 5-year-old. All is well until Mary's mother accepts a marriage proposal and moves to England permanently - taking Mary with her. The ex-dads quickly discover how empty life is without their little lady, and go to outrageous lengths in their efforts to win her back!

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Yey! I've been meaning to try looking for the Three Men ghost
Good for both, but I've only bothered to watch the first :roll: Is the other worth watching?
Second movie is probably one of the worst I've ever seen. I'd gladly give £6.89 just to take a copy out of circulation to save others from the same fate as me
well apparently not everyone thinks the same as biglugs1
look ]here for other people's comments
I think the sequel was pretty good as well - sometimes you just like watching a nice feel-good movie!

Voted +++
Many of those reviews are from Americans - unfortunately one of the biggest problems with the second movie is that it attempts to portray a version of the UK which is so laughably untrue that it makes you cringe. The Yanks probably wouldn't notice it, but we certainly did.
For instance they have to hire a car at one point and they get a Mini (the old version), the joke being that only short people like the British can fit in them, whereas big tall Americans can't.
I could go on but suggest seriously that people could spend their £6.89 on much better movies than this.
Nice pair of movies although the first one is definitely the best. I taped 3 Men and a Baby many years ago and have watched it many, many times with the kids. I then I bought the boxed set about a year ago and they are still played regularly. Very cheesy but fun to watch.

In the 80's people would comment on my resemblance to Tom Selleck but nowadays its more like Anthony Quinn on a bad day. Ah well...:(
Rubbish movie!! but a good price nevertheless..
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